Ali Kiba denies break up song was about wife, Amina Khalef

Ali Kiba released a breakup song titled “Mshumaa” where he spoke about a woman whom he married, asking her to come back home.

He goes on to remind her of the promises she said to him on their wedding day.

He says even if he dies, he believes that he and the love of his life, will see each other again.

 “Nakumiss. Tutaonana, hata mungu akipanga, nikufe kesho, tutaonana tena. Ifike kesho, waniweke kwa mchanga, nikufe kesho.” (I miss you, we will see each other. If god plans that I die tomorrow, I believe, we will see each other.)

Adding; “Labda nikukumbushe, nilipokuvisha pete, ulisema huniachi mpaka nife. Uwepo wako ndio ulikua wangu uzima.”

(Let me remind you, when I put a ring on you, you said you’ll never leave me until I die. Your presence was my being.)

After the release of the song that is currently on three million views on Youtube, fans believed that Kiba was singing for his wife, Amina Khalef because, at the time, they had marital issues.

He denied the claims in an interview with Millard Ayo, “My wife was a lover of this song even before I married her because I did the song way before I married her.”

Adding “Right now, we are okay but she is there (In Kenya) because she is working. There are a lot of difficulties in marriage sometimes you exchange words and sometimes you laugh and things go well. They are normal things in marriage.”

Music producer accuses Ali Kiba of not paying for song

Previously, Kiba had confessed that he had issues with the wife, hence going back to Mombasa where she was born.

Music producer accuses Ali Kiba of not paying for song

Tanzanian music producer Man Water has accused singer Ali Kiba of not paying for all the songs that they did together.

Water has however said that he has held onto the unreleased songs but Kiba re-did them.

He told Azam TV’s Buruan Muhuza “Apart from the songs “Seduce Me and Mvumo Wa Radi” we had many other songs. I have the songs but they have not been paid for. I am a businessman and if you haven’t paid me, I can’t give you the songs.”

He went on to expose Kiba for going behind his back and re-doing the songs.

“Something I don’t like is that I have heard them being repeated somewhere else and I am the source of the songs. That’s why sometimes there are problems between producers and artiste and people decide to just keep quiet. What if I release the original songs, it’s better a half loss.  If I decided to release the songs on my youtube channel, then they are mine.”

Ali Kiba and Man Water have been working together for a long time till rumours went rounds that the two had split.

Whether the songs Man Water has withheld will be released or not, it will just take time for fans to find out.

Leave my wife alone! Ali kiba tells prying public

Leave my wife alone! Ali kiba tells prying public

Ali Kiba and his wife have been the subject of break-up rumours for a large part of 2019. The couple who got married last year in a star-studded affair, might have gotten a kid together after their wedding but that didn’t stop people from speculating about what was going on in their marriage.

The conjecture has reached such a point that Ali is exasperated with it and has asked fans to lay off him and his pretty Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef is on the rocks after just two years of marriage.

Amina-Khalef at her wedding
Amina-Khalef at her wedding

In a recent interview Alikiba had with a leading Tanzanian showbiz blog, the question on the state of his marriage was brought up. The singer who had been calm up to that point became visibly agitated, suddenly went ballistic before storming out of the interview set.

‘Mke wa nani? Sasa mke wa kwangu wewe anakuhusu nini? Mke wangu achana nao. Huyo ni wangu mimi nimeoa, achana nao. Waachane naye ni mke wangu mimi. Kama hayawahusu, hayawahusu. That’s it,’ he said before walking out.

Ali Kiba with Amina-Khalef in a file photo
Ali Kiba with Amina-Khalef in a file photo

Alikiba and Amina married in April 2018 in two lavish ceremonies held in Mombasa and Dar es Salaam. The two welcomed their first child and Alikiba’s fourth last September.

I have not divorced her-Ali Kiba clarifies on issues with his Kenyan wife

But even so, the rumours have refused to die down. Media reports from Tanzania now indicate that all is not well in the marriage, despite the couple’s best efforts to make up.

Ali Kiba with Amina-Khalef at their wedding
Ali Kiba with Amina-Khalef at their wedding

Interestingly, Kiba’s travails at the hands of the media mirror those of his arch-rival, Diamond Platnumz who is also with a Kenyan woman, Tanasha Donna.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior

Diamond and Tanasha have faced constant rumours this year that their relationship wasn’t in the best place, something they have ignored.

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Diamond Platnumz happy about Ali Kiba’s concert flopping

Diamond Platnumz has stirred up the hornet’s nest after he mocked an old rival of his, Ali Kiba. As many of you know, the star and Ali Kiba have had several tiffs over the past year that spilled over in October this year when Ali Kiba warned Diamond to stop talking about him.

The fight then fizzled out after the two exchanged jabs but it seems that Diamond still wants to keep poking his rival. The ‘African Beauty’ singer is a happy man after allegations regarding rival Ali Kiba’s concert flopping were finally confirmed.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

This came to light during an interview where Clouds TV boss Joseph Kusaga confirmed he made no profit from the Fiesta Concert headlined by singer Ali Kiba.

Sistas Before Misters: Diamonds exes Wema and Hamisa crack joke about him

Kusaga revealed this on Wasafi TV’s show The Bartender, saying Clouds TV anniversary party known as Fiesta has never made any profits and was a show just to mark the occasion.

Ali Kiba on stage
Ali Kiba on stage

Diamond could not help but post the short video on his Instagram to prove a point. ‘Our dad has confirmed, there’s something about this that gives me so much joy,’ he captioned the clip.

‘If you look at Fiesta, in all the years, I have never made any profit from it,’ the Clouds TV founder said. He, however, declined to answer whether he owned part of Diamond’s Wasafi TV.

Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit
Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit

Diamond, a father of five kids, had earlier ridiculed his competitors for not being able to pull crowds while bragging about his busy schedule around Africa.

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Ali Kiba turns 33 with hopes of reuniting with wife Amina


He is currently ruling the airwaves with his hit song ‘Mshumaa’ that Classics Maina Kageni says is a must listen to.

The song many say is a dedication to his estranged wife Amina, who has been separated from the singer for a while.

In the song, Kiba sings, “I miss you, we will see each other. Even when God plans that I die tomorrow, I believe, we will see each other.”

Adding, “Let me remind you, when I put a ring you, you said you’ll never leave me until I die. Your presence was my being.”


The two split, and it was only after rumors swirled that he addressed the speculation, confirming that indeed his wife left him.

Ali Kiba is celebrating his 33rd birthday and what a year it has been for him.


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Ali Kiba finally reveals why he wrote threatening post to Diamond

Kings Music Records boss Alikiba has come out with another story concerning his Instagram tirade regarding Diamond that was the talk of blogs a few weeks back.

The tirade was a warning to Diamond to stop using his name to popularise the Wasafi Festival. King Kiba stated that if he (Diamond) wanted him to expose the bad things he was doing to him, no one would show up at his Wasafi Festival event.

Ali Kiba
Ali Kiba

The post elicited a lot of reactions from media with Kiba being silent about it. But after the Wasafi Fest would attract such heavy hitters like Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, Ali took a more conciliatory tone saying that his account had been hacked.

Diamond or Ali Kiba: Wema Sepetu reveals whose music she prefers

Do you still think that the truthful musician has kept to that story? Nope, the man spoke to Times FM and clarified that he was forced to write the post warning Diamond after he started receiving calls from the media.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

He went on to say that the post was to address the matter once and for all and to stop the calls from journalists. He also went ahead to say that he would never perform at Wasafi Festival and it’s something that Diamond’s team is aware of, and they only made the announcement for clout.

‘Kilichofanya ni post nitoe taarifa ni kwa sababu waandishi wa habari walikuwa all over wanapiga masimu. So kile kitendo ili niweze kustopisha wengine nikaona nipost ili wasione kama waandishi wa habari nimewakosea heshima sipokei simu zao ama nawadharau. I had to do that,’ said Kiba.

Ali Kiba on stage
Ali Kiba on stage

He reiterated that it wasn’t good for Diamond to keep associating him with his shows and they should instead, respect him.

‘Heshima kila mtu tunaamua tu kuwekeana heshima kwa sababu sipendi kumzungumzia mtu kwa mabaya wala ningependa kumzungumzia mtu kwa mazuri. Vile vile sidhani kama ilikuwa sawa katika kila event zao wanihusishe. Mimi siko tayari na wanajua kabisa I cannot do it na I’ve told them before nikamwambia fanya wewe, mimi nitakuja kufanya ya kwangu. Walikuwa wanatafuta namna gani waweze kubeba ile attention,’ Ali said.

Ali Kiba in yellow
Mr. Kiba

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My accounts were hacked! Ali Kiba says about nasty message to Diamond

Ali Kiba and Diamond are two of the 3 biggest male singers in Tanzania-adding Chibu’s protegee’ Harmonize, but this story isn’t about him.

The two have had a war of words that was prompted by a fiery Instagram message on Ali Kiba’s page deriding the ‘African Beauty’ singer.

Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit
Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit

Ali had warned Diamond to leave him alone telling him, ‘Stop with these games, you cannot steal from me then come and pretend to be helping me to find it. Leave me alone. A man speaks once. If you want me to expose you so that people know what you are doing to me, keep up. If I open up, no one will attend your festivals,’ Kiba wrote.

Diamond’s response to the throw-down was to laugh at Ali’s message. But new information coming to us is that Ali might not have posted the message.

Ali Kiba
Ali Kiba

The ‘Mwana’ star has come out to say that he account was hacked! Yeah right!? During an interview with Tanzanian gossip king Soudy Brown, said, ‘No, my account was hacked. Yes I saw the post but I am not the one who wrote, I think hackers did.’

He said that since the incident that he had been able to recover the account. So would he take the post down? Nope! The musician said that it would stay up despite being posted by ‘hackers’.

Diamond responds to Ali Kiba calling out his childish behaviour

It is still not yet clear what Diamond did to Kiba to warrant the rant but owing to their long-standing beef, it had everything to do with their music.


Some sources with intimate knowledge of Ali Kiba’s thinking say that the musician was unhappy that Diamond was using his name to promote his Wasafi Festival. Thing is Kiba’s camp hadn’t been contacted to take part in the event despite Diamond’s camp saying they had.

Who is lying?

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Diamond responds to Ali Kiba calling out his childish behaviour

Diamond Platnumz has quickly responded to Alikiba’s post that left many talking on social just a few hours ago. Ali Kiba had taken shots at the ‘African Beauty’s singer telling him to stop disturbing him with invites for the Wasfai festival that is about to take place in December.

This is after Ali Kiba on Wednesday stunned her followers on social media with an unexpected attack against the Wasafi boss.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Kiba’s attack came after Diamond Platnumz invited him and his former signee Harmonize to perform at the upcoming Wasafi Festival 2019 that will be held in Dar es Salaam on November 9.

Harmonize claims Zari is still crazy for Diamond Platnumz

Speaking to journalists at Hyatt Regency Hotel Posta in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Diamond said all artistes are cordially invited to his show.

“As you know he (Harmonize) might have different programmes, but our wish is that he attends if his agenda turns to be flexible. My boss, Babu Tale, was in the US, and he called me and his wish was to see Ali Kiba at the festival,” said Diamond in a video shared by Bongo Five.

Ali Kiba with Harmonize
Ali Kiba with Harmonize

But King Kiba was having none of it as he told Diamond not to involve him in childish games. Ali Kiba wrote,

‘Usiniletee mambo ya darasa la Pili unaniiibia penseli alafu unanisaidia kutafuta .(UNIKOME)
Mwanaume huwa anaongeaga mara moja tu sasa ukitaka nikuweke uchi watu wajue unayonifanyia hata kwenye hilo tamasha hatokuja mtu sasa tuishie hapo nakutakia tamasha njema @diamondplatnumz

Ali Kiba in yellow
Mr. Kiba

The ‘Lupela’ singer also claimed that if he was to expose Diamond for the things he has done against him(Kiba). Seems that Diamond Platnumz also decided to respond to Kiba’s post and through his Twitter handle the WCB boss wrote saying;

Mmesikia anaelilia penseli??? Nacheka stress hizi!!!!

Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond together in the past

Clearly there is no love lost between the two.

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Ali Kiba’s wife leaks screenshot of string of insults since messy separation from hubby



The pressure of a public divorce can get to anyone.

Ali Kiba’s wife Amina has been sharing alot about coping, since news broke that he had brought her back to Kenya, following domestic squabbles.

Amina has been haring quotes much to the annoyance of some of her fans.

Ali Kiba speaks out on rocky marriage to Kenyan wife

One referred to her as a ‘kiherehere’ a term used in Kenya alot to refer to a busy body.

Ali Kiba with his wife
Ali Kiba with his wife

Amina shared a screenshot of the accusation, slamming the troll.

Kwanini wanadamu tunakuwa hivi??


Screenshot from 2019-10-07 13:00:39

Fans are sympathizing, urging her to ignore haters who don’t see she is hurting owing to her troubled marriage.

Ali Kiba has opened up about their marriage saying

“It is true that my wife and I have issues, which is normal to any couple. I returned her to her parent’s home myself. I wanted her to also go back to work, I then travelled to Europe,” he said.

No everybody can love you!you need haters to stay strong and focus…….so stay strong and focus my [email protected]

I have not divorced her-Ali Kiba clarifies on issues with his Kenyan wife

Amina ongeza sauti wakeweza roho inaumma

Ali Kiba with his wife and son
Ali Kiba with his wife and son

Another fan left simple advise for the troll
Achana nae
Achana nao hao wajinga wasikuumize unachotaka wajina

Other major divorces or breakups we have seen include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, British singer Adelle, Khloe Kardashian among others.

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Ali Kiba speaks out on rocky marriage to Kenyan wife

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has come out to admit that his marriage to Kenyan wife Amina Khalef is on the rocks. Speaking to Tanzanian radio presenter Diva The Bause, the singer said his wife went back to Kenya.

“It is true that my wife and I have issues, which is normal to any couple. I returned her to her parent’s home myself. I wanted her to also go back to work, I then travelled to Europe,” he said.

“She had previously told me she wanted to work because she is very educated. When I returned from Europe, she told me she was good and now I can go visit her at any time.

 “I haven’t divorced her yet, but everyone is doing their own thing now. Divorce is not something to be praised or announced to people.”

Kiba said his mother had helped bring them back together.

“Honestly, in the recent past, we had disagreed but my mother solved it. She told us that marriage life needs patience and has a lot of challenges, and the devil doesn’t like people in union,” he said.

Tanzanian gossip pundits said Amina was accused of witchcraft, claims that Ali Kiba rubbished.

“It’s not true what they said that Amina doesn’t like people. There are other things that made me really upset that my wife is using witchcraft on my son Sameer. That shocked me. When you talk about other people’s marriage like that, then you can easily be struck by thunder because that is like destroying the marriage,” he said.

“Haters think that they are not going to bring me down. I will not live a life of social media. I don’t like getting into people’s lives. What if whatever these haters are saying really destroys my marriage? Its doesn’t look good.”

Ali Kiba awith his wife AMina Khalef

The ‘Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia’ hitmaker went on to say that he is allowed to have more wives.

 “When my wife disappoints me and I decide to leave her, it’s normal. As a Muslim, I’m allowed to marry even four of them. If I say I will leave my wife today, tomorrow I’m getting married. I don’t like people to come between me and my wife. Like right now, people are speaking ill of her for no reason,” he said

“I want people to know I’m not a publicity stunt person and I have never acted my life. Also, my baby mama and I have nothing going on apart from co-parenting. I respect her as the mother of my child. When I married Amina, she congratulated me and she has since never stepped into my home.”

Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef

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I have not divorced her-Ali Kiba clarifies on issues with his Kenyan wife

Ali Kiba’s marriage to the beautiful Kenyan Amina Rikesh has been rumoured to be on the rocks for some time now. The Tanzanian singer has been quiet about the allegations until now.

In a recent interview in his home country, the superstar admitted that his marriage was on the rocks but he had not divorced her as alleged by a section of the media.

Ali Kiba with his wife Amina
Ali Kiba with his wife Amina

Ali also denied the malicious claims that he had sent his wife back to Mombasa, ‘It is true our marriage is on the rocks, but it is not true that I have divorced her.’

And was the cause of their problems the large posse’ of his family and friends living in the same home with his wife as alleged in Tanzanian blogs?

‘You’re wise to leave’ fans tell Ali Kiba’s wife after marital drama

He responded;

I have not sent her back to Mombasa. It is also not true that she refused to stay with my mother and siblings. Stop spreading lies and work.

Some other reports state that Ali had allegedly been caught pampering his ex-lover and baby mama with love during a private party at singer’s sister’s house.

Ali Kiba in yellow
Mr. Kiba

As of now, Amina has kept a low profile and her whereabouts are unknown. She had however threatened to share voice notes with fans to prove her innocence in everything.

In a post seen by Classic105, Amina updated her Instagram status with the words ‘voice notes’, something most theorise could be proof of her husband’s guilt in the whole affair. Who knows?

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‘You’re wise to leave’ fans tell Ali Kiba’s wife after marital drama


Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife Amina has been sending cryptic messages of being unhappy having left her marital home in Tanzania to come back to the 254.

A video shared online over the weekend showed Ali Kiba getting cosy with one of his baby mama’s. The two seemed to be loving every moment, as he fondled her.

This follows constant rumors that Amina has left her marital home amidst the drama.


The short but punchy messages suggest she is hurting badly.

In one instance she wrote:

Wabaya watu!!

To which many responded with consoling remarks:
Mamy bora ulivyojiondokea,,mambo ya kukaa nyumba moja na ukoo mzima ushindwe hata kujikuna tako loooooooooh,,,watanzania tunatia aibu


Mwanamkeee mjingaaa huvunjaaa ndoa yakeee mwenyew na mwanaumee mjingaaa huvunjaaa ndoa yakeee mwenyew

Tulia mamii usishindane na malaya. Hawana mpanga wanaitamani nafasi yako
Mwanamke anaejielewa ukaa kimya sasa nyamaza wayamalize wenyewe
Wapotezeee,tena,usiwaonyeshe,umeumia,funga,vioo,mamiii,tena,usipost,machungu yako kabisa,hapo,utawakanyaga,kanyaga,we,mzuri,simamia,unachoamini,

Ali Kiba with his wife
Ali Kiba with his wife on their wedding day

Wanadamu hawana mbingu ya kukuweka,Mungu hajakuacha, iko siku utafurahi

Dada achana na maneno ya mitandao yatakuumiza kichwa

Achana nao wapotezee wala usiwake akilini utaumia bureee

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Ali Kiba’s wife shares tender moment with her mum


Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife is soaking up every tender moment with her mother as she reminisces being back home.

Since getting married, Amina seems to be a whole new woman. She has given birth to a cute baby boy and adores him to bits.

She is making motherhood look like a breeze.


Ever since moving to Tanzania to live in her huge mansion after the grand wedding, she has been updating us with beautiful pictures of how she is doing.

In the picture with her mum, Amina simply captions

Dear Mama . I love you❤

Back in April 2018, Amina’s mother was shocked to find out her daughters groom was Ali Kiba. Asma Said Abeid revealed she did not know Ali Kiba was such a star in the business. According to several media reports in Tanzania, Amina’s mother knew she was getting married to a Tanzanian but had no clue it was Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba with his wife
Ali Kiba with his wife on their wedding day

During the wedding ceremony, she told Azam TV reporter,


Meet Joho’s beautiful niece whose dad asked for only Ksh 250 as dowry


Ali Kiba’s wife is SO OVER those annoying divorce rumors


Rumors about a split between Ali Kiba and his wife Amina have been swirling for the last week or so, and his Kenyan wife has reached peak frustration with the speculation.

She put to bed any questions regarding her marriage very matter-of-factly saying

Sura na baraka zake ndoa ya haki Allah shahid tumapendana na kulea mtoto wetu she wrote, revealing how she copes with the narrative about her marriage .MANENO YAO YAMEGONGA MWAMBA 👌👌 Sisi twapendana daima 💯😘💕🌷
I love All💕😍 Penzi lingali hai sanaaa bby @officialalikiba ❤❤ na My son 👉👉👇👇 @officialkeyaan @officialkeyaan

Blessed Njugush kicked out of his home by wife Celestine



However it’s business as usual on Ali Kiba’s pages, where he has not shared a picture of his wife.

Kiba is now sporting a new hair do. He has bleached his hair a dirty blonde, and seems to be loving it.


He has even grown a goatee, and it’s giving all sorts of new vibes.


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Copyright! Ali Kiba finally unveils images of his toddler

Ali Kiba married Kenyan beauty Amina Khalef last year in a ceremony that was attended by bigwigs like Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Ali Kiba with his wife
Ali Kiba with his wife on their wedding day

The two were blessed with a son in February this year. The musician has finally released official photos of his infant son. The photos were shared on his social media page on Instagram.

His caption read;

Happy birthday big boy 😍💯 @kiba_junior #supportedbykiba #Keyaan#kingkiba

The photos show his son Prince Sameer Kiba popularly known as Kiba Junior holding his much younger sibling, Keeyan. Kiba Junior was also celebrating his 9th birthday. Judging from how much the boys look alike, we can agree that they definitely got it from their father.

Ali Kiba son
Ali Kiba two son’s together

Junior Kiba is the firstborn of Ali Kiba and his first baby mama. Some of his fans responded by congratulating him saying;

mymuna07; Ubarikiwe kizazi chako😘
officialmimimars; Happy birthday katoto kazuri
romeoisack; mzee baba damu yako nzito

Ali Kiba seems to be continuing a trend that is synonymous with famous Tanzanian male musicians; that of being Father Abrahams (Men who have children with multiple women).

Ali is rumoured to have at least 3 baby mamas, there are even claims they may be as high as 5! Another Father Abraham is Diamond Platnumz who has 2 children from Zari Hassan and another from Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and their kids in the past
Diamond Platnumz with Zarinah and their kids in the past

That is not all, the rumour mill is afire with claims that his current babe, Tanasha Donna might be heavy with child! Is it that Tanzanian men don’t know what a condom is or they love having a battalion of kids?

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Pictures of Ali Kiba looking like the answer to all your prayers


This is probably a thirst trap for all you ladies.

And yes, we know he is off the market but all the same girls, enjoy these pictures of Bongo singer Ali Kiba looking like a whole meal.

ali kiba sultn loo
Ali Kiba
ali kiba in ahotel
Ali Kiba
ali kiba in a tent
Ali Kiba
ali kiba white sultan
Sultan Ali Kiba
ali kkiba bwana harusi
Ali Kiba engagement
ali kiba sultan outfit
Ali Kiba wedding day

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Newest Dad in Town: Ali Kiba welcomes fourth child

Bongo singer Ali Kiba is the latest dad in town.

The singer in a cryptic message on social media revealed he is a new dad, while his wife shared pictures of the newborn.

Ali Kiba and his wife Kenyan wife Amina have welcomed a baby boy.

She wrote expressing her joy

My baby boy


Early last year in an interview the singer said they were expecting a child early 2019.

“We are expecting a baby early next year, God-willing,” Ali Kiba told Massawe on Monday on Radio Jambo.

“Katika dini yetu, we believe it is a blessing to get married and after a few months to get a baby. This will be my fourth child now.”

Kiba tied the knot with Amina Khalef, 23, after dating secretly for close to two years.

Congratulations to the couple.


Bongo star Ali Kiba’s father dies

Tanzania’s finest Ali Kiba is mourning the death of his father, Mzee Saleh Kiba. He had been admitted at the hospital when he passed on.

It is still not clear what was the cause of his death, but we will keep you posted as we receive the information.

Clouds Media Group announced the news via social media writing,

Baba wa msanii AliKiba @officialalikiba (Mzee Saleh Kiba) Amefariki Dunia alfajiri ya leo katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili alipokuwa amelazwa.
Taarifa Juu ya Mazishi zitatolewa baada ya ndugu kukaa kikao. Pole sana kwa Familia ya King Kiba.

He will be buried on Thursday, January 17 at his family home in Kariakoo. Mzee Saleh has left behind Ali KIba, Abdu Kiba, Abuu Kiba and Zabibu Kiba.

We send our condolences to Ali Kiba and his family.