Celebrities who’ve expressed interest in running for the 2022 elections

The political waters are boiling over at the moment as Kenyans position themselves to run for political office in 2022. The elections herald an ending of Uhuru Kenyatta’s rule since he was sworn in in 2013.

And the 2022 general election looks like one that will define the hopes of many as it comes at a crossroads where ideals will intersect with pragmatism.

What is interesting however about the upcoming election is the interest that has been expressed by many entertainers/celebs who want to vie.

Why? Maybe Starehe Mp, Charles Njagua’s success during the 2017 election has paved a path and blueprint for many celebs who might have had political ambitions they had kept hidden.

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Out of the woodwork they have emerged, expressing their desire to become political representatives and it seems that each and every day more are stating their intent to run.

So for you who have been begging for such a list, your desires have been answered, I am here at your service. Let’s begin:


The Kiss FM presenter revealed that his recent job would be his last on radio. Speaking in an interview with Billy Miya, the comic disclosed that he now wants to own his own media company, having already started Jalang’o TV on YouTube.

This is my final journey on radio because I have started my own things. I plan to have my media and I started Jalang’o TV on YouTube,” he said.

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Jalang’o also declared that he was the incoming Lang’ata MP and insisted politics would be his next move after Kiss 100.

”You are looking at Lang’ata MP, I am not incoming, When they mention MPs names, know that you will hear Jalang’o Jalang’o,” he affirmed.

Alex Mwakideu

The Milele Fm presenter told a local publication that he would want to vie for the Wundayi seat as an MP in 2022.

“Let me correct you, I’m not running for the MP seat, I am becoming Wundayi MP in 2022,” he stated with affirmation.

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I have been thinking…

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“I want to give back to the Society, going back at home, nothing much has been done,” he stated.

Lillian Muli

While she might not have come out to confirm her interest in running for political office, the Citizen TV presenter has hinted that she is partial to the idea.

This past month, many of her fans and followers urged her to run for political office, something Lillian didn’t shut down the idea, instead praying that God might hear that prayer.


The Kenyan king of bling came out last year to express his interest to run for office after the Kibra constituency seat became vacant after Ken Okoth passed away after a long battle with cancer.

There were early indications that Prezzo who real names are Jackson Makini wanted to run for the seat under a Wiper Party seat but later on said that he wasn’t.

“Yes, I will be on the ballot. If God grants me life and good health, I don’t see why not. My goal is to bring the change that people always promise to bring but once they get there they don’t bring it.”

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Old friend Alex Mwakideu challenges Jalang’o to quit alcohol

Jalang’o has had a year that will most likely be a highlight reel in his memoir (if he does write them that is). The year has seen him have some very significant lows and some very remarkable highs.

The comedin is now having a transcendent moment as the month of July has seen him not only start a new job but also seen him dominate the entertainment headlines.

The multi-talented entertainer recently spoke to his friend Alex Mwakideu while on his online show. The two had a wonderful tête-à-tête with the conversation flowing freely.

The two spoke about their futures and the plans they had with both agreeing that 2022 was the year they would be leaving radio and joining politics.

Jalang'o smiling
Jalang’o smiling

”Yes I will be Wundanyi MP come 2022, that is a must. Taita people have requested me, who am I to deny. I was in Voi recently and people have even opened social media groups to drum support ahead of 2022,” he added.

What was interesting about their conversation was that Mwakideu’s challenge to his former colleague. He asked Jalang’o to quit drinking alcohol as he had done himself.

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Jalang’o acceded to the request saying that he had ditched alcohol already and that was his gift to Mwakideu for always having his back.


The two have a wonderful relationship having had a great partnership on the different radio stations that they have worked on. A clip of the conversation is below:

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RIP: Robert Burale’s ex-wife, Rozinah loses mother

Rozinah Mwakideu has lost her mother. The ex-wife of Robert Burale posted the sad news today morning with the caption;


One of the images that Rozinah posted
One of the messages that Rozinah posted

Rozinah Mwakideu is a gospel musician with Alex Mwakideu and Justus Mwakideu being her famous brothers.

Alex Mwakideu loses mother
Alex Mwakideu loses mother

Many of her followers commiserated with her on her Instagram page. Some of the comments are below:
bellaayoti4: Rest in peace Mao.heaven needed brave WOMAN of God.hugs to zab,Alex,Justin,rozina n all the mwakideus
muvoka: Pole sana sana sana

alexisonde: Pole sana May she rest in peace be strong during this difficult moment

mizbrandlee: Am deeply sorry for you loss

Rozinah with her late mother
Rozinah with her late mother

edwinokwara: Pole sana dear sister….. God’s work has no regrets…. RIP mama…

menradmdindi: Poleni familia.Mungu awatie nguvu..

vickykiwoi: Poleni sana Rozina. Mungu awape nguvu

revpeternjungeh: My heartfelt condolences to you @rozinahmwakideu and the entire family. May God comfort, console and strengthen you by the Holy Spirit.

Rozinah with her late mother
Rozinah with her late mother

saintpkenya: my condolences sizz

njerimina: Poleni, May God be your comfort

kambuamuziki: Oh darling I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying for peace and comfort to your family

Rozinah's mother
Rozinah’s mother

This is the second loss that Rozinah and her family are suffering this year. The family lost sister Emmy in January this year.

Alex Mwakideu and his sister Emmy
Alex Mwakideu and his sister Emmy

Emmy was a recording artiste under the name Emmy Denice with tracks such as ‘Closer’ and ‘Good Times’.

We at Classic105 send our condolences to the bereaved’s family.

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