Too Emotional! Gospel Singer Alice Kamande Remembers Her Late Father In A Tear-Jerking Tribute

June 2011 was the saddest and the most painful day for gospel singer Alice Kamande after she lost her dear father.

Gideon Kamande passed away after a terminal illness. He was also the father-in-law to singer-turned-producer and artiste manager Robert Kamanzi, aka R Kay, who is married to one of his daughters, Susan Kamande.

The Groove Award winner, who is also a dancer and a fashion designer, also makes jewellery and, over the years, she has proven to be one of the most talented and humble Kenyan artistes in the local music scene.


On June 18, Alice Kamande did not celebrate Father’s Day like everyone else whose father is still alive, but she jotted down a touching tribute, thanking her father for teaching her the most important things in life: “Words of wisdom, his presence, care and love and above all, teaching me the word of God.”

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Here’s part of the long post:

I’m ever grateful to God for having met and spend time with my dad Gideon when He was alive. He was my great strength and pillar.I can attest to this, that I am a product of a man who lived a selfless life and worked tireless to provide ,a true man of valour, but there’s one thing that im ever grateful to have acquired from him and it’s not wealth , it’s the words of wisdom, his presence ,care and love and above all teaching me the word of God . This is the man who led me to Chris ,when I was only 12years old.

Kamande went on to reveal that in that same month, it was the last time she had spent Father’s Day with her dad, but little did she know that it would be the last time.


The celebrated singer went on to reveal that despite the heartache of losing a father, she found solace knowing that he’s in heaven, looking down on her:

On a day like this (Father’s day) 2011 was the last time we celebrated Father’s day with him and a few days later ,went to be with the Lord. It was one of the most devastating time of my life . “A hero was never ment to die”.So I thought to myself. But since then my Father in heaven stepped up his game and took his role and remind me . That I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am the father to the fatherless and a husband to the widows. I know His word is true .
I salute all the dads who try, who fight so hard for their families like Worriors to instill discipline, good character, provide and become the priest to their homes.
You play a great role in our families and society at large.
We are who we are because of who you are ,you are great role models .God bless all the fathers and fathers to be. Much love.

Rest In Peace, Gideon Kamande.




The Clock Is Ticking! 5 Female Gospel Artistes Who Need To Get Married This Year (PHOTOS)

In the Kenyan entertainment industry, a lot of celebrities have walked down the aisle in the last two years, with others sadly breaking up and separating soon after for instance Betty Kyallo and Eunice Njeri.

Christian ladies or born again celebrities in the country are role models to a lot of young people and when it comes to settling down or getting married, they face more pressure since they are expected to set the example of having a family, in accordance to God’s plans.


There are those who have been successful with relationships and marriage, while for others it didn’t go so well, and for some, they have never even introduced any men in their lives.

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So, how about we look at some female artistes in Kenya who should walk down the aisle this year;

1. Lady Bee
The secular-turned-gospel singer is a down to earth lady who decided to give her life to Christ back in 2012 after battling with alcoholism and drug addiction. The stunning singer is a mother of a pretty daughter and is yet to settle down. We hope the right man comes her way soon because he will be a lucky one.


2. Alice Kamande
She is no doubt one of the mot beautiful singers in the country and her mellow voices just makes her glorious in every way. The talented singer has managed to keep her private life off the public radar over the years and has never introduced any man to her fans. I bet she is waiting for the right one to come sweep her off her feet soon, and we hope that will be this year.


3. Gloria Muliro
I had to put her in this list because she deserves a good man after her nasty breakup with ex-husband Pastor Eric Omba back in 2015. The celebrated singer revealed that Omba was cheating on her and mismanaging her music funds. Gloria Muliro deserves better and there are rumors that she’s dating and happy. Her ex has moved on with a younger girl and they already have a child.


4. Ruth Matete
She is remembered as Tusker Project Fame season five winner and soon after, she revealed that she was not singing secular music anymore, joining the gospel industry with a couple of songs under her name. There was a time she revealed her boyfriend, former Tahidi High actor, Prince-Tysder. But since breaking up, she has been off the limelight and it’s not known of she’s dating again.


5. Eunice Njeri
This gospel singer causes an online uproar after she revealed that she had annulled her marriage to rapper Izzo just a day after their lavish wedding. I know some people are mad and don’t think she deserves to ever walk the aisle, but honestly, I think she should actually settle down by the end of the year. If not got back to Izzo, at least get a man who is in Kenya, since this is where her heart is and the clock is ticking and she needs kids too.


Drama Free! Top 10 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who Have Managed To Keep Scandals Away

The Kenyan gospel industry has in the last couple of years risen up to greater heights, becoming more popular after receiving positive feedback and response from the fans.

Of course, the style of music had to change especially for the young gospel artistes who started their own sound but at the same time, trying to keep it all the way gospel.

But for some, not all of them have managed to keep it all genuine when it comes to Christian songs that are supposed to inspire fans, and for some, they just let the fame and money get into their heads.

Top 5 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who’ve Been Accused Of Not Paying Back Loans

The gospel scene has had some of the biggest scandals and controversies in the last 2 to 3 years, with most of the artistes involved being the young singers or newcomers in the gospel music.

There are several names in the gospel industry that are known very well for their huge scandals, after a few years in the limelight, and for some reason, most of them are mostly young guys.

Willy Paul and Bahati

Some of the controversial gospel artistes in Kenya include; Willy Paul, Ringtone Apoko, L Jay Maasai, Bahati, who started out as one of the youngest and most humble singers in Kenya, former gospel group MOG, Jimmy Gait and others.

But this doesn’t mean that all the artistes in the Kenyan gospel industry have been stained with scandals, and it’s time we separated the wheat from the chaff. Here are 10 Kenyan gospel artistes who have maintained a good public image by staying away from controversies.

1. Kelele Takatifu

They are the biggest gospel group in Kenya, known for using humour in their songs to pass Christian messages across better, especially for the young peeps. Didi and Moji have kept low profiles off the camera and keep their private lives off the public radar, and of course staying away from trouble.

2. Benachi

The Mwanake hitmaker is one of the most humble gospel artistes and coming from a poverty stricken background, Benachi has never let fame get into his head. Just once when people speculated he had a love affair with Akothee, allegations he vehemently refuted, saying he had a longtime girlfriend, now wife.


3. Rufftone

He is one of the most celebrated veteran Kenyan singers, and also the CEO of Lampstand Media, and also Daddy Owen’s brother. Over the years, he has never been involved in any scandals but instead, he’s achieved a lot of success, and now has a beautiful family.

4. Mercy Masika

She made the biggest comeback in 2016 with her hit song Mwema and Nikupendeze after a 5 year music hiatus. Mercy Masika is not only super talented and pretty, she’s also very down to earth despite her celebrity status. Ther’s no negative news about her for the time she’s been in the music industry.

5. Kambua

One of the most stunning and lovable female singers in Kenya, with a beautiful soul and personality. Kambua Manundu has remained humble through the fame and you will never hear any kind of scandals.


6. Joyce Omondi

Not only is she gorgeous but also very witty and religious. The mellow voiced singer has driven men crazy with her beauty but never will you hear any scandals about her. Joyce got married to Citizen TV’s sports reporter Waihiga Mwaura back in December 2015.

8. Emmy Kosgei

The Kalenjin singer and songwriter rose to popularity for singing in her native language, and coming from a Christian family where the father is a pastor. Through the fame and money, she has managed to stay away from scandals, though some people criticised her when she got married to an older Nigerian man.


9. Gloria Muliro

She is one of the most loved gospel artistes in Kenya, and over the years, Gloria Muliro has proved to be one of the best in the music scene, with some of the best gospel songs ever. Muliro has managed to keep away controversies from her life, which was one of the reasons she came out to reveal her separation from ex-hubby to clear the air on her relationship to avoid rumours.

9. Alice Kamande

The gospel singer oozes elegance from head to toe, with a soft, mellow voice, not forgetting her dancing skills. But through the years, Alice Kamande has maintained a low profile when it comes to her personal life and always avoids drama and scandals.