Love wins: Akothee adopts a needy girl from Turkana County

Akothee has adopted a new girl into the family bringing the total number of kids in his household to six.The girl was responsible for dressing Akothee while in Turkana.

For those who might have missed the news, Akothee had traveled to Turkana to go deliver food and water to those affected by drought.

For the few days she was there Akothee rocked attire that left many tongues waging but as usual she was unmoved and instead focused on her mission.

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Sharing the news of her adopting a girl Akothee wrote

😭😭😭😭😭, waa my mum is a prophet , she knew I would definitely come back with either children or someone most likely a girl, oooh guilty as charged.

Yes I came back with one girl who dressed me all the time I was in Turkana, she has a raw talent that we need to grow , she is with me , now 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Akothee while in Turkana

One thing is for sure and that is that the girl will never lack now that she is living with Madam Boss .She is now allowed to brag and say ‘All my friends are ballers.’


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‘I once considered suicide as an option’ Akothee recalls

Akothee has confessed that at one point in her life considered suicide as an option due to the challenges she was going through at the time.

The mother of five has always portrayed herself as a no nonsense lady but what many may not know is that circumstances in life have taught her to toughen up.

Taking to Instagram Akothee boldly stated that the reason she decided against suicide is because she was all her daughters had.

“Always be a mother to your children good mother even in poverty, its your responsibility,.

I have never heard of a man committing suicide because the wife just past on while giving birth! Nor him passing on and being buried after the wife, only in very rare or no case.

Instead, they are forced to marry immediately after your burial , at one point I lost hope in life and thought of suicide as an option.

Kenyan woman commits suicide, leaves note on Facebook – photos


But I remembered “my children have no one other than me! If my phone is off and I get their missed calls! I panic, I call them already 2 times a day, shout once a month , but laugh and gossip everyday , apart from. @oyootheprince.

Iif I tell him , I miss him, he tells me then why are you mot here? And stop calling us every time, my children are my life.

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‘There’s too much bitterness, my people are suffering God help us’ – Akothee

Pictures of sick and starving Kenyans have broken hearts of many.

Many are blaming politicians for not doing anything to save the situation using a trending hashtag #WeCannotIgnore.

Singer Akothee has stepped in to call on Kenyans to donate funds towards what she says is a worthy cause.

Akothee word

She captioned it;

“God , is this a punishment? If so , do we still have a chance to come back to refill our cups? , there are too many diseases, hunger, deaths, drought, may you restore our hope ! May you teach us your ways , Lord may you forgive is if we have gone astray , my you teach us your ways , God teach us how to be humble , weight be doing wrong things unconsciously , but you said in your words , If we knock the doors shall be open , God we are knocking for Kenya now We pray and tryst in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN take a moment and pray for KENYA”

Through the initiative Akothee started, Kenyans have donated food, clothes and even money for starving Kenyans in Turkana.


Above is one of the Kenyans affected by hunger in Turkana  as shared by KOT on Twitter.



Akothee slams girls who take loans to make their hair

Akothee is always making headlines with her outstanding comments. This time she has fired shots at ladies who take loans to make their hair.

Madam boss has simple hair cornrows and is enjoying life in Coastal region. She threw shade at ladies saying that;

” My hair actually costs 200 shillings and I am madam boss, you you are busy taking loans to put on expensive hair then you say you have stress, una madeni mengi, it is called misplaced priorities, you better take that loan to put up a grocery”


She went ahead to air her opinion that is always controversial

“Women are loosing potential husbands because of the higher demand of a lifestyle, in Kenya, we have majority of people leaving from hand to mouth, left with nothing to save even for future, don’t come on my wall to encourage women to buy stuffs they cant afford, a woman is beautiful in her natural skin, the rest is luxury, take a loan if you so wish, to put up a business, not to fund a lifestyle, anyway it’s your life! But we care because your failure will affect your community and the country at large , be realistic and sobber when reading my captions, no average kenyan man , earning salary of 100k will buy you weave for 85k , unless he is a thief 🤣😂, call police, stop stressing men over beauty products, then you come boast for us with someones sweat , you losing it 🤣😂🤣🤣 #teamnatural , he will buy it and never pick your calls again 🤣😂🤣😂, then you will say your girlfriend snatched or poisoned your man because she was jelouse of your weave🤣😂, but I don’t say you walk around looking dirty , no, there is crisis in relationships because of high expectations , people are not looking for relationships people be looking for help 🤣😂🤣😂:

Well, the president of single mothers has spoken and is not about to buy expensive hair. Akothee is built of melanin and confidence. She is also a self made queen so she is not afraid to air her thoughts.

Akothee narrates how a prominent politician almost s3xually abused her

Akothee has narrated how a prominent Kenyan leader almost s3xually abused her after she went to him seeking for a job, something that haunts her to date.

She spoke about it to educate people especially those who bash her and judge her without knowing what goes on in her life.

Missing Amref nurse found in ICU at Coast General Hospital

Taking to Instagram she says

“What girl child go through in the darkness is more than opening the legs in public space clean it all.

Some leaders lack basic manners and use offices to lure young girls into as3xual harassment for favours , some are primitive that the only thing they see in a woman is a S3x object.

Young educated girls are in more risks than the ones already in clubs and discos, if you start invading our space as women we shall expose all of you.”


‘I am a slaying ‘shosho’/grandma’ Diana Marua tells critics

She adds

“In 2005 I went looking for a job even if its a sweeper in one of the minister’s office, I had met him through a friend we go to church together with.

Everytime I went to his office , I would be the last one to be served, I stayed in the reception the whole day , he went for lunch and came back after 3 hours.

I was still patient  I never got tired , everyday I thought it was my day, so ,the last day after going there for a week ,I finally got to see him about 8.00 pm when everyone had left coz he asked me to stay behind!.

I came in and told him my story and gave him my form 4 certificates, coz thats all I had 🙄 his answer ” you are a brilliant beautiful girl ! then he said he will give me a lift, so we went into his Mercedes-Benz , we drove off.”


Just when she thought that things could not get any worse Akothee adds that the man started touching her indecently

“At about the round about of integrity center, he took his ugly fat hands and put them on my thighs pulling my dress up🙄🙄.

I grabbed his hands and threw it back to him🙄🙄 , he felt offended and put the car besides the road at community and kicked me out of his car 🙄🙄.

It was dark in the middle of nowhere , whatever happened………… MORALS, he didn’t  care whether I got rapped, killed, murdered ! .

I only  had 20 Bob with no phone so there was nothing for thieves, But this was somebody daughter , someone’s mother , some rolemochieth kind of sh*t @veshashillan @fancy_makadia”

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Akothee warns daughters against getting pregnant for a celebrity

A post by Akothee has revealed the regrets she has about having ‘known ‘ men early, something that made her a teenage mum.

The self proclaimed President of single mothers has in a candid post diverted from her usual drama to advise her daughters on how to survive in relationships.

Beryl Ouma was strangled to death while she slept – Postmortem reveals


Taking to social media she wrote

“Age is now separating us 😭😭, I don’t want to let you go my best friends, just know that wherever you go whatever you do, discipline is paramount.

Never settle down for a man who doesn’t love you, never force yourself into toxic relationships.

Never wait for any man to pay your bills they will hold you ransom, never listen to a man who asks you to have a child without a stable income, that’s a story teller .”

Why Kenyans don’t intervene in neighbors domestic fights

Akothee with her family
Akothee with her family

She adds

“A responsible man who wants a family, should first look for a stable job and a roof over his head.

How would you get pregnant for a man living with his brother, mother auntie, you think you and the baby are welcome too?

Don’t fall for celebrities , fame comes and goes , don’t come bragging to me that you are carrying a celebs pregnancy simply because he is famous.

I will beat you up and squeeze that stomach , you know me ,🤯 fame doesn’t pay bills , don’t mess your life at an early stage !”

Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue
Singer Akothee’s daughters Vesha and Rue

She then goes on to advise her daughter to be patient with men so that they don’t end up with different kids from different baby daddies like her.

“I am your mother and in my mid thirties I am still hot 🔥🔥, I choose who to date I am never picked.

Just giving you 2 more years and then I start living my life and enjoying my life with the love of my life.

How I wish I was a bit patient I would not have landed into so many multi-failed relationships , please don’t end up like me with several dads .

I don’t think you are brave enough to face & tackle 3 men , women cry for 1 man for years Akothee is here with supermarkets of baby daddies 🤣😂🤣😂.

It looks funny but it needs a sobber mind and a risk taker, 😷 life must continue my love 

That boy whispering in your ears ” I need a baby , because I love you ” is lying he is horny he just wants sex , @fancy_makadia@veshashillan #tableshaker

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‘We are with you’ Janet Mbugua joins Passaris in supporting Akothee

Janet Mbugua has finally joined Nairobi Women’s Representative, Esther Passaris in showing her support for Akothee, even as she continues trending.

This came after Esther Passaris blasted one of Akothee’s harshest critics in a vicious Twitter war after he stated that Akothee’s private parts were visible during a performance.

“My priest tried to penetrate me from behind,”cries city woman

Responding to Akothee’s post Janet wrote

He’s ignorant. And he’s sexist. @akotheekenya you’ve stirred up a great debate and discussion about this whole ‘morality’ thing and many of us are with you 🙌🏾

Esther Passari's ,Janet Mbugua

Passari’s had blasted the critic in the post below which has drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans.


Some reactions from Kenyans that are observing this engaging saga are below:

stynes919:Enyewe adui wa mwanamke ni mwanamke mwingine…if Passaris can support this satanic act…I think passaris amekejeli mtu hapa

@officialjanetmbugua: behave like that ….again you’ve gotten it all wrong .we are where we are because of our our unique talents and strengths and passion. Kindly stick to your lane

divinar_joseph_quadruplets:@officialjanetmbugua true

Photos of Lyko Junior, man alleged to have killed his wife in Kahawa Sukari

manuell_loy:Waah @akotheekenya mamaa i envy you oooh…trending for the whole week because of doing what you love the most. I also want to trend this way one day because of doing what i love😊. Wachana na huyu mtu.

Alitafta mtu mwenye atamsaidia kutrend pia akaona tu ni wewe, He should thank God also he is trending.

They made noise also during the London performance but they finally shut their lips up. Dont worry they will get uses to ooh.

Just do you mamaa. I love you💜. Let them fight corruption that is eating our country first before even getting to entertainment.

‘Akothee’s private parts were exposed only in your mind’ Shouts Passaris

Akothee seems to have earned a soft spot in the hearts of many Kenyan leaders among them, Esther Passaris, who is Nairobi’s Women Representative.

Just days after being called a bad influence, Esther Passaris has hit out at one of Akothee’s critics whom she did not name. The critic had insinuated that the singer’s cookie jar was visible during a performance.

The critic responded to Akothee’s supporters maintaining his stance and not budging one inch.

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries



But Passaris, like Akothee, replied to the critic’s remark saying:

You have a sick mind. Her private part was exposed only in your mind. On stage I saw her sexy dance moves, her flexibility and her confidence in her skin.

You saw her vagina through her costume and double stockings. You need help my brother. You need help.”


“My priest tried to penetrate me from behind,”cries city woman

As you might expect, the singer has also responded to the remarks, her main concern being how the critic saw her cookie jar yet he did not attend the concert?

“Sambary saw p#ssy on stage that he was not present? Sambary say Amen @esthermpassaris 🙋🙋”

Akothee during a performance at Paparemo Beach

We can only wait and see how this drama unfolds. Drop your feedback in the comment section on whether Passaris is right in defending Akothee’s behaviour.

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‘People just want ride on my name because I am famous ‘ Brags Akothee

Akothee has come out to state that she is not anyone’s role model adding that those who follow her should do own at their own peril.

Her advice came after she received harsh criticism over her dress choice and the way she lives her life on social media.

The mother of five is never shy to flaunt her body for those who care to see and she is not apologetic over it.

He is my favorite: Lilian Muli reveals why she loves Diamond Platnumz

Taking to social media Akothee wondered why no one considered her their role model when she was broke.

“When I was broke I was nobody’s role model, now that I am rich and famous , you want to ride on my money and fame, and hang your gorrila on my monkey 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 shame on you , with stupid verses ,ROLE MODEL MY ARSE

Take responsibility for your own children take their phone and unfollow me I am ratchet , period.


What happened to your church pastors , aunties sisters and grandmothers , No one is paying me for ROLE MOCHIETH position ..

No one pays me for manners #calpolis , opening my legs is paying my bills ,I fucked up my own life and built it my own way , you cant tell me shiiiiiiit🤣😂 .

Follow me at your own risk, absorb what you want , what you don’t want , stop making yourself a fool out of someone’s life!”

Similarities between Dennis Okari’s wedding and that of Nixon Korir

Akothee goes on to add

” I believe most  idiots here can’t even keep register for whom they slept with in a week, be a role model to your own self in private ,before you point fingers to others.

I will open those legs wider, as long as it makes sense to me .”


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Exclusive: ‘I wont stop opening my legs as long as it pays my bills’ Akothee

Akothee has hit back at her critics after photos of her on stage went viral

One such post from the government stated that Akothee should not be anyone’s role model.

“Kenya has got talent but as long as we keep celebrating this kind of madness, our entertainment industry will never grow.

Akothee is talented but the filthy and stupid stunts she has to pull to remain relevant should concern all of us. What’s worse is to see grown up men and women celebrating this scatological obscenity in the name of entertainment.

We have lost it as a nation People like Akothee cannot be the role models for our daughters,Music doesn’t have to be dirty to sell.

How I wish artists like Akothee would know how much influence they have on our youths and try to use that influence to produce content that is edifying.

This kind is crass, moronic and a theatre of the absurd. It’s demonic to the core and only appeals to debilitating and incorrigible perverts and brainless audiences.

Akothee must stop this idiosyncrasy. There’s no dignity in this crap either for her or even her audience.”


In an  interview heard by Classic 105, Akothee says

“They are saying that I am opening my legs on stage?Legs are there to be opened and I get paid for that.

I am actually at the bank the money I made over the weekend.

Is the government paying me to be a role model? my mother is my role model and she is not opening her legs on stage.

She was a teacher  and I am not a teacher if the government wants me to be a role model they should pay me.”

‘My mum is now used to my dress code, mtazoea pia’ Akothee to her critics

She adds

 “Anyone who feels like I am a disgrace can call the police to arrest me, people will not give birth for the public to raise them up.

That audio is not made for them and I was actually paid i euros for that.

Anyone who feels offended should summon me in court I am very happy but  I am wondering kwani people don’t have a life off social media.

I am not responsible for anyone’s kid so let them follow me at their own risk,I will continue opening my legs as long as it pays my bills.”


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‘My mum is now used to my dress code, mtazoea pia’ Akothee to her critics

Akothee has slammed those who are constantly bashing her over her dressing adding that if her parents are OK with it then she is not bothered.

The Self  proclaimed President of Single mothers has on a few times been bashed but she is not bothered but what nay sayers have to say.

Elderly couple ties the knot after 35 years so they can ‘be in heaven’ together


Over the weekend, she became a laughing stock after photos of her performance at Papremo Beach went viral, but to her haters she says

“My daddy is my number one fan, after my mum resisted for years, she finally joined us🤣😂 I thank God for my supportive parents,.

My mum  still has issues with my dress code, but this time round she dint utter a word, maybe she is tired 🤣😂🤣😂, hataa nyinyi mtachoka tu 🤣😂 sikomi mimi 🤣

My dad is just living his life, mr don’t care as long as music is dancable,all the way from Rongo.”

Perfect Match: Photos of Mike Mondo and his bae on vacation


Below are the photos of her performance



Bahati’s daughter Heaven celebrates her first birthday (Photos)

50959434_1252191138277619_3142016687950120818_n 50910777_133328334377740_2974705321000971986_n



Going by the above photos it is obvious that Akothee is doing what she loves best despite the harsh criticism she receives.

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‘I never want my parents to beg my exes for my burial place’ – Akothee

Akothee is known for her flashy lifestyle but you cannot blame her given that she works hard for her money and is entitled to use it as she pleases.

In Kenya we say ‘tumia pesa mpaka ikuzoee’ and Akothee is doing exactly that the best way she knows how.

‘Put off all the lights and rest in peace’ Last words of Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands


She took to her Instagram to reminisce on the day she was left without a bed after she broke up with her baby daddy.

“Success is that one move you made that has brought change in your life never compete or copy anyone life is a marathon not a hundred meter dash.

Take it 1 day at a time  after men ran away with my bed I finally made a permanent bed for myself, I never wanted to put my parents in a situation of begging all my exes for a burial place when I am gone😶 .

My children needed a place to call home, not a mansion, all I needed was stability.

Akothee with her family
Akothee with her family

Mystery deepens as a Kenyan woman found dead in Nertherlands is cremated against her family’s wishes

Akothee further adds that if something was to happen today and she is not able to maintain her lifestyle, below is what she would do.

“Today if I can’t maintain that garden I will take out all the grass and plant vegetables. If my liquidity goes down and I can’t maintain the pool🤐 I will drain the water and turn it into a fish pond. 

If I can’t pay electricity, nor service the generator I will give out all the fridges and only cook what I need.

I will make sure me and the children eat early when the natural light is still on and go to bed by 7.00 pm what do I need darkness for.

Akothee's parlatial home
Akothee’s parlatial home

 I will make sure I charge my phone in the center just to make sure I don’t miss out on news making my hair in the village is cheap, atleast I can afford 1000 from my banana plantation.

That’ s a guarantee life has no manual, you create your own life and live it how you want, the rest is pressure to please people who don’t even know or care about you!”

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

In conclusions she says

“If they did, they would ask if you have eaten, but the first thing they want to know is, if the car you driving is it really yours or its owned by the bank🤣😂😂🤣.

Imagine this are the people you are living your life for 🤣😂😂😂 Imagine they are stupid, but you are a fool.

Live today like there is no tomorrow, you are already successful by reading all this because even patience is a virtue.


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‘There is a scarcity of men so don’t think of jumping on some one’s husband’ Advises Akothee

Akothee knows how to captivate Kenyans, she does so excellently, using her social media pages, like Instagram and Facebook.

In them, she shares parts of her life from who she might be dating, to her business ventures. It seems that there is nothing off-limits for the singer.

She recently spoke  and revealed some interesting nuggets. She advised young women/girls who might follow/admire her saying:

“We as women are not looking for men to take care of us ,we are looking for men who can take care of themselves.”

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

AkotheeEnjoying a meal with her first born daughter

Her own comment made her giggle and then she added:


She added deprecatingly:

“Just know,wow I am as ugly as Akothee and fearfully and wonderfully made by God .You know it doesn’t have to be make up ,Make up is only meany to enhance existing beauty.”


The singer smiling

She summarised her advice to the ladies with a wonderful one-liner saying:

“As a woman you know very well that men control the world  but we women control the men. So the world belongs to women so own your ground girl!!!”

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Exclusive: Akothee finally reveals why she finds it hard to date

Akothee may appear as an iron lady to many but according to her there are things that pull her down or make her weak and that thing is love.

That may surprise many given she is considered bold and daring.

Speaking exclusively during an interview she said;

“Love is what puts me down.

Its very difficult for me to date it puts you down as a woman. Hakuna mtu strong kwa mapenzi men find it difficult to get to know me because I find it difficult to open up.

I have got so much going on in my life, five kids Akothee Safari’s.”

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married


I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

In conclusion she advices women to keep off unhealthy relationships

“Don’t stay in unhealthy relationships if you are not happy you are not happy PERIOD.”

Akothee also known as the self proclaimed President of single mothers has never been shy to publicize her kids to all who care to see.

According to her they are the reason for her existence and given a chance she could never change a thing.

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‘We over pay international acts and undermine our own!’ Akothee speaks out

Singer Akothee popularly known as madame president has an interesting suggestion when it comes to helping promote Kenyan music.

She was part of the panel on Saturday’s 10 over 10 show alongside DJ Pierra and Kagiri. The women were talking about the impact each has made in their various roles in the Kenyan music industry.

Akothee spoke about it last week in a picture where she is seen holding a stick, letting presenters know that she will make sure they play Kenyan music by fire, by force.

mi I want to go physical with this presenters, so we finish quickly you pipo are making too much noise online 🤣😂 tag them here pris

Just after the show, Akothee took to social media to share her views on artiste fees paid to international vs Kenyan artistes get when they go to other countries.

Lets just play our own music, invite our own artists to our own shows , because these fans are our own fans, nobody will give us a platform even to curtain raise in other countries , we over hype the neighbouring countries! Over pay them and they go spend the money in their countries,and underpay our artists

Akothee’s solution is simple, before or after the international acts perform, they should dedicate some of their pay to charity.

we also demand that when international act comes for a show in kenya, let some percentage go to charity , let them visit school’s ,hospitals, orphanages, not only club appearances 😋😋 a bottle of hernesy is a whole year school fee for some needy ,(now you know why I cant join politics , they will kill me after 2 weeks , coz I will expose them all 😂❤


Do you think this will work?

Stinky mouths,broke men here are things that turn off women (List)

What is that one thing that turns you off in a man ,is a question most women are asked but not many are bold enough to share for fear of criticism.
 Well Dr Ofweneke posed that question and women came out in large numbers to open up their heart including the self confessed President of single mothers,Akothee.
DR Ofweneke
DR Ofweneke
Here are some of the responses
.akotheekenya:any man who asks me for money is going 🤣😂
ivah_nthenya:Broke and very comfortable about it. And wuuwi anapangia pesa yako kama yake. Ati “Beb, Ile 10k imebaki tutanunua si nayo nguo zangu za kanisa”. Like, the f**k🤪🤪🤪😡😡😡😠😠😠
simply_njoki:Bad breath and stained teeth…… And worse a light skinned or a fat man

wanjiru_mbugua:Bad breath, no cologne, insecure, broke, ata chai Serena ni chida 😂

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics


Top media personality in mourning after losing his sister ,Read more below

sexy_gal_122:Send me u r pic that’s mean you are a boy not areal man

cathiemuthoni:Bad breath and sagging pants

xenaolalekan:A man who talks about his ex all the time. Turn off.

joey.nganga:Laziness. M wanaume uko na miaka above 25 n still can’t figure out how to earn your own food n shelter. Unakaa kwa mafriends, kukunywa drinks you haven’t bought, you don’t know how rent is earned n on social media you are busy insulting everyone with their little hard work… Cheii such a turnoff

gracembula_9:Tell me something sweet…. Niambie….. Nitumie pic…… Unaeza kam huku na av known u 4 2seconds…..

kairetuwakariuki:Kunihug,,ingia whatsapp tuchat sina credit,unakula nn,na saa hiyo hujabuy,kwani unalala saa ngapi as if ni kwako…..ata ww umeniput off kwa kuliza swali ya wana hivyo

wandwati:When a guy makes that sucking sound trying to get particles out from between his teeth. That has always put me off. Use toothpicks, fellas!

juliet.damaris:Untidy, body odour, broke and ako tuu sawa mschew🙄

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From paying room worth Sh100,000 per night to receiving range rovers as gifts here are the biggest birthday parties of 2018

As we count hours to the end of 2018 we take a look at some of the celebrity birthday parties that left us feeling like paupers deni ya China aside.

Below is the list

Nana Gecaga

Nana who is Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece was celebrating her 40th birthday ,The party went down at the Billionaire Resort in Malindi.

It was a glamorous shindig at which  Nana’s 40 guests were spoiled rotten during the two-day invite only bash graced by her brother Jomo Gecaga, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and close family members and friends.

The Billionaire Resort has 24 private and exclusive apartments that are rented out at Sh100,000 per night.


Guests had lots to eat and drink, with some taking it easy at the Lion in the Sun resort, which has   16   well-appointed en-suite rooms, each of which is individually designed, featuring elegant furnishings with an African flair.

A night at the Lion in the Sun costs at least Sh30,000.

Nana was also gifted with  Giuseppe  Zanotti shoes  worth Sh215,056

‘All I know is God sent me an angel ,YOU’ Akothee to her bae Nelly Oaks on their 4th anniversary


Keroche Breweries Heiress Anerlisa Muigai celebrated her 30th birthday  in style in an exclusive invite-only party that was attended by renowned personalities in Nairobi.


The party was held in January this year,The white and gold themed lavish party featured a six tier mega cake and exquisite décor at an undisclosed venue.

Anerlisa's 30th -Birthday- cake

Some of the celebrities who attended the party include, media personalities Betty Kyallo, Lilian Muli, Janet Mbugua and Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter, Saumu Mbuvi.


Akothee bought her first-born and second-born daughters cars on their birthdays. The parties were held at their palatial Mombasa home whereas her third-born daughter Makadia’s 17th birthday (last year)

was celebrated at Voi Safari Lodge, a place of her choice. She didn’t receive a car though. This year, she turned 18 and asked her mother not to throw a party for her but rather held use the cash to help a needy student.

“@akotheekenya I would have asked for
a) a new wardrobe
b) a car
c) a party hata ndege because I know you can get me any of these things if I ask but honestly, I don’t want any of those things… Instead of spending all that money on me I would love that you pay for a girl child, who is suffering somewhere in this country school fees… Because there is more to giving than receiving,” Makadia wrote on Instagram.

Issa shame: Man dies during a s#x competition after going for the 7th round


Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi the daughter of flamboyant Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko together with her family held the first birthday party for her daughter Sasha this year.

The invites only party was one of a kind and popular DJ Pierra Makena was among those who graced the event. Saumu Mbuvi was gifted a Range Rover and according to sources, it’s worth Sh15 million.

Saumu Mbuvi

The curvaceous DJ took to social media to show off  Saumu’s expensive present and she wrote:

“Family love. You don’t need nothing more. Saumu Mbuvi as your baby turns one. Congratulations once more .you are a great mom! The range though. You deserve it Ma.”


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‘All I know is God sent me an angel ,YOU’ Akothee to her bae Nelly Oaks on their 4th anniversary

Akothee is in love and she is not embarrassed about it,she took to social media to celebrate her anniversary with her bae Nelly Oaks.

She has managed to keep their relationship off social ,which is obviously a plus given that she loves ‘shoshomidia’ .

Penning her anniversary message below she describes what attracted her to Oaks and we are impressed

“On this day I was busy arranging my house warming party ! in the middle of Rongo village, so lonely and lost, and at about 1.30 am when all was merry God sent an Angel @nellyoaks I don’t remember how we got to click, all I know is I loved his dance moves on the floor , he made a certain wired move that moved my heart , hey babe we are still here! 😂🤣😂

Issa shame: Man dies during a s#x competition after going for the 7th round

47163667_204057787212995_798359605150977828_n@jalangoo @foky_mopao knows this story , ask them godfathers 4 years strong, it was all white party , but you disobeyed the rules , you were not in white nor gold 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 #rongospar 2015 I know have forgiven the bouncer who freezed you at the gate, I saw you freeze him too on white and gold party kisumu 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂 do me I do you, family friends forever @nellyoaks”

Nelly Oaks also penned a letter to her bae celebrating the four years they had been together

“This day marks 4 years since we met @akotheekenya . People say, that time waits for no one. But we are an exception because I feel that time has paused ever since the day we first met in Rongo spa. I haven’t seen the future but if our past is anything to go by, it is going to be fantastic and romantic, amazing and exciting. I don’t care about life’s twists and turns, ups and downs – as long as I see on your face, only smiles and never frowns. Happy anniversary.”

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