Celebs who almost broke our hearts with their fake wedding stunts

The various artists named below, have had pleasure of making the public believe they actually had a church wedding. In other words, ‘they fooled us’.

Whereas in real life they were buys building up public tension as they were shooting video scenes for their love songs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the chemistry in their images fooled the public.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Willy Paul x Alaine

They were working on their song dabbed I Do. 



‘I thought my man was perfect that he couldn’t cheat only to learn he cheated even before our wedding’ woman confesses (AUDIO)

Bahati x Diana Murua

Bahati was working on a song dabbed Mapenzi where his now wife and mother to his child was a video vixen.

Well despite the little act, they actually did have a spark in reality.

baha weds diana


He made news, that he had a secret wedding in South Africa, however it was just a stunt, as he was working on One Centimeter music video.

‘He took him into my brother’s guest room and killed him’ Man narrates how his stubborn sibling killed his brothers care taker (Audio)

Sanaipei Tande & Otile Brown

These two artists got us wishing them all the best as they were newlyweds. To an extent of confirming some affairs are to be kept private. Where Tande said;

“Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s an intimate thing, for close family. I’ve always been private on that sector of my life. These things are not shared.”

Otile Brown's wedding
otile, sanaipei
otile brown sanaipei

In her video  Bebi Bebi, she was marrying her ‘baby baby’


Vera Sidika x Calisah

Socialite Vera Sidika’s case is different from the wedding stunt’s as her’s was a new babe in town. Allegedly meant to imply she was over Otile Brown & getting all cosy with the Tanzanian hunk Calisah.

Demarco shames Kenyan artists with his Swahili flow in ‘Love Doctor’ ft Arrow Bwoy

Jamaican artist, Collin Demar Edwards, popularly known as Demarco has put a number of Kenyan and East African artists to shame with his fluent Swahili flow.

The ‘Backaz’ hit maker has collaborated Kenya’s rising star, Arrow Bwoy in his new song, ‘Love Doctor’ which dropped on Friday evening.

The song’s video which is definitely a new club banger has already amassed 11,000 views on Youtube and continues to recieve raving reviews from Kenyans.

Demarco joins in the second verse where he serenades a lady with well executed Swahili vibes and you can’t help but sing along!

Below are some of his notable lines.

Nataka uwe wangu

wewe ndio kila kitu changu

sing dis for you baby girl wine pon dis song,

Nakupenda we never do you wrong nuh

wewe ndio mwenyewe

Demarco however is not the only Jamaican artist to collaborate and even dropping a few lines in Swahili.


The songstress was among the first Jamaican artists to venture into Kenyan music when he was featured in ‘Nakupenda Pia’ by Wyre back in 2013.

If that was not enough, she was featured in Willy Paul’s weeding anthem song, ‘I Do’ in 2017, this was an year after she featured comedian Churchill in her  ‘Wafula’ jam.

Romain Virgo

He is another darling to the Kenyan land thanks to his past electric shows and his relationship with the Kenyan artists.

Romain was featured in 2018 by King Kaka in his ‘One and only’ love song.

Tarrus Riley

The Jamaican legend would also not get left behind. The ‘She’s royal’ hit maker was featured in rising star Zikki’s ‘Kamata’ song. If that was not enough he was cool enough to drop a few lines in Swahili!


Just like Alaine, Etana is another Kenyan sweetheart!

Kenyans have been jamming to her mellow reggae songs for years even before she set her foot in the country.

The ‘Love song’ singer was gracious enough to accept a collabo with the prince of Benga music, Dan Aceda in ‘Look to you’.

Enjoy the song below.

Ali Kiba leads celebrity tributes after Riverside attack

Following the unfortunate 14 Riverside terror attack on January, 16th, 2019, Kenyans from all walks of lives have come together to comfort each other.

They took to social media to pray and comfort those who were trapped in the Dusit D2 hotel as well as the offices located in the premises.

Celebrities among them musicians from across borders who command millions of fans in Kenya, also sent their messages of comfort and support.

14 Riverside Drive: Here is the timeline of the suspected terror attack

Dusit entrance 1
Among them are; Celebrated Tanzanian Bongo superstar, Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Jamaican artists; Etana, Morgan Heritage, Chronixx and songbirds Cecile and Alaine.

Below are their messages which were warmly received by Kenyans who thanked them for remembering their fans in their time of need.

Diamond Platnumz

Maombi yangu yapo kwenu KENYA…Poleni sana na Inshaallah Mwenyezi Mungu atawasimamia… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻














Kenyans criticise Steve Mbogo for showing up with a gun at riverside attack scene

Bobi Wine (Ugandan MP)

My heart is with our brothers and sisters affected at the 14Riverside Drive in Kenya where there has been a terrorist attack. #Kenya

Bobi Wine comforts Kenyans following 14 Riverside drive attack

Ali Kiba

🇰🇪 May Allah give you strength during this tough times. We are with you ♥️🙏🏽.


ali kiba

Etana (Jamaican singer) Love and strength to Kenya…stronger together. 💛

‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Cecile (Jamaican singer)Sending my love and my thoughts to 🇰🇪…. eartharunred


Here is the Ugandan prophet who had prophesied the Riverside attack before it had even happened

Morgan Heritage (US Based Jamaican reggae band)


morgan heritage

Chronixx (Jamaican reggae artist)


Alaine (Jamaican songbird)

Praying for my second home Kenya. Praying for the victims and all those affected by the attacks today.


Kwisha! Willy Paul Reveals He’s Working On a COLLABO With Nyashinski And Jamaican Artiste Busy Signal, Maina Kageni Can’t Keep Calm (AUDIO)

Celebrated gospel artiste Willy Paul is flying high with his latest hit Digiri, which he released after he was snubbed by Groove Awards, and the talented singer is not about to slow down anytime soon.

Willy Paul real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido is one of the most successful young artistes in the local music scene, and there’s no doubt that his fans are mostly young people, but generally, his songs are for all ages.

Is It Aimed At Groove Awards? Willy Paul Reveals The REAL Reason He Wrote His New Song ‘Digiri’

The singer is also known for nasty scandals but in the last couple of months, he’s kept away from controversies and has been focusing on his music and achieving his career goals, which includes releasing an album.


Other than Digiri, Willy Paul released one of the biggest songs in 2016 featuring mellow-voiced Jamaican star Alaine. The song received a lot of buzz not just in East Africa but also in other countries that loved the collaboration.

Willy Paul was recently hosted by Maina Kageni on his breakfast show, where he talked about the collaborations he’s planning to do.

Wueeh! Maina Kageni LASHES OUT At Kenyan Deejays And Radio Presenters Who Don’t Want To Play Willy Paul’s Music (AUDIO)

During the interview, the singer also revealed that he was in talks with former Kleptomaniax rapper/singer Nyashinski, who has been the talk of the town for his amazing music.

“He’s a good artiste, ni mnoma sana” said Willy Paul when asked what he thinks about Nyashinski.


Willy Paul shocked Maina Kageni more when he went on to reveal that he has two unreleased songs with Alaine.

His also let it slip that he will be doing a collabo with secular artiste Busy Signal, known for his song ‘Nightshift’.

Other than that, Willy Paul also revealed that he is set to launch his record label and on top of that he said that he’s dropping his album in December 2017, but there’s a catch.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy and interesting details of Willy Paul’s musical plans this year and how he plans to embrace artistes from the secular world.



“The Boys Got It” Maina Kageni Praises Willy Paul’s Move To Work With Diamond Platnumz, Defends His Previous Scandals (AUDIO)

Celebrated radio personality Maina Kageni is a fan of local music and when he gets the chance to applaud the artistes, he always does so in a laudable and appreciative way.

One of Maina Kageni’s favorite gospel artistes from Kenya happens to be one of the most successful local singers by the name Willy Paul, real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido, and has been playing several of his songs at Classic 105.

Willy Paul is a very talented young man and since joining the industry the gospel industry back in 2010, he has achieved a lot in his career including several Groove awards and nominations.

He’s Indeed a Lover Of Love! Here Are Maina Kageni’s Top 3 LOCAL Songs So Far


Despite having a few scandals and controversies under his name in the last couple of years, Willy Paul has maintained his musical prowess, with fans from all corners of Kenya supporting him.

But in the recent months, the Fanya hitmaker has stayed away from scandals after it cost him a Groove award nominations with his on and off frenemy, Bahati.

Willy Paul has been focusing on his music and this year he took things a notch higher, by working on a collaboration with renowned Jamaican songstress, Alaine.


The two are riding high on their wedding song, dubbed I Do, which got to a Million views on YouTube in less than a month. The song saw him sign a deal with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz and if things go well, the two might just surprise us with a collabo soon.

Will He Turn Secular? Diamond Platnumz Does Something Amazing For Gospel Singer Willy Paul

In regards to this, Maina Kageni decided to applaud Willy Paul for the amazing song with Alaine and how he managed to hype the song.

Maina also talked about Willy Paul’s scandals, saying that he’s still human, but his talent is undebatable. He then went on to talk about his possibility of working with Chibu Dangote in the near future and how he can’t wait for a collabo from them.

Diamond Platnumz is another one of Maina Kageni’s favorite East African artistes. Listen to the short audio below as he compliments Willy Paul’s talent.



Will He Turn Secular? Diamond Platnumz Does Something Amazing For Gospel Singer Willy Paul

Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul is one of the most loved and celebrated young singers in Kenya and though he’s full of scandals, he still has a massive following of fans who adore his songs.

The Tam Tam hitmaker recently dropped a new wedding song I Do with Jamaican songstress Alaine, that led to alot of criticism because of the fact that she is a secular singer, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t watch the music video or listen to the song.

LOVE ON TOP! Willy Paul And Jamaican Singer Alaine Are An Item, Check Out Their Beautiful Nuptials (VIDEO)

As we speak the song is currently at 1.2 Million views on YouTube and so far, this is the biggest collaboration in 2017, making it his first official song to get at a million views in less than a month.

Willy Paul real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido recently revealed that he had signed a contract with renowned Bongo artiste Diamond Platnumz, though it wasn’t clear if he had signed to his record label, WCB.

Later on, it was revealed that he was going to be part of Diamond’s online music distribution platform, wasafi.com, where his songs will be posted for download, and trust me, this is a big move for Willy Paul.

Could He Be Cooking A Collabo? Willy Paul Pays A Visit To Diamond Platinumz

However, this did not go well with his fans, who felt that it was a big mistake to sign a deal with a secular record label, telling him that he had ‘killed his own gospel career’.


Willy Paul, on the other hand, seems to be very happy and content with the move and feels no remorse whatsoever, more so, after Diamond Platnumz endorsed his music to his 3.4 Million followers.

Diamond Platnumz put up a photo of Willy Paul’s song with Alaine, telling his fans to go to the music site and download it with this caption: “AFRICA!!!! Now you can get I DO by @willy.paul.msafi & @alainesinga and all @willy.paul.msafi Hits on @wasafidotcom”

Well, Willy Paul couldn’t help but repost it with this simple caption: “Diamond just said it guys… get the song now!!” Let’s see how this impacts his musical career and if it puts him on a new pedestal.








Love Knows No Boundaries! Gospel Singer Willy Paul Cuddles Up To His New Jamaican ‘Wife’ Alaine (PHOTOS)

Gospel singer Willy Paul is one of the most talented but at the same time most controversial gospel singers in Kenya.

The celebrated singer is also one of the youngest celebrities in Kenya and over the years, he has garnered a lot of fans for his catchy and unique style of music.

Willy Paul, real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido has however also been in the limelight for the wrong reasons after a few scandals over the last 3 years or so, like; being accused of impregnating a girl then instructing her to abort, drinking alcohol and also sabotaging Bahati’s music career.


But away from all that, Willy Paul is a very talented young man, who has worked hard to come out of his poverty-stricken background and challenges and honestly, you have to give it to him when it comes to being a go-getter.

Hit Or Miss? Controversial Gospel Artist, Willy Paul, Drops a New Dancehall Music Video

The Fanya hitmaker currently shocked his fans after he shared photos exchanging vows with Jamaican superstar Alaine, known for her secular songs like; No Ordinary Love, Wafula, You Are Me, Spin Mi and Nakupenda Pia featuring Kenyan rapper Wyre.

Many fans were left confused and even after Willy Paul was interviewed about it, he insisted that this were not photos from a music video shoot and that he indeed made Alaine his wife in the colorful wedding event.


The two singers have been hanging out together and Willy Paul has even been sharing photos and videos of them cuddling and enjoying each others company, seemingly fascinated.

Willy Paul May Be Young, But His Suit Game Is So On Point. Check Him Out (Photos)

But word on the street is that the two are working on a new project and though Willy Paul does not want to admit it, he will have to reveal the wedding song or rather project they are working on.

Check out some of the photos of Alaine and Willy Paul as they get cozy with each other below.

With my Alaine worshiping at home @alainesinga

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