It’s a private matter and she’s still my wife – Ali kiba on divorce

Ali Kiba did not take kindly to questions from Journalists about his divorce from Kenya wife Amina.

The singer was asked about the divorce process and told people it’s a private matter.

“You got a lot of energy to follow people’s marriage like. It does not concern you. She is my wife, not your wife. Have you heard me ask you about your wife?” He questioned.

H appeared angry and even kept quiet after as if challenging them to dare ask more questions.

Amina Khaleef filed for divorce recently, in surprise move that got social media abuzz.

Amina cited being many reasons

“The respondent has made a mockery of their marriage by disrespectfully engaging in public displays of infidelity with various women in total disregard of the petitioner’s feelings,” she said in court papers filed on January 8.

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Diamond answers Harmonize on WCB beef

Diamond has responded to Harmonize’s comments made in 2021 slamming him for signing a harsh contract and making his music career difficult eventually parting ways.

On Monday March 14th on Wasafi media, Diamond told Harmonize that he is disrespectful and clout chasing. ‘when someone goes out talking badly about me yani of course zamani nilikuwa naumia sana lakini saa ivi nimekuwa ah ‘

He added ‘mi huwa simchukii mtu. Mwijaku huwa ananipigia simu naongea nae H baba nae huwa naongea nae hatuna noma mi mnyamwezi sina noma naongea na kila mtu pia sometimes wanaweza wakawa wana ku attack kwa ajili na wenyewe kujitafutia riziki ndo maana nikiwa nafikilia naona hamna shida ya kuleteana nao noma….

‘Sisi tunatalent sana, mashabiki wanatusupport sana, tunatakiwa tufute mentality za kufikiria kushambuliana wenyewe kwa wenyewe tufikirie kufanya vitu hadi wenzetu wakiona washtuke, wenzetu (Nigeria) wanahasira na dunia, sisi hatuna hasira na dunia unakuta watu wanahasira na Diamond,’

Diamond also opened up about beef with Ali Kiba, saying it is over a song collabo

‘Nilikuwa nataka tufanye nyimbo, So akanikuta studio kwa KGT ambaye alikuwa producer wake, ni kwambia tufanye wimbo, …nikamchezea #LalaSalama, nikasema naweza kufuta verse ya pili halafu ukaingiza yakwako akawa na anasema ah ! sa mi nadhani sijui hakuwa tayari kwenye kufanya verse alichofanya akafanya adlibs, hasa kwenye nyimbo kufanya adlibs za juu haifai, hata shabiki yako akisikia atakuonaje, kwahiyo hakufanya verse nikaona bora nifanye mwenyewe sasa, klwasababu mi niiitaka afanye verse …Ila trust me sina shida na mtu yeyote’

Rayvanny was also named dropped in the interview as many assume they also have beef . He said they are not seen together often because he is busy, not because of issues.

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Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba beef began over song collabo

Diamond’s beef with Ali Kiba began over a song 7 years ago

Diamond Platnumz wa interviewd on Wasafi Monday March 13 in which he told of the origins of his beef with Ali Kiba.

Many do not know that Ali Kiba and Diamond had agreed on doing a collabo for the song Lala Salama. Diamond was at the time in studio recording the song and Ali kiba came along heard how nice it was, and wasadded on a verse. Unfotunatyely Ali kiba didn’t do as agreed.

Ali Kiba’s verse was removed by Diamond because he was an ad lib that the rich musician didn’t like.

When the song was released Ali Kiba got upset, and from then on their relationship has been frosty.

Here is the song

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Every word has consequences – Amina tells amid divorce

Time is running out for Ali Kiba to grant his Kenyan wife Amina a divorce.

According to friends Ali Kiba is opposed to her divorce settlement claims, and especially the child support she is asking for.

In her latest reaction, Amina Khallef has taken to her Instagram to caption a photo ‘every word has consequences’ Adding the 100 emoji.

On Tuesday March 1, Amina also shared the lyrics to a song about lying. In the clip, Amina cryptically wrote the lyrics, sharing tyhe picture of a coffee cup.

Amina filed for divorce on February 21 and a week later, Ali Kiba confirmed it while wishing his son a happy birthday. In his message Ali Kiba told his son not to forget him as he turned a year older.

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Self respect has to be stronger than your feelings – Ali Kiba’s wife says

Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife is giving timely relationship advise.

She is a very private person and when she pens down her thoughts, many fans pay attention as it sheds light on where she is.

Amina wrote ‘your self respect has to be stronger than your feelings, or else you’ll find yourself putting up with people who insult your dignity just because you like them. You must respect yourself enough to set high standards for your relationship. And to decide that when people force you to choose between your well being and them, they will everytime. You’d rather adjust your life to their absence than lower your standards to accommodate their disrespect’

Ali Kiba with his wife Amina

Ali Kiba with his wife Amina

Amina and Ali welcomed their second child in 2021 – a boy- and keeping away from public scrutiny.

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Distance yourself from people who disrespect you – Ali Kiba’s wife speaks

Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife Amina is sharing some pretty deep thoughts this holiday season.

Amina took to Instagram to tell that she is a survivor of abuse and is speaking out because of healing.

She wrote ‘Don’t mistake silence for weakness. Respect is a two way street If you want to get it, you’ve got to give it. I am not a victim for sharing, I am a survivor setting the world on fire with my truth. I never know who needs my light, my warmth, my raging courage.’

Ali Kiba with his wife Amina
Ali Kiba with his wife Amina

Amina also added ‘ABUSE is intentional. One knows what they are doing and one doesn’t give a sh*t. You can only find Heaven by backing slowly away from hell. A Narcissist hates anyone who reveals the truth about them Exposure is their biggest fear’

Amina also added to her Instagram stories that ‘Distance yourself from people who disrespect you’

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Otile Brown thrills Tanzanian fans at Ali Kiba’s concert

The only one king concert went down Friday night in Mwanza, rock City Mall.

Kenyan singe rOtile landed in the country announcing his excitement at singing for his fans. ‘🇹🇿 MWANZAAAA 🗣🗣🗣🗣tonight tukutane ROCK CITY MALL – CASK BAR & GRILL #onlyonekingtour 🔥🔥🔥 🤎#justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove’

Otile Brown, Rich Mavoko joined Ali Kiba on stage to entertain fans. and what a moment. Fans went wild when Otile sang alongside Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba hit the stage dressed in a yellow suit, gyrating and sending female fans into hysterics.

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Ali Kiba excites Kenyans with playlist for Jamhuri weekend concert


Bongo singer Ali Kiba will be in Kenya for a concert on 11th December in Naivasha. The concert will be at Lake Naivasha Resort.

He told his fans that he has special songs from back in the day lined up and encouraged them to pick the ones they want to listen to.

He will be joined by Femi One, Nyashinski. Regular tickets are 2,000 bob.


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Ali Kiba’s wife wishes him a happy birthday for the first time in a long time

Bongo singer Ali Kiba turned 35 on November 29.

And for the first time in a long time, his Kenyan wife wished him a happy birthday in public. She took to her Instagram to dedicate a heartwarming message on his born day.

There have always been questions why she publicly ignores his birthday with many blaming a shaky marriage for the public snub. This time round, many fans were happy she dedicated a message to her baby daddy.

Amina wrote ‘Another year around the sun, Today we celebrate you I I thank you for making my world possible in one picture.  Oh allah let him find joy in very circumstance in life. Let him feel confident and ready for the year ahead knowing that you have an order for his steps and purpose for his life (AMEN) Happy birthday hubby’



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Ali Kiba announces tour stop in Kenya. Here is the concert date


Ali Kiba’s new album ‘Only One King’ has so far garnered 18 plus million streams on boomplay one month after release.The achievement has excited the singer who has also announced he will be doing several African performances.

He will be in Kenya on December 11.

He told eager fans that ‘December is here, let’s get the Party started, I’m officially announcing ONLY ONE KING TOUR IS ON.

He added ‘Holiday Season is here, Only One King Tour in Kenya!! I will be performing Live at Lake Naivasha Resort on 11th December 2021. Get Your tickets now it’s going to be an epic experience.’

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you excited to see this hunk perform his album? What song in the album do you like?

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Ali Kiba advises Harmonize about escalating beef with Diamond Platnumz


It was no holds barred when Harmonize returned from his American tour and told about the tribulations Diamond Platnumz put him through.

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize shared details of his contract with former record label, WCB Wasafi and why he parted ways with them.

Harmonize claims Diamond Platnumz never appreciates musicians who become more influential than him. Harmonize said this is the reason why he left Wasafi Records. “Yeye akikutengenezea uadui, mashabiki wake wote wanakukataa na kisha unapotea.” he said.
He also told of a difficult contract as a signee ‘I was signed into a 10-year contract at WCB. Any money I earned within the contract, Diamond would take 60%, leaving me with 40%. I would have to add my own money to my share in order to push my music’
He also added that Diamonds mother Mama Dangote feared he would overshadow Diamond.

Kiba has now weighed in on the drama, advising Harmonize that it is what it is.

‘Mwambie Kondeboy aache kulia aulize wakubwa tunaishije na yule wa tandale’ He laughed off the comment

Diamond Platnumz has pretty much kept off from responding to Harmonizes accusations, but as we know the singer, he does so after much time of reflection. So may be soon he will open up?


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Ovaries Twerking! Meet Ali Kiba’s adorable son with Kenyan wife Amina


Bongo singer Ali Kiba has been in and out of Nairobi on several occasions in September. His most memorable was to unveil his album ‘Only One King’ with fans in the 254. He was hosted by Classic 105’s Maina Kageni and told how much he loves Nairobians.

He then left for Mombasa to spend time with his Kenyan wife Amina and returned to Tanzania to join Fally Ipupa for his concert.

And now a picture of his first born with Amina has been shared online. the young man Keeyan looks so adorable.

In the picture, Keeyan is swimming using a floater and appears to be enjoying being in water immensely.

How cute is he? See below.kiba son keynan(1)


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Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife reveals their second son is called Kamran


Ali Kiba and his Kenyan wife Amina welcomed their second child – a boy, in May this year after keeping the  pregnancy under wraps.

Now as the singer celebrates the release of his new album The Only One, she has opened up about one of the songs she says is a dedication to her.

In a q&a, fans got to find out that their second child is called Kamran and the song Tamba is special to her.

Amina gave the album a 100 per cent rating praising her husband for a good job.

Ali Kiba was in the Classic 105 studios on Friday October 8th where he urged fans to attend his Nairobi listening party.

Among guess was Tanasha Donna, Mombasa Governor Joho among others.

Kamran is Ali Kiba’s seventh child.

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Ali Kiba to host party for Kenyan fans after dropping new album


Ali Kiba dropped by the Classic 105 studio Friday October 8th, a day after dropping his much anticipated album ‘The only One’ in an exclusive listening party for his celebrity friends in Tanzania on Thursday.

Ali Kiba told Maina that his party in Kenya is an appreciation for the love the 254 has shown him in his musical career.

‘I am the King. Mfalme huwa mmoja lakini pia nimeinvest sana time and talent yangu. B the way I have another album ready, I m just waiting for fans to listen to this new one, mpaka watu washibe hii kwanza.’

The party is at the Trademark Hotel this afternoon and he advised that ‘you should come dressed to impress’.

‘Listening party is tonight. Come support me. To be honest wakenya hawajawahi niangusha’

Kiba told Maina that he always delivers on his promise to fans to bring exciting projects.

‘lazima ujicommit uchukue time yako kitu kama album needs time and diciplien. You don’t need similar sounding songs Rank yako inaeza kuwa inapanda so kiukweli nimejitahidi mimi na team yangu tumejitahidi to create a production team. I am motivated and changes int he music scene and I go with the flow I change with it naeza kuona opportunities and change automatically. I have discipline and it’s  business that has season’

The hyped singer says he has much to look forward to in 2022 especially concerts if conditions permit.

‘2022 nintamani . I am open and ready’ he concluded

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Ommy Dimpoz forgives Ali Kiba for sleeping with his future wife

Ommy Dimpoz has told Ali Kiba that if he ever sleeps with his wife in future, he is forgiven.

The two are best friends and on Wednesday night during Ali Kiba’s album launch, Ommy Dimpoz addressed the crowd saying they are deep friends and this act would be overlooked.

“Namkubali sana ALIKIBA na hata siku nikimkuta na mke wangu namsamehe”

He cited reasons such as the support Ali Kiba extended to him while he was hospitalized as a result of being poisoned.

Ommy also said Ali Kiba would be forgiven because he has held him down as a musician, boosting his career.

Ali Kiba held a listening party for his album with Dimpoz, Patoranking among others attending the much hyped event.

Kiba has collabo’s with Patoranking, Nyashinski among others.

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Ali Kiba throws album listening party in Zanzibar for his celebrity friends


The listening party for Ali Kiba’s unreleased album went down in Zanzibar Wednesday night.

Joining him for the event was Nigerian singer Patoranking, who was among the scores of celebrities invited to Ali Kiba’s listening party in Zanzibar.

The two are already shooting a video to a collabo and shared the behind the scenes of the video shoot.

Last night, wearing a bow tie and black suit, he debuted his upcoming album in front of an excited crowd.

We already know that Ali Kiba never disappoints when it comes to features. We already see Patoranking and ahead of the album’s reveal, fans have been speculating as to who would appear on a track.

He kicked things off and played a track that got Nandy excited and dancing, much to the delight of Kiba.

We’re staying tuned for the official drop expected at midnight October 7th.

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Ali Kiba asks fans to help him name his next album


Bongo singer Ali Kiba is gearing up to release a new album and he needs your help.

He teased it saying “…. I just wanna let you know, finally My Album Is DONE  Hold your breathe and wait for the big announcement”

What are the possible names you can give him for his new album?

The first song from the album is a collabo with Tommy Flavor titled ‘jahjah’


A fan noted something that sets Ali kiba apart from others.
@Asa_UTD wrote..
Ali Kiba doesn’t try hard to outshine fellow artist in a collabo…he’s always tries to gel some chemistry….In Love with Otile Brown is a good example…they just did their thing effortless

Team Kiba what are you most excited about this bongo singer?

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Ali Kiba’s portrait sells for 400k at special auction


East Africa superstar Ali Kiba is currently making waves with his hit song ‘jealous’  a collabo with Nigerian sensation Mayorkun.

Ali Kiba has such adoring fans that for the second time this month he has been presented with a portrait.

Recently on August 25, he was given one for his late father Mzee Saleh Kiba and broke down. The special moment happened while Kiba was in Nairobi.

He left and last night in a concert dubbed Choma Day concert in Dodoma, one fan presented the portrait to Kiba and from there others placed their bid for the picture.

It was eventually bought for Tanzanian 400,000.

Kiba performed two songs for the audience even though it is said he was injured the day before while playing in a football match.

Also attending the choma day concert was Ben Pol.

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