Boniface Mwangi speaks on claim he asked for child support from Alfred Mutua for Lillian Ng’ang’a

Boniface Mwangi always appears to get sucked in whenever Lillian Ng’ang’a/Juliani and Alfred Mutua are trending.

The most recent instance of this was when a Facebook tabloid said that the activist had purportedly testified in court yesterday in a case involving both Lillian Ng’ang’a and Alfred Mutua.

“Boniface Mwangi has allegedly testified in court today in a suit filed by Lilian Ng’ang’a over properties she jointly owns with Alfred Mutua,” the post caption began.

The article also stated that the renowned photojournalist had claimed that Lillian was bankrupt as a result of her dispute with Alfred.

The caption for the post wasn’t any worse than that! It was stated that Boniface had requested that the former governor of Machakos be ordered by the court to provide child support for Juliani’s kid with Lillian.

“Boniface Mwangi says Mutua has bankrupted Lilian and is, therefore, appealing to the court to compel him (Mutua) to offer financial support to the child she (Ng’ang’a) bore with Juliani,” the post ended.

More than 4,000 comments were left on the page, the most of them from Kenyans who questioned the accuracy of the claim.

Thank goodness the father of three responded to the fraudulent post and disputed it after being named in the comments section.

His response to the accusation is below;

Jecie-Fauzya Fuseini Eiish! Boniface Mwangi like seriously

Boniface Mwangi  · Jecie-Fauzya Fuseini ujinga ya bloggers. One day watapatikana

The folks who created the post were probably fully aware of the kind of interaction it would receive, especially since the Lillian/Juliani/Alfred Mutua triad was once again trending.

Given the tension between Boniface and Alfred as well as the activist’s affection for the rapper from the album “Potential,” it is also a little simpler to spread such false information.

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Alfred Mutua speaks on future of hotel he shares with Lillian Ng’ang’a

Alfred Mutua speaks on future of hotel he shares with Lillian Ng’ang’a

Alfred Mutua, the former governor of Machakos, has said that he will not rename the hotel he shares with his ex-girlfriend Lilian Ng’ang’a.

Relationships and business are unrelated, according to Mutua, who was speaking in an interview with Tuko.

“It’s a business and business continues. It’s a brand and it continues. It is a company.”

The transfer of Ndash Enterprises to Anne Mutua, Alfred Mutua’s sister, was reversed, according to documents given by Lilian Ng’ang’a, the Registrar of Companies.

According to earlier records, Alfred Mutua’s sister owned Ndash Enterprises after receiving shares from both the Governor and Lilian.

“This is to notify the public that after a detailed inquiry into the transfer of the 1800 shares, the Registrar of Companies on 6/5/2022 found merit in the complaint by Ms. Ng’ang’a, and has reversed the entry in the company and the fraudulent transfer of the 1800 shares,”  the documents provided by Lilian read.

The Registrar of Companies’ stance indicates that both Alfred

Due to the Registrar of Companies’ stance, the A&L hotel will continue to be legally owned by Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a.

“The current position, therefore, is reflected in the attached CR 12 dated 9/5/2022 in which Governor Alfred Mutua and Ms. Lilian Ng’ang’a hold 2000 shares each, effectively making them 50% shareholders each in Ndash Enterprises Ltd and by extension A&L Hotel in Machakos.”

Last year, Lilian claimed that her ex-partner had stolen her car and unlawfully transferred her company interests to his sister.

“Without my knowledge or consent and using a spare key which he had illegally obtained, he drove away my personal motor vehicle and proceeded to fraudulently transfer the ownership of the car in the logbook into his name, and thereafter sold the vehicle to a third party,” she said.

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Alfred Mutua speaks on whether he will get married again

Alfred Mutua speaks on whether he will get married again

Alfred Mutua, a former governor of Machakos, has talked openly about his love life. The charismatic politician said that he was ok with his single status right now and that his children were his first priority.

He revealed this during an interview with Tuko where he was asked if he would ever consider getting married again.

“I have my children, right now I am very comfortable with my children. I just don’t believe in deciding to marry.”

He clarified that although he wasn’t against the idea of getting married, he had one condition.

“If you meet someone and you fall in love and you click then you marry them. Mi niko sawa by the way.”

The remainder of his response, though, gave some hints that the former Statehouse spokesman might still be out and about.

“I am happy and am meeting very interesting people. Sa zingine God hutupanga.”

Most of you are aware that Alfred once dated Lillian Ng’ang’a, who is currently Juliani’s wife and a former beauty queen.

For the nine years that Kenyans saw them in the spotlight, the couple was one of the most alluring political pairings. The important fact, though, is that the pair never wed, which many Kenyans may now be aware of.

Alfred Mutua with Lillian Ng’ang’a in a file photo

The fact that Lillian herself addressed the matter in November of last year and stated that Mutua was a long-term companion and they were not officially married only served to emphasize this.

The two had posted on social media about their separation on August 15, 2021, that they would still be “great friends and business partners.”

Alfred had been married to Dr. Josephine Thitu before starting a relationship with Lillian, and the two had three children together.

They were married for fifteen years before filing for divorce on August 19, 2015.

A contentious argument about the children’s custody and shared assets marked the end of their marriage.

After alleging that she had secretly taken their three children to Australia, Mutua had asked for custody of the kids in 2014.

He ultimately lost the legal battle, and Thitu was granted full custody.

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‘Love never goes away,’ Governor Alfred Mutua’s advise to young couples

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has advised young people in love to aspire for a relationship that is amicable.

Mutua’s advice come days after he went public with his separation with wife Lillian Nganga.

Speaking to, Mutua said;

“I’m a believer in love and I believe that you need to never give up on love, regards of what… and always celebrate the people coming to your life. Always have a relationship with everybody who is coming into your life that is amicable, a relationship of friendliness.” 

Brown Mauzo’s Giriama accent makes Vera’s heart melt

mutua rayvanny (1)

He added that If you love somebody, the love never goes away even after you are you separated.

“And I see young people wanakosana wanatukanana na kupigana, that’s BS, if you have been in love with somebody that love never goes away. Everybody should treat the other kindly and you move on with life. Maisha iko ivo, and that the adice I givem them.”

Lilian claimed the winds of change had blown her way and she had severed her relationship with the governor without going into details.

On his part, Mutua said they had amicably agreed to go their separate ways but they will continue to be friends.

Did Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife spend almost half a million to throw him a surprise dinner on his birthday?

Machako’s governor Alfred Mutua turned a year older and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a went out of her way to treat the love of her life to a surprise dinner.

Mutua, who turned 48, took to his social media platform to thank his wife for going the extra mile of ensuring that his big day turned out perfect, going further to describe how magical the night was.

The  dinner went down in a tented camp at an undisclosed location.

“Last night’s birthday dinner was great. We enjoyed a great meal & cake while listening to the various melodies of the night – animals were also up and about for their dinner. As Paul Simon once sang: “Oh, what a night, what a garden of delight!” Scroll to see pics of the cake eaten in the middle of the amazing Kenyan wilderness.”

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua treated to a surprise party by his wife on his 48th birthday

Here is  a rough estimate of what Lilian might have spent on her man’s birthday. Taking a private plane, and flying to  secluded camp site for a special occasion will cost you a pretty penny. More so when you are a celeb or a politician who wants to keep away from prying eyes.

We sample how much it would cost for 3 nights out at the Olare Mara Kempinski,  including a rough estimate of how much it would cost a couple to fly from Wilson Airport to Olare Mara


Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara


Flying from Nairobi to their luxurious, hidden destination might have caused a dent of not less than 300,00 putting in consideration that flying private comes at a price.

Add in the cake and all other miscellaneous payments, roughly the couple might have spent half a million for the birthday.

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Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua treated to a surprise party by his wife on his 48th birthday

Machakos County governor Alfred Mutua is a lucky man for having a woman who loves him and also remembers important days and events such as his birthday.

Mutua who was celebrating his 48th birthday was treated to a birthday surprise by his beautiful partner Lilian Nga’ng’a and he cannot thank her enough for the treat. He really deserves it given that his work is too involving.

“Yesterday morning, as I turned a year older, my Sweetheart Lillian had a surprise for me. We packed our bag and headed to the airport where we took a flight as the lunchtime sun floated above the clouds. After an hour or so, we landed in the middle of nowhere, where a green land rover took us to a beautiful tented camp that I had never heard of. I had no idea how she found the amazing destination and made all the plans. Thanks Honey for your love and amazing birthday gift.”

Last night’s birthday dinner was great. We enjoyed a great meal & cake while listening to the various melodies of the night – animals were also up and about for their dinner. As Paul Simon once sang: “Oh, what a night, what a garden of delight!”


Here is Lilian’s message as she celebrated the love of her life on his birthday followed by a few photos of the power couple.

“A very happy and blessed birthday to you ~ ~ May the universe grant you all that you desire.I love you!”


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17661899_1618819921476342_7170794934029516800_n 39022299_2132150103672886_3025292126268162048_n

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Just 10 photos of Machakos governor Alfred Mutua and his wife Lilian Nganga to inspire you

Machakos county Governor Alfred Mutua is among the men considered eye candy politicians. The former government spokesman is married to a beautiful woman Lillian Nganga and oh my, the two are a perfect match.

Alfred Mutua and Lillian have been living a quiet married life but that does’t mean it’s been quiet to the rest of us out here. We’re always busy on their timelines keeping up with the Mutua’s.

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The power couple always leave those in relationships inspired and others dying of jealous.

Well, here are photos of Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga, which prove that they are madly in love with each other.


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga

‘I Cannot Believe I Will Not See You Again,’ Alfred Mutua’s Wife Pens Down An Emotional Message To Her Female Bodyguard Who Perished In A Grisly Accident


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua


Slay Queen Of The County! Lillian Nganga Was The Show Stopper At Alfred Mutua’s Swearing In

Lillian Nganga brought life and colour to the hubby’s swearing in today in Machakos by slaying, big time.

Alfred Mutua was sworn in at Machakos County governor. The event was attended by the who is who in Machakos, we even spotted rapper Prezzo among the guests.


He gave an inspirations speech.

“When I was 15 years old, I wrote a poem called “River of Life, Thayu.” In the poem, I said that life is like a river-it flows from the mountains, the higher lands and meanders its way to the oceans. As it drifts down, it learns that it is easier to go around a hill than try to push it aside. However, it never loses focus or give up on its journey to the sea. Our lives are like that of a river and today is a testament that if you do not lose focus, if you are committed to a just cause, the journey continues. I am a happy person as I stand here today because God has decided that the journey continues.”


He then bigged-up Lillian and everyone else who was instrumental to his re-election.

“I would like to thank God, my family – Lillian (who campaigned hard). Our children, my parents, sister, relatives, friends, colleagues, supporters – by deed, by forward support and by prayers. I would also like to thank MAENDELEO CHAP CHAP members, candidates and winners. I have to admit that this was not an easy contest. It was a competition between real development liberation and the dark forces of sycophancy and politics of poverty that have made Africa the poorest continent and the laughing stock of the rest of the world. I stand here today so proud of my people of Machakos who have shown that they value their lives and cannot be easily swayed. Our challenges are many and I promise to tackle them.”

Check out how Lillian brought her A-Game on and slayed as the queen of the county.

Alfred Mutua and Lillian

1Alfred Mutua and Lillian



Alfred Mutua and Lillian 2


Afred and Lillian 4

alfred and lillian 5


Kenyans ‘Kill’ Machakos County First Lady, Alfred Mutua Speaks Out

This behaviour of Kenyans killings people online has gone too far. Yesterday, they ‘killed’ Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife Lilian Nganga and this news went viral.

Alfred Mutua

She is still alive.

Wario said preliminary investigations indicated the Prado driver was overtaking when the accident occurred.

“We could not immediately establish the cause of the accident since there were no witnesses. But going by the location of the vehicles, the driver of the Prado was overtaking,” he said.

Alfred Mutua

The OCPD asked motorists to be cautious as they approach Lukenya as there is an area marked as a black spot.

The Governor condoled with family and friends and prayed for comfort for them.

“Some of the officers had spent the day with me during my very busy trip to Yatta sub-county on Monday,” he said in a statement.

Mutua said one of his bodyguards, who was with the four, had been taken home before the crash.

“This is a very sad occurrence because we all work and treat each other as family. Improvement of our infrastructure and lighting are critical to minimizing road accidents in our nation,” he said.

The bodies were taken to Monte Zuma funeral home and the wreckage to Athi River police station.


Source: The Star/Andrew Mbuva

Four Bodyguards Escorting Governor Alfred Mutua’s WIFE Home Killed In a Grisly Road Accident (PHOTOS)

Two Machakos AP officers and two county askaris were killed in a road accident in Lukenya area on Tuesday, June 13 morning.

They four perished on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway when their county car, a Nissan Tiida, collided head-on with a Toyota Prado.

The driver of the Prado was taken to Mater Hospital in critical condition, said Athi River OCPD Sharmah Wario.


The accident happened at the Lukenya area when the driver of the other car overtook and crashed into the vehicle carrying the policemen, killing the four on the spot.

Couple Goals! Governor Alfred Mutua And His Elegant Wife Lillian Show Their HUMBLE Side By Traveling Using Public Transport (PHOTO)

The group was returning from Nairobi after escorting Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife’s Lilian Nganga to her residence at about 2am.

The bodies of the deceased were taken to Shalom Hospital awaiting identification.















Andrew Mbuva/The Star

Couple Goals! Governor Alfred Mutua And His Elegant Wife Lillian Show Their HUMBLE Side By Traveling Using Public Transport (PHOTO)

Machakos First Lady Lillian Nganga and her husband Governor Alfred Mutua have revealed a side we never knew about.

The popular couple is no doubt one of the cutest in the political scene and other than that, they live a lavish life, owing to Alfred Mutua’s well-paying job and investments, basically, money is not a problem to them.

Lilian Nganga and Alfred Mutua have been together for years now after it was revealed that he had separated from his first wife, Josephine Maundu. The two had three children who now live in Australia with her.


Though a lot of people criticized Lilian Nganga when Mutua introduced her as the Machakos First Lady, with some even calling her a husband snatcher, she has been able to get through the accusations, proving that her love for the Governor is genuine.

GRACIOUS! Alfred Mutua’s Wife Oozes Maturity And Elegance While Meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta (PHOTOS)

Lilian Nganga is treated like a queen by the love of her life, and the two usually take some time off to relax and go on holiday, and this time round, they decided to support domestic tourism by traveling to Mombasa for both business and pleasure.

The lovebirds could have booked a plane to the Coastal town, but they decided that this time they will use the new Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Madaraka Express like any other Kenyan, but of course, they booked first class section.


Lilian Nganga shared a photo with her main man, looking dapper and happy, with this caption; “Very proud of my Country Kenya for this big stride .. #SGR .. #Infrastructure #Maendeleo #NboMba .. #Najivunia #abouttodepartthe3rdworldbracket.”

LUCKY MAN! These 12 Photos Prove That Alfred Mutua’s Wife Is The Most Stunning And Elegant Politician’s Wife In Kenya

Not many politicians can travel ussing public transport, but this power couple show us that they are still down to earth, and support the new project, which began it’s passenger services on Madaraka Day 2017.
Check them out below before they left the Nairobi Terminus.





Lucky Man! Governor Alfred Mutua Pens Down A Passionate Message To His Wife, Lilian Nganga

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Nganga Mutua is one of the most popular politicians in Kenya.

After leaving his job as the 1st Official Kenyan Government Spokesperson and Public Communications Secretary in September 2012, he went on to vie for the position of Governor for Machakos in the 2013 General Election, which he went on to win.

Alfred Mutua’s second wife, First Lady Lilian Nganga is arguably one of the most beautiful politician’s wives in the country and the two seem to be doing well, despite a few wrangles from his past marriage.


Mutua was previously married to Dr Josephine Thitu Maundu and they have three children who are now residing in Australia, after a long and bitter separation battle.

Dr Alfred Mutua and Lilian met back in 2011, and initially they started off as friends but later fell in love and started dating. The rest as they say is history. Lilian is known for her cancer awareness campaigns in Machakos County.

Well, the Machakos First Lady is turning a year older and her husband did not forget to send a loving birthday wish on social media, with a gorgeous photo of her alongside it.

The sweet message read:

I just want to say how grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy Birthday and thank you for always being there for me Lillian, I love you!



Ukambani governors want Makueni county assembly dissolved

Ukambani governors on Monday supported proposals to dissolve the Makueni county government due to the wars between Governor Kivutha Kibwana and MCAs.

Julius Malombe (Kitui) and Alfred Mutua (Machakos) said if Kibwana is impeached, they will campaign for him to recapture the seat in a by-election.

Malombe, Mutua and Kibwana said they will work together to unite the Kamba community. They said the region needs clean piped water, tarmacked roads and electricity supply, among other things.

They were speaking during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations at Nguumo ward, Kibwezi. The governors unveiled the Yikisemei model ECD education centre and primary school.

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Machakos Governor ‘humbled’ after SOMA Awards Accolade

2014 SOMA awards ‘most influential government personality’ winner, Dr. Alfred Mutua, was jubilant after receiving the accolade on Friday night, in the second Annual Social Media Awards in Nairobi.

The Machakos governor, who has come under much accusations regarding fund distribution in his county projects, beat the likes of Amb. Amina Mohamed, Mike Sonko, Jane Waikenda and Sakaja Johnson.

Alfred Mutua was never hesitant in showing his gratitude and humility for the recognition. “Holding the SOMA (Social Media Award) for the Most Influential Government Personality of the year. I am honored and humbled for the nomination and win. Thank you!” he said in a statement.


soma awards

Mutua Invites Athletes To This Year’s Machakos Half Marathon

The weekend is here, and as always, everyone is looking forward to having a have a fun filled one. One person who understands this fact  well is Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua, who’s inviting all athletes to participate in the Machakos Half marathon to be held on Sunday at the Kenyatta stadium, Machakos.

The Governor took to social media to remind participants of the upcoming event, moments before he won the prestigious ‘most influential Government personality’ award at the Social Media awards on Friday.

“This Sunday October 5th all roads lead to Machakos town for Mulley’s Machakos Half Marathon 2014 starting and finishing at the Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos,” he wrote.

Top Kenyan athletes will take part in the 21Km and 10km races which will traverse the Machakos people’s park.

Registration is currently ongoing at all Mulley’s supermarket branches in Machakos and Mlolongo.


Machakos Governor Mutua strips deputy Kiala of Cabinet position

Bernard Kiala may have survived his impeachment as the Machakos Deputy Governor but he will no longer hold any substantive position in the county executive committee.

Governor Alfred Mutua on Monday undertook a mini-reshuffle of his cabinet and excluded Kiala from holding any position in it.

Mutua said the move was in line with the constitution and County Government Act, section 32, which empowers the Governor to assign duties to his deputy.

Mutua however said his executive will respect and uphold the decision by the senate on Kiala’s impeachment.

Kiala was previously in charge of the Public service, Labor and ICT docket.