Diamond Umeona Hii:Photo of Diamond’s new bae and Ali Kiba emerge

Diamond Platnumz new flame Tanasha Donna Oketch has tongues wagging after the two were seen together on different occasions.

She has been in the showbiz industry for quite a while and unearthing facts about her continue to emerge as days go by.

Photos of Tanasha with Ali Kiba have surfaced and people can’t stop talking about them given that Ali and Diamond are obviously not bff’s.

The Kenyan beauty was once in a relationship with Nick Mutuma but they later parted ways , the photos of her and Ali Kiba, were from a shoot of a music video.

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The photos have however left us wondering Diamond anafeel aje after seeing bae ‘s photo with his frenemy.

Diamond even confessed that she is the woman he is going to marry

The father of three revealed that Tanasha was the only woman he was going to marry.

“Tanasha is the only lady who showed me some seriousness on the (marriage) idea and I now officially announce that I am marrying her. She got all the qualities of a woman any man would wish to marry. Many of us men only focus on the physical attractiveness of a woman, body shape among other things, which she got as well, but what convinced me more and attracted me is her good manners.”

Below is the photo of her and Ali Kiba


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‘I’m expecting my fourth child with my wife early next year’, Ali Kiba reveals

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has revealed that his Kenyan wife Amina Rikesh is pregnant.

“We are expecting a baby early next year, God-willing,” Ali Kiba said in an interview.

“Katika dini yetu, we believe it is a blessing to get married and after a few months to get a baby. This will be my fourth child now.”

Ali Kiba and brother hold joint second white wedding in Tanzania (Photos)


Kiba tied the knot with Amina Khalef, 23, after dating secretly for close to two years.

“I met my wife in Nairobi, when she was a student at USIU, and we started dating. She was my fan and we got to know each other and finally, we ended up together,” he said.

“She is so understanding and I’m sure she has no fear and I love her so much. I have known her to be a respectful person and that is why we have not had drama for the eight months we have been married.”


Kiba has three other children from previous relationships and is in good terms with the mothers, despite their love hitting the rocks.

“You cannot live with a person whom you don’t understand each other, and that is exactly what happened. I take care of my children, though,” he said.

His lowest moment in life was when some of his friends complained to have not been invited for his wedding.

“It was so hard. Nina marafiki wengi sana. Kuna watu nilitamani wawe kwa harusi lakini baada ya harusi nilipata lawama zaidi,” he said.


Besides music, Kiba has ventured into the energy drinks business with ‘Mofaya’, which he says the love of his supporters drove him to.

“I have been singing for a long while, and I have been getting support from different people, not only in Tanzania, Africa and East Africa. This made me want to do something for the society,” he said.

The company has been in progress for two years and is based in South Africa, and will be introduced in Kenya

Kiba partnered because as an artiste and performer, he understands the energy one requires after a live performance.

“Kenyans are my best supporters, and before launching it in Tanzania, I have to make plans for Kenya to receive it, too.”

‘Given Ali Kiba I would eat him kama Ugali kavu bila mboga’ Woman brags (Audio)

Women are known to be adventurous and according to discussions on Classic 105, they have a bucket list that must be fulfilled.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, fans were given the chance to tell Maina Kageni what’s in their bucket list and the responses were captivating.

One says

“If I was given Ali Kiba  and President Uhuru Kenyatta I would eat them na ugali kavu, bila hata supu. Back in 2015 there is a time I had won hampers from Ali Kiba but I accidentally sent the email to the wrong person and that’s how I missed my opportunity.

Now that you know that, please do something about it for me.”

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Another says

“You (Maina Kageni) and Mike Mondo are on my bucket list. I don’t know what I would do if I met them, I just love Mike’s voice. T he way he carries himself and even the way he dresses.Hao wawili wakinipeleka dinner, it’s a done deal ntajua nimefika mahali nataka.”

Just when you think you have heard another female caller says

“Mine is Mwalimu Kingangi and Proffessor Hamo. I love them coz they are crazy”

Another adds that she loves Uhuru not because of the money, but she just loves him bila sababu. She further adds she loves Maina Kageni for his sound.

‘I prayed about it and worked hard for it’ top makeup artiste Muthoni Njomba on taking her son to Dubai for his birthday

Well I know you might be wondering whose next, here it is

“Mimi my bucket list is Mark Masai, that bald head na tumacho hunimaliza kabisa.”

Listen to more on the audio below

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Ali Kiba’s sister marries long term boyfriend


Months after tying the knot, Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba gets to watch his sister marry the love of her life.

His sister Zainab married footballer Abdi Banda, in a quiet ceremony attended by family.

The groom is a professional football player for Baroka Fc in south Africa. He alsoplays for the Tanznian national team.

Here are photos from the secret wedding ceremony.




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‘Alikiba dumped Jokate, people laughed now she is winning’ Says Huddah

Things seem to be looking good for Ali Kiba’s ex girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo after landing a position as a District Commissioner of Kisarawe District, Tanzania.

She took to her instagram page to share the good news with the post below

“Trust that God is full of Grace and he will never dessert those who believe in him.Thank You my God.May be i share just a little ,there is a time end of last year i was so down and i wanted to give up about everything in life, i had also not understood well my fate in politics.I was in a political meeting and a lady from Arusha ran to me and hugged me tightly,she was with another woman and they had come to take a photo with me.

The lady said that she loves me because i am the one who made her join politics and vie for a political seat in Arusha and she won.I was left smiling.That gave me the strength to keep going , i was happy to see there is a lady i had enlightened and given the courage to vie.”

Jamby Koikai pens the struggle of adapting a pain free life after treatment

image-2018-07-30 (6)(1)

She adds

“You might be going through a tough time in life but never give up because of those who are looking up to you,those relying on you and those learning from you.The journey to success is full of ups and downs and it requires you to keep fighting on,after all there is no success without challenges,and sometimes challenges mould our character.Just remember that God does not disown his own,I love you ,Thank You 🙏🏽.”

‘Not even your opinion can change me, mtakoma’ Akothee proudly boasts

Her appointment comes almost a week after her ex Ali Kiba was signed by Coastal FC on a 1 year contract to play and he is expected to play around 20 games ahead of the 2018/19 season in the Tanzanian Premier League.

Some months ago the Tanzanian heart throb Ali Kiba tied the knot to the beautiful Amina, who works for the county government of Mombasa as a financial analyst.


Huyu ndio wife material: Mercy Masika shows Kenyan women how to dress

Well Jokate seems to have moved on from the heartbreak and immediately after news of her appointment, many have sent their congratulatory messages but, Huddah Monroe is not impressed.

She took to her Instagram to slam those who are only trying to associate with Jokate only now when things are working out for her.

She wrote

“When Alikiba married another lady and not Jokate. People abused Jokate so much and laughed so hard about it . Now she is winning everyone is sending their congratulations msgs! LMFAO! The Internet is undefeated . Pretenders . None of these fans are LOYAL!

If you live off people’s compliments,you will die from their criticism LIVE for you . DO YOU! No one wants to support you at the start of your journey but once they see your success they all want to be friends again.”

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Ommy Dimpoz father savagely attacks Diamond Platnumz father during interview

Not so long ago, Diamond Platnumz released a song that seemed to troll Ali Kiba and his best friend Ommy Dimpoz.

In his lyrics, he said he should not be compared to the Cinderella guy who in this case was Ali Kiba. He went on to tell both the singer and his friends that he (Diamond) already gave them a bed to sleep on.

According to Maina Kageni, this is why Diamond Platinumz can’t keep women in his life

Ali KIba,Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz
Ali Kiba,Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz



Ommy Dimpoz responded by posting a photo of himself and Diamond’s mother just
to mock him.

During a recent interview with Rasasi Ommy Dimpoz’ father called out Diamond Platnumz’ father for openly criticizing his son (Diamond ) in public.

According to Ommy’s father, Diamond’s dad should stop embarrassing or rather critizing his son during an interview with Rasasi.

“Unajua mimi ni mzazi wa tofauti sana, siwezi kumlalamikia au kumsemea mabaya mwanangu kwenye vyombo vya habari kama anavyofanya baba Diamond, ninachofanya huwa namuombea mwanangu awe na maisha mazuri maana nikimuombea mabaya anaweza kupoteza dira ya maisha yake nitakuwa nimefaidika na nini. Nilimuona baba Diamond akizungumza kwenye kipindi kimoja cha runinga akimlaumu mwanaye huyo na kumlalamikia kwamba hamsaidii nikamshangaa sana kwa kweli maana siyo tabia nzuri,” Ommy Dimpoz’s father said.

Ommy Dimpoz father  urged Diamond’s father to borrow a leaf from him and support his son whether they’re in good terms or not.

“Namshauri baba Diamond awe anamuombea mwanaye mafanikio, aungane naye wawe kitu kimoja, afurahie mafanikio yake ipo siku Mungu atamrudisha kwake amsaidie na siyo kumzungumzia maneno ya kumlaani na kumlalamikia kila siku.

Aige mfano wangu maana mimi huwa simlazimishi mtoto anisaidie bali huwa napambana na hali yangu kwa kufanya kazi kwa bidii na ninampenda sana mwanangu Dimpoz na siwezi kumlaani au kumlaumu maana jina nililompa la Omary ni la baba yangu inakuwaje sasa nimlaani ni sawa na kumlaani baba yangu,” he added.

When reached for a comment, Diamond Platnumz’ father told off Ommy’s father.

“Sitaki shobo, huyo baba Dimpoz simfahamu kama hana la kuongea anyamaze, amzungumzie mwanaye hata kama niliongea kuhusu Diamond si mtoto wangu yeye inamuhusu nini? Kuhusu huyo Diamond sihitaji kuzungumza chochote kuhusu yeye wala watoto wangu maana hawana faida yoyote kwangu kwa sasa,” said Diamond’s father.”

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‘You have been with me through thick and thin,’ Zari cries to her followers

Zari  is known as The Boss Lady. And like a bausss, she has hit the 4 million mark on Instagram.

She has come out thanking her loyal fans and followers for making her hit that new milestone on instagram taking her up the rank of celebs with the highest followers in Africa.

This comes at a time when company and brands are taking marketing a notch higher by utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and twitter. Social media has played an important role in helping companies and individuals maintain high  standards when it comes to selling their brands.

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Zari  took to her instagram  to thank her fans with this post

Wapendwa wangu Sina cha Kuwalipa Zaidi ya kusema ASANTENI sana kwa 4M followers.
Ninyi Ni Ma Ndugu kwangu, Mmekua Nami Bega Kwa Bega Kwenye Shida na Raha. Sasa Mnichiangieni $1 kila mtu tujenge clinic ya wanawake sehemu yoyote dar, Najua tukiipata Baba Magufuli atatupa kiwanja….😁😁 #JustSaying

Zari is among the celebs who have reached over a million followers and above. Others include Eric Omondi  1.2 million, Sauti Sol 1million, Diamond Platnumz 4.7 million, Ali Kiba 2.7 million and Jokate Mwegelo 3.1 million.

Mwacheni Mwanangu!! Hamisa Mobetto’s mum warns Diamond’s family

Zari took the chance to ask for donations from her followers to help her build a women clinic in Dar es salaam, Tanzania,to help her reach out to the marginalized women in that country.

As she celebrates this milestone her are some photos of the African Instagram Diva










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Is Ali Kiba’s wife open to him getting a second wife?

Uhmm..ok. aren’t they muslims, and men are allowed to marry multiple wives? Correct me if I’m wrong.

In a recent interview on Clouds FM, Ali Kiba and his new wife opened up about their relationship.

The media shy wife, confessed that she would not want him to marry a another wife.


Amina Rikesh revealed where she met the hunky singer.

‘Mara ya kwanza kukutana na Ali Kiba ilikuwa kwenye ndege na hatukuzungumza. Mara ya pili, kaka yangu binamu ndiyo alinikutanisha nae maana walikuwa marafiki sana na hapo ndiyo tulianza urafiki wetu kabla ya kufika hapa tulipo,

This was back in 2016, when things got serious between them.

She was asked if she would allow the singer to marry another wife, she paused then replied;


‘siwezi mruhusu japo mungu ndiye anapanga’.

Ali Kiba has been sued by a fourth woman, who claims he has not been paying child support. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

The two love-birds are currently in Tanzania, and we do wish them well. In the meantime, listen to his new song Mvumo wa radi. Is it a hit or a miss?


Ali Kiba and brother hold joint second white wedding in Tanzania (Photos)

Bongo superstar Ali Kiba and his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef, held their second white wedding at Serena Hotel, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania a few days after their main wedding in Mombasa.

The wedding celebration was attended by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, former Tanzania first lady Mrs. Kikwete, top Tanzanian celebrities among the singer Ommy Dimpoz, stand up comedian Idris Sultan, Vanessa Mdee and family members only. His children were also present.


Ali Kiba’s second celebration was merged with his younger brother Abdul Kiba’s wedding reception.

Check out the photos


Ali Kiba


Ali Kiba's brother and his wifea
Ali Kiba’s brother and his wife


Ali Kiba and his brother with their wives


Ali Kiba awith his wife AMina Khalef


Ali Kiba awith his wife AMina Khalef


Ali Kiba awith his wife AMina Khalef


Ali Kiba awith his wife AMina Khalef


Ali Kiba awith his wife AMina Khalef
Ali Kiba with his wife Amina Khalef cutting the cake


Ali Kiba with his wife Amina Khalef
Seats where Ali Kiba with his wife Amina Khalef sat


Jakaya Kikwete's wife addressing Kiba's wife
Jakaya Kikwete’s wife addressing Kiba and his wife


Ali Kiba and his brother with their wives


Ali Kiba's brother with his wife


Ali Kiba


Governor Joho
Mombasa Governor Joho addressing guests at Ali Kiba’s wedding reception at Serena Hotel, Tanzania


Governor Joho
Mombasa Governor Joho addressing guests at Ali Kiba’s wedding reception at Serena Hotel, Tanzania


Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee at ALi Kiba’s wedding reception

Ali Kiba’s arch-rival Diamond Platnumz is yet to settle down.


Wooishe!! Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend trolled on social media after musician weds Kenyan girl

Bongo sensation Ali Kiba has today married his fiancée Amina Khalef, at the Diamond Jubilee Hall, Mombasa. Reports indicate that Ali has been dating the woman since late 2016.

Ali Kiba decided to settle down with Amina Khalef, who is a Kenyan from Mombasa, after his breakup with beauty queen Jokate Mwegelo over “irreconcilable differences”.

When they were dating, word went around that Ali Kiba was cheating on her, something that convinced Jokate’s family that the singer is not the right man for her. No one knows what really led to their separation.


Congratulations: Ali Kiba weds in Mombasa

Well, in any big occasion like this one, hater or trolls are always everywhere trying to remind us of the past. That is exactly what has happened after Jokate Mwegelo, the ex- girlfriend to Kiba who took to her social media and wrote;




Check out reactions;

smaka_king: Nimesikitishwa sana nakitendo cha alikiba kuto kukuowa nilitengemeya angekuwowa wewe pole sana kalibu kwangu tufunge ndowq nasisi tumoneshe mambo ni ??????????????????

mercy2374: utapata mwanaume Bora tena wa hadhi yako achana Na hao mabwege wanao kusema vibaya wakunyumba yesu yupo pamoja nawe

talhazainabu :Dada acha waone kenya hapo hata kwa baiskel wanaenda we yako utaenda kuolewa korea tena kwa ndege achana nao hao kwani wa kwaza wao we yako mwez ujao korea kaskazin

king_oc91: Endelea kuigiza unapiga kazi akati xwako ndio anaenda kuvunja bikra leo

starhadasa: Ni mwanamke mwenye akili huna skendo za kijinga lwa kifupi unajielewa na @officialalikiba …sio mume Mungu anayemtaka kwako keep on moving ,Fanya kazi kwa bidiii,endelea kujiheshimu na usiache kumuomba Mungu ,Mume wako WA Heshima yupo ni suala tu LA Muda tu…I love u Jiji

gift_ngailo: Kila kitu hupangwa na Mungu so maneno hayasaidii na lawama hazijengi Mungu kapanga alkiba amuoe amina so kikubwa ni kuwaombea wawe na maisha ya furaha amani na upendo kisicho ridhiki usile ukitupilie mbali jokate nakupenda na na nilipenda uolewe na alikiba but ndo hivyo haijawa na najua ulimpenda sana kiba but nakuombea utampata wako

isaacedward5515: Hahahahahahaha usijali ndo maisha by the way kuna uchumba na ndoa kwahy neno ndoa ni neno ambalo huwa linatafsiliwa kwa upana wake kwahy usijali mama kidoti

daiada4: Hivi kwani kuvunjika mahusiano ni kitu cha ajabu! Mbona mmemuandama dada wa watu as if yeye ndo wa kwanza kuachana na mtu. Walishaachana so kila mtu ana haki ya kuendelea na maisha yake, tofauti ni kwamba kiba ameanza, na hata bidada naye siku yake itafika. Tuache kushabikia vitu visivyo na tija.








Congratulations: Ali Kiba weds in Mombasa

Ali Kiba is officially off the market.

He got married to his Kenyan babe, Amina Khalef a few minutes ago at the a nikka hosted at the Masjid Ummu-Kulthum mosque in Kizingo. The ceremony was attended by family and friends of Kiba and Amina.

“Ali Kiba’s side of the family, including his mother, sister Zabibu and brother Abdu, were flown into the country days before the wedding. They are the only confirmed family on the list. Not many people are invited, especially not his baby mamas. Also, 10 musicians are on the guest list. It will be star-studded,” a close source to the couple told Word Is, yesterday.

In the video, Ali Kiba is draped in the best traditional Muslim garb befitting the ceremony. After the ceremony he can be seen taking photos while standing next to Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho.

Other celebs spotted at the wedding include Ally B, Chikuzee and Amour.

Jamal Gadafi congratulated Kiba saying, “Hongera KING 👑 KIBA..MUNGU akubariki katika hatua hii Uliochukuwa… Inshaallah Allah Akunyime Mabaya Akujaalie Yaliyo Mazuri Teleee… ALF MABROOK @officialalikiba 😊#MumeHalaliWaAmina.”

More updates coming up through out the day

After the nikaa, where the couple exchange vows and sign the marriage certificate, Abubakar ‘Abu’ Joho will host an exclusive guest list at his mansion in Kizingo. He is a family friend to Amina’s kin.

“Getting into this venue will only be possible with an invite. The who is who will be in attendance for the lunch,” our source said.

The reception, which is the most coveted event tonight, will be hosted by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho at his palace in Vipingo Ridge.

A source close to the governor confirmed that Joho will attend the wedding after his stint in France for the Water Conference.

It is not clear if the TV station will be allowed to film inside Joho’s residence, where the reception will take place. If they do, the common mwananchi will get to see how the rich live.

Beside the elaborate events taking place today, Ali Kiba will hold another grand ceremony with Amina in Dar es Salaam on Thursday next week.

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Kiba on your nuptials.

Check out the exclusive photos

ali kiba wedding

ali kiba wedding

ali kiba wedding

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-19 at 8.38.36 AM (1)

ali kiba wedding

Check out the video right after the wedding…

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Diamond Platinumz finally speaks out on his long over due beef with Alikiba

Diamond Platinumz and Alikiba have had beef for so many years now. They release song after song full of words they are literally throwing shade at each other. Remember the song Fresh by Diamond, he says kunicompare na cinderella aah hiyo haiwezi kuwa freshi! Of course, we know Cinderella is Alikiba from his hit song Cinderella back in the day.

When questioned about this lyrics he said that their fans make them have beef and pressure them because they are very much okay. For him once beef is there he solves it as soon as he can because he doesn’t like putting such stories on his social media.

Diamond decided this 2018 he does not want any drama or beef with anyone; he just wants to work on his music and also work on building a family probably get married this year.

So he has no beef with Alikiba but he has exchanged words that were not really good. As for physically, they have never really gotten to that point yet.

Ali Kiba’s rumored girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo admits she wants to get married

Will this be the year that bongo singer Ali Kiba finally gets down on one knee and proposes to Jokate?

It has been alleged that Ali Kiba and Tanzanian video video-cum-socialite Jokate Mwegelo, have been dating on and off for quite some time, but the two have kept off the rumors choosing not to confirm or deny it.

Ali Kiba’s family early last year made it clear to the world that they are ready for their famous son to finally settle down, and they even indicated their choice as Jokate.

Even their fans have been rooting for them to get married and start a family.

Jokate on her part is finally admitting she is ready to settle down. She declared that 2018 is her year to walk down the aisle, but did not mention who her bae is. We certainly hope he is paying attention, and doesn’t let such a fine species get away.

She said:

Oh 2018 bring me my hubby already 😏. I’m ready. ❤️

In the meantime here are sexy photos of Jokate, that we hope her bae will see and get down on one knee.






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Forget You Haters! Ali Kiba Releases New Song As Fans React With Joy

Ali Saleh Kiba (King Kiba), better known by his stage name AliKiba has released yet another hit song.

The song released this past weekend already has almost two million views on youtube, and his fans are loving it.

The father of four, has been beefing with Diamond Platnumz, and their rivalry was renewed recently. Kiba even took to social media to shout how much he doesn’t care for his hater.

Fans of the two celebrities have been going at each other because Diamond also released a song at the same time, and the tag of war is on whose music has garnered more views. A look at Instagram shows screenshots being circulated, and oh boy..the jibes people are taking at each other.. let’s say you need to pull your stool for some major moshene.



Here is the post he wrote telling off his hater:

I know that you hate me 100% but I give ZERO F**ks 

Watch Ali Kiba’s new song below, is it a hit or a miss?

Here are some reactions;
Miraji Sembe…Brother Ngoma Kali video umezingua bana tofauti Na matarajio yetu badilika brother mziki wa sasa inatakiwa utoe chupa Kali kwangu Mimi upande wa video umeniangusha sio siri yan daaa

Baltazari Tozwa…kuna watu wanajifanya team kiba ili wakandie wakat wao ni team malikia hao hao walisema aje mbov ilvotoka lakini ndo ukawa wimbo wa taifa kwahyo acheni wahuni wahate likin wanakubali

professorjaytz….This is what we call CLASSIC Material..
Big up to my young brother

Obed Dizotizo….R.I.P kibanio cha matumz alikiba Eeeeeeeeee! seduce me hl nikuelewe kiukwel nymb mbaya msuli tembo tokeo nukta


Gospel Singer Christina Shusho Shared Her Thoughts About Ali Kiba’s Love Song ‘SEDUCE ME’ And Was Swiftly Dragged Online

Is secular music off limits for gospel artistes? One popular gospel musician Christina Shusho has found herself in the eye of a storm after making comments about a love song that is currently trending on our airwaves.

Ali Kiba’s new song Seduce Me has now hit over a million views in less than a week since its release. The love ballad elicited mixed reactions with some expressing disappointment that they didn’t expect such from the bongo star.

Well, Tanzanian gospel singer Shusho shocked many with her comments concerning the song, after saying the song could be mistaken for a worship song.

“Leo unaeza kuta mtu kaitwa kanisani aongoze wimbo wa sifa halafu akalianzisha seduce me….eeh jamani Kiba we noma. – Wimbo ni mzuri sana Professionally in Boss ruge ‘s voice. – “

She went ahead to thank him for avoiding nudity in his song

“Hauna picha za aibu , naeza watch na familia, though sijui maana ya SEDUCE ME. #teamkigoma

Here is the most talked about song:

‘I Know You Hate Me 100% But I Give Zero Chills’ Ali Kiba Responds To Diamond’s Trolling

Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba’s beef is emerging again.

This time round, the Salome hitmaker is the one who has stirred it. In his latest song dubbed Fresh, Diamond raps saying that he should not be compared to Ali Kiba whom he referred to as ‘Cinderella’ from his debut song Cinderella.

“Ukinichukia sikosi hela hivyo kwangu sio kesi,  Kunicompare na Cinderella haiwezi kuwa fresh, Simba kutoka mbuga ya Tandale.”Diamond Platnumz lyrics

It seems Ali Kiba is fed up with Diamond’s trolling and has gone on to publicly say that he knows Diamond hates him but does not give a f**ck

ali kiba

Umecheswa Brathe: Ali Kiba’s Ex-Girlfriend Spotted With This Legendary Arsenal Star (PHOTO)

Ali Kiba responded:

Their beef started when Diamond allegedly removed Ali Kiba’s lyrics from a song they were to do together. Diamond later released the track as his single which he dubbed Lala Salama.

Here is Diamond’s latest:

Umecheswa Brathe: Ali Kiba’s Ex-Girlfriend Spotted With This Legendary Arsenal Star (PHOTO)

Jokate Mwegelo is one of the most celebrated and influential people in Tanzania. She is also Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend.

After several months of their very public break up, it seems the business woman-cum-fashionista has moved on.

She first graced the Forbes Top 30 Under 30, then was spotted hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z and now this?

Well, on Saturday, this once upon a time Miss Tanzania runner’s up, was spotted hanging out with former Arsenal player, Thierry Henry.

Yes, the Legend himself.

The two were enjoying each other’s company during the NBA Africa Game which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With a lot of excitement, Jokate wrote:

“Before the after party we are having dinner with the core team that made the #NBAAfricaGame a reality. Look who joined us @thierryhenry . Nahamia Arsenal rasmi, naomba ushauri lakini naambiwa Arsenal ni stress tupu 😄”

Jokate who is the founder of Kidoti bags broke up with long time boyfriend and singer Ali Kiba citing irreconcilable differences.

Jokate was also used by singer Bahati in his song Maria as a video vixen playing the role alongside Mali hunk Daniel Weke.

Here is Jokate and Henry:


jokate and thierry henry


jokate and henry Thierry

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Ali Kiba Will Flip, His Ex-Girlfriend, Jokate Is Spotted With This Arsenal Legendary Star (PHOTO)

Jokate Mwegelo is one of the celebrated influential people in Tanzania. She is also Ali Kiba’s ex-girlfriend.

After several months of  their very public break up, it seems the business woman cum fashionista has moved on.

She first graced the Forbes Top 30 Under 30, then was spotted hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z and now this?

Well, on Saturday, this once upon a time Miss Tanzania runner’s up, was spotted hanging out with former Arsenal player, Thierry Henry.

Yes, the Legend himself.

The two were enjoying each other’s company during the NBA Africa Game which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With lot of excitement, Jokate wrote:

JOKATE778Jokate who is the founder of Kidoti bags broke up with long time boyfriend and singer Ali Kiba citing irreconcilable differences.

Jokate was also used by singer Bahati in his song Maria as a video vixen playing the role alongside Mali hunk Daniel Weke.

Here is Jokate and Henry: