Akothee: It took me 6 years to heal from the trauma of my divorce

Akothee alias Madam Boss has for the first time opened up about the emotional damage her divorce had on her.

The outspoken lady always looks tough but not always.

In a candid post on her socials, Akothee revealed that it took her 6 years to heal from her divorce from her childhood sweetheart Jared.

It took me 6 years to heal, recover & move on from the shock & trauma of divorce. I learned that nothing was in my powers apart from my Life and the lives of my children.

I had only two things left, The power to collect myself and move on, or the power to give up my life & that of my children to the world and succumb to sympathy.”

Akothee says she chose to pick herself up and mend the broken pieces of her heart.

 “If I chose number two ❗️, I would be SIX FEET UNDER. I WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW and you won’t have known There was A girl From Migori County Called

Esther Akoth Kokeyo.”

Akothee was married to Jared who is the father to her daughters, Vesha, Rue Baby, and Fancy Makadia.

Akothee and Jared on their wedding day

The couple formalized their union at an SDA church years ago.

In a recent post, the single mother of five said she held a wedding since her then-husband required a marriage certificate to travel abroad.

She added that she was eagerly looking forward to going to America and so she had no option.

“I was broken before I was built! On my big wedding day! We had to do this wedding because my husband was to travel to the Bahamas! He wanted to go with our marriage certificate so it will be easy for him to invite us I was looking forward to stepping into AMERICA like this,” she said.

Akothee added that her wedding was a low-budget affair.

“My wedding cost 2000 ksh, we borrowed just one car from a friend and we were very much in marriage, we brought up our kids on a very strong church background.

Before adding,

“The only thing I don’t understand about this photo ( Why was I sad? On my big day. YOU ARE NOT UGLY! YOU ARE NOT HUMBLE! YOU ARE BROKE, but NOT Broken.”

The two have maintained a cordial relationship.

Jared was present during the launch of Akothee’s book last week.

Akothee was also present during the burial of Jared’s dad late last month (May 2022.)

Jared has since moved on and has a new family.

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‘Dump whoever you want to,’ Akothee after ending relationship with Nelly Oaks

Akothee explains why she split up from Nelly Oaks

Your children can easily kill you,’ says Singer Akothee

‘Dump whoever you want to,’ Akothee after ending relationship with Nelly Oaks

Singer Akothee confirmed her breakup with her former manager Nelly Oaks early this week. This is after weeks of speculation by netizens, mostly after he missed her event last weekend.

Well, the single mother of five wondered why her recent breakup attracted attention but I guess it was because she was loud about it.

She added that she had in the past ended numerous other relationships.

She said it’s just a personal decision and she needed time to concentrate on her new Found happiness with less destruction.

“I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment, questions, or answers to what transpired just didn’t want to hurt anyone. But sorry it is what it is,” she wrote.

In a recent post, the mother of five said it is a decision for anyone to dump whoever they want at any time they want.

At the same time, Akothee said people have the freedom to date anyone they want.

When you decide to date inside celebrities dates , get ready for a roller coaster of emotions . Do you my dear ,Those smiles on cameras, might not be found off cameras, people are struggling with life , people are handling ugly things in so called relationships.”

Akothee added;

“Leave people’s caskets alone. Date whoever You want to date ,dump whoever you want to dump , go further and dump yourself if your relationship with yourself isn’t motivating you anymore any relationship that weighs you down is dangerous for your mental health and if they complain, dump them too who will beat you.”

Akothee explains why she split up from Nelly Oaks

Earlier this week, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Akothee had deleted all the photos she had once put on her Instagram page with Nelly Oaks.

That wasn’t all. The mother of 5 and Nelly had also unfollowed each on their respective social media handles on Instagram, a sure sign that things weren’t o.k between the two. 

Yesterday evening Akothee decided to address the ‘happening’ and confirmed what some Kenyans suspected, that she and Nelly weren’t together anymore.

Using her Instagram megaphone, the singer who has been on a high after her book launch, boldly stated that this wasn’t the first time she had walked out of a relationship.

“I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs, so this last one shouldn’t be a shock or a surprise,” she declared.

She added that it was a private matter and that she needed to focus on herself and then gave the reason she and Nelly had to go their separate ways.

“It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my newfound happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment.”

Akothee with Nelly Oaks in the past

She reiterated her earlier standpoint that the split with Nelly was something between the two of them and should stay as such.

“Questions or answers to what transpired💪 just didn’t want to hurt anyone. But sorry it is what it is 💪.”

She also asked Kenyans to respect the privacy of the two as their respective families upcountry knew each other well.

“Me and Mr. N have a family relationship back in Rongo. For that matter let’s respect family and keep family RESPECT.”

She then finished of her post by defending her choice to date Nelly by saying that he wasn’t someone she had just ‘picked on the streets’.

Whatever one might think about Akothee, her relationship with Nelly was a highlight of her already bustling life, for many of her fans.

We will surely miss them as a couple

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‘Till death do us part just parked and left,’ Akothee

Men should pay for holidays? Why Akothee’s vision for relationships doesn’t work anymore

‘Every woman needs a man,’ says Singer Akothee

‘Till death do us part just parked and left,’ Akothee

Singer Akothee has revealed that her boyfriend just broke up with her before he parked and left. The singer has been in a relationship with her former manager Nelly Oaks.

Taking to Instagram stories, the mother of five said ameachwa.

“Nimeachwa imagine. I am single again. Don’t take this relationship thing personally.”

In another post, she described how he reacted to their misunderstanding.

Do you remember when I told you I am taken? Well till death do us part just parked and left! I’m single again guys… the road to relationship is always under construction.”


Akothee is a self-proclaimed president of single mothers.

On his social media, Nelly Oaks has not responded to the break up but shared a photo which he captioned

“I know what I want and I’m going to get it.”

Akothee celebrates son Oyoo as he turns a year older

Singer Akothee is a proud mum after her lastborn child turned a year older.

The single mother of five penned a sweet birthday message to Oyoo recounting their journey together.

She then expressed her love for him wishing him the best.

Oyoo lives in France with his dad and Akothee’s two other children.

Help me wish my son a Happy birthday 💋💋💋. 10 years since you came into my life! On this day of April 2nd
Inside my green Prado KBK around mtwapa tusks you popped out with a big smile, looked at me and said Yes, this Is my mom.
I loved you even before I met you OYOO.
You have been loved by the best, and never settle for less.
Happy birthday Chogo Oyoo Fundi Bao! Love you soo much Son.
Can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you 💗
Love you boy”

Singer Akothee sneaked out of hospital with a hospital bill of Ksh50k

Singer Akothee has recounted a time she sneaked out of the hospital with a bill of Ksh50k.

In a recent post, the single mother of five said at the time, she was going through so much in life.

She had just had a major operation 12 stitches and her fallopian tube was chopped off.

She was served with a divorce letter and her friend who took her to the hospital had left her inside theater and gone to spoil Akothee’s only small source that she was expecting some small support from.

Check out her post;


Been in worst situations in my life! Nothing will hinder me from achieving my goals 💪.
On this bed I had a major operation 12 stitches on my stomach, when they chopped of my left follopian tube 🤦
I had no income nor support .
On this bed I was served with a divorce letter 💔💔 MAKADARA ACUTE ward 6 🤔
On the 12th April 2007 2 days after my birthday🤔

👉Then my best friend who took me to hospital, left me inside theater went and spoiled my only small source that I was expecting some small support 🤦.

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Akothee in red
I then saw A manamba walk into the ward ,with a ghana must go bag 🤔
He walked straight to my bed ,and guess what ! My cloths all that is what I owned I
👉The bill was 50,000ksh 🤔
Where do you think I could have gotten this money? I had to sneak from the hospital 💪💪✅✅✅


I hope my children will read this underline and understand.”

Today, Akothee is among the richest celebrities in Kenya.

‘Every woman needs a man,’ says Singer Akothee

Singer Akothee is slowly resigning from being the president of all single mothers.

Akothee who is currently dating her former manager Nelly Oaks says that she has been cautioned by other single mothers to keep her love life private.

The mother of five has been parading her love life on social media and it seems some of her followers are not happy.

She has apologized saying for making others feel bad but has asked women to look for a man in their lives.

Check out her post;

“Single mothers have asked me to keep my love life of social media until we all get someone, okay, I have heard you but how will I know you all are ready?. I am sorry for making you feel bad, but remember, every woman needs a man to keep her commonsense in check, God was not stupid to ask Noah to build an ark that could accommodate 2,2,2
Wewe ni nani kupigana na mwili.”

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Akothee said for her, she felt lonely during the pandemic lockdown and decided to get herself a man.

“”Somethings can’t be replaced, if this relationship doesn’t work, keep trying until you get it right. Mambo yenu ya I don’t need A MAN !iliisha na korona CORONA HUMBLED MOST OF US.
Tell me when you all have someone. From today I will only post My engagement, My Wedding, My Baby bump.
Am I fare?

Singer Akothee celebrates mzungu baby daddy on his birthday

Singer Akothee has showered the father of her 5th born son, Oyoo with love messages as he turned 73 years old.

Akothee through her Instagram page, refers to Papa Oyoo as her favourite baby daddy because he treats all her 5 children equally.

Akothee penned a sweet message, appreciating him for his unconditional love.

She wrote;

“From the day you sent your eyes on me! You told me one thing I will make you a queen that you should be, I will be there for you until death does us part.

I can’t forget your words when we parted ways. Your words (You don’t have to live with the people you love, and doesn’t mean you stop loving them, I will always love you Esther mpenzi wangu).”

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Akothee on stage
Akothee on stage

Akothee added that she lives without fear knowing that her Baby Daddy has everything in control.

I can still feel your warmth, care and love. Jaduonng I can run around the world carelessly knowing very well, you have my back and the backs of my/ our children.

As you turn 73, Papa Oyoo may god bless you, king. If humility was a person (that’s my Jaduonng.) Happy birthday, Osiepna.

The only special baby daddy in my life, who makes co-parenting look easy. He fights for me even with other baby daddies, to him my children are our children.” 

Months ago, Papa Oyoo was in the Kenya for a staycation with Akothee’s two sons.

‘Love yourself before anyone else,’ Akothee open letter to her daughters

Akothee has written a heartwarming open letter to her three girls Vesha, Rue and Fancy.

In a long post on her social media, the single mother of five reminded her daughters to concentrate on building themselves and build themselves more.

She reminded them to be careful with the people around them as some of them are not genuine friends.

She also assured them of her love and support to them.

Read more details;

‘To the women I gave birth too
You are pretty ,You are brilliant, You are kind, You are disciplined, You are Successful ,You are blessed
It’s difficult for most of your agemates to understand why it’s you , for that they will find reasons to dim this light.
Please mum be careful with the people around you , especially women ,and women at your age .
👉 Sometimes ,I don’t know where you are ,but my spirit is moving around with you . Just know I will always stand by you even when your world trust to come down .
👉 Concentrate more on building your own self , yes I gave you a platform ,but it’s not your end goal nor your destiny . Pull yourself and do great things that your feature will appreciate you for .
👉Let the noise from the internet be a sweet music to your ears , those are not your enemies ,they are your cheer leaders/ they admire you , imagine performing without an audience.”

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She added that they need those supporting them and those insulting them as that’s the only way they will strike a balance in life.
”Those who insult you makes you more famous, they make you interesting for you are doing something they are not capable of, you are a reflection of what they would want to be, it’s just that it’s not coming for them . They are not bitter with you ,they are bitter with their lives ,pray for them have fun you have a life.
Treat everyone equal , love yourself more than anyone else . Treat yourself the way you would want to be treated .
Life is short .
Above All ,I am your mother ,I am here , I am the only woman who would like to see you do better than me.”

‘Men should not be your ATM machine,’ Akothee tells her daughter

Akothee, has taken to social media to write an open letter to her daughter Vesha on her birthday.

The single mother of five advised Vesha not to compare her life with whatever she sees online since the internet is full of fake people living fake lifestyles.

She wrote in part;

“Tell your fellow agemates to concentrate on their lives and leave the internet alone. Nobody is posting their weaknesses, failures & life’s frustrations online! Follow celebrities for fun, never compare your life with things you see on social media ,never be carried away with relationship hypes you see on social media, kwa ground life is hard…concentrate on your life @veshashillan.”

Akothee went on to advise her daughter that any man she will accept in her life, should be based on companionship and friendship.

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Akothee with Vesha Okello
Akothee with Vesha Okello

“Any man in your life should be a companion, a soulmate and a friend, not your ATM MACHINE! If you want or looking for a rich man, go marry the bank.”

She encouraged her daughter to take time before she settles down with any man for marriage.

“Take your time to date. Never settle for less in the Rush of community, there is no timeline i/ deadline as to when one should get married. Any man in your life should be worth the living, you are either living together or dying together. Never entertain any form of violence or disrespect from a partner.”

‘If we never had a child, I am not your ex,’ Akothee says

Singer Akothee says she only recognises her three baby daddies as her exes.

Akothee, single mother of five said the rest of the men she has been with are for experience.

She mentioned that she is in good terms with them all Baba Vesha, Baba Oyoo and Baba Ojwang.

If we never had a child, don’t count me as your Ex I am not your Ex I am your Experience We had an Experience STOP. I have only 3 Exes in my life, Baba Vesha, Baba Oyoo, Baba Ojwang 🤣🤣🤣 we talk we laugh and it’s not breaking news . None of Them want me back. I also want something new and fresh 🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we are the ones on the photo before 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Msalimie Jared mukimuona 💃💃💃
@veshashaillan I can’t wait to dance on your wedding day 🤣🤣🤣

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Akothee weds Jared

Akothee has in the past also revealed that she had a formalized wedding at Awendo SDA Church with her first baby daddy.

‘All I have done is for your future,’ Akothee celebrates son’s birthday

Singer Akothee’s son Prince Ojwang has turned 12 years today.

In a social media post, the proud mum Akothee celebrated her fourth born, Prince Ojwang who she shares with her Swiss baby daddy.

She wished her son a long life and said that she is happy to be in his life.

Check out her post;

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 A child has only one childhood ,make it memorable 💋💋. My son turns 12 today 17. 4. All that I have done ,is for your own future . I am happy And proud to be in your life my love @princeojwang may you live long and achieve all your dreams .

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Akothee's sons birthday party

Mom ,papa Dad and your siblings loves you . We miss you . Papa is here in kenya , I think I will look for him and give him something 😂😂😂. Just to appreciate the beautiful eggs he chose 💃💃💃💃💃💃👄💃. Papa Are you ready to celebrate our son in style 🤔😂💋😂😂😂 Happy birthday SON JASWISS AKA LUO/ SWISS BOY.”



‘My partner in crime…’ Akothee emotionally celebrates daughter’s birthday

Singer Akothee’s third born daughter Fancy Makadia is celebrating her birthday today.

Akothee’s daughter Makadia is studying in France together with her other two brothers.

In an emotional long post, the single mother of five took it to her social media pages to celebrate her.

She refers to her as one of her children with a delicate heart.

Akothee went on to narrate how the journey of raising her was not good but celebrates that she is one of her children whoseis strong.

She added that even today, their bond is tight and she is the one who translates messages sent to her by her French speaking baby daddy who does not speak English.

Check out her long post;

‘One of my children with a delicate heart [email protected]_makadia 💋💋The journey of bringing you up in multiple failed relationships has not only built a strong bond between us but also made you a strong Woman 💪 💋
👉Somethings I did in my past could not be of use to brag about ,nor justify a fact, but the truth is ,I had to pull a move for you to see light.
👉This photo was taken after you asked the where bouts of your dad several times 🤔🤔, I finally reached out to him and ask if he could see you 💪
Most of the times you mentioned
“Mummy Nataka kuongea na daddy ”
I would break down in tears, hide in the bedroom ,hold my pillow and sob it out 🙏
I had no answers to your questions moma, Your dad had moved on with another family, calling him all the time ,would distract his peace, it should have been him calling to talk to you 🙏’

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She added;
‘The only thing I could do is to keep you busy on the beach, distract you together with your siblings🤔
👉Every time papa Alfons brought toys for his son,I could buy you some gifs and lie that your father also sent you some gifts so you don’t feel left out 💗
👉I know the coming of Ojwang was a tough one for you after being a last born for a while , you even thought I would love him more because he was a muzungu 🙈
👉Nop mom ,the pregnancy is the same ,the pain and labour is the same ,a mothers love is unconditional.And after the baby came that’s when I saw you come back to your life and we all enjoyed OJWANG 💋💋❤️❤️

I want to take the opportunity to wish you the happiest birthday ever my love .

My partner in crime 😂😂😂
Imagine dating a french guy who doesn’t speak English and your daughter has to be the mediator 😂😂😂😂
HE TEXTED AGAIN TODAY, please when you are done with celebrating your birthday , translate and send me 😂😂😂😂

‘Don’t date a man who will chop my head…’ Akothee advises daughter Rue Baby on her birthday

Singer Akothee is celebrating her daughter’s birthday today.

In a long post on Instagram, the single mother of five penned down a heartwarming message to Rue Baby highlighting some of the things she should expect in life.

Among the 10 wishes, Akothee asked her daughter to be careful with the type of men she dates.

She wished that Rue could date a man who sees value in her as a woman, a man who will respect and love her.

A man that will provide for her family and not a spanner boy who will come and chop Akothee’s head so they could inherit her wealth and sell everything.

Check out her long post;


SILENCE PLEASE! Let me take the opportunity to wish my uterus a happy birthday @rue.baby
👉1. Do whatever it takes to be the person you have always wished to be
👉2. Take charge of your life for you are the pilot if your plane, when you take off to the sky, you have to decide landing and how to land however the situation, whether crash landing or safe landing, you will have to land 💪
👉3. The world is full of opportunities, only those who are hungry can see them, you better be hungry to leave your comfort zone and do what it takes to be Great
👉4. People’s opinion about you should never be your reality, You should be the last person with an opinion about yourself. Most people talk you out of your dream because their hearts are willing but their bodies are weak
👉5. Turn your dreams into reality, it only takes discipline to achieve your goals 💪 differentiate your mini-goals from big goals, start with the small ones like Spreading your Bed, your hygiene and physical appearance
👉6. Do what you want with yourself without feeling sorry for what people think of you as long as you are not a nuisance to the public.
7. Dress the way you want ,Gum kidwa gumo be nyako Tim giki ,Tim Gima moro chunyi kik ngato pimni muya ,an Meru ase gonyi
8. Friends, be careful! Be careful! Be careful! Your tea will be served soon, know what to share and whatnot. Follow your guts

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Rue baby 1

She added;

9. Respect those older than you but don’t worship anyone, respect is paramount
10. Date a man who sees value in you as a woman, a man who will respect and love you, A man that will provide for your family, not a spanner boy who will come and chop my head for you guys to inherit my wealth and sell everything, A man who will not see turn you into a doormat, cash machine or something like those 💪
Marry if it’s possible don’t end up like your mother, single parenting is not pride, it’s a circumstance that no one predicts, but we don’t regret although we envy married people with love 😂😂😂
I don’t know their shoes 👟
The only shoe I know ni umoja pris 💪💪😂💪💪😂😂😂😂😂


‘My second born child died at eight months,’ Akothee reveals

Akothee could be a mother of six children but she lost one of her child while still young.
Sharing the details on her Instagram, she shared a photo of her first home, the house where she conceived her first four children.
It is in that post that she revealed that her second born child was a son but died while at eight months.
Check out the post;

‘1. Vesha Awuor Okello @veshashaillan
2 Retret Roberts woody Okello
3. Celine dion Aggry Brown Okello @rue.baby
4. Prudence vanpelt Okello (@fancy_makadia )
The Secondborn don’t make it, he died at 8 months 😭and was buried right behind this house.’

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Akothee with her daughters
Akothee with her daughters

She added that she lived with her children while their dad was in the University.
‘I had a small shop at Kanga market, which I could only afford to open in the evening for one hour after I came back from school.
I would wake up early in the morning, prepare my kids for school, drop them at kinda Garten ( Kanga teachers quoters ) then walk 2 kilometres to kanyaserega secondary School, To finalise my Secondary school which I had left in FORM TWO……
One More Time
All my children look alike coz I concentrate on one man at a time, but not afraid to move on once it’s over 💪

Forgiveness is power! Lilian Muli shares life lessons Akothee has taught her

Media personality Lilian Muli says she has learnt basic life lessons from singer Akothee.

Lilian shared a photo of them embracing each other during Akothee’s daughter’s graduation party and shared a long post celebrating the single mother of five for being a solid woman who speaks with wisdom and power enough to keep a room full of people listening for hours.

She then thanked her for the many life lessons Akothee has taught her. Among them is that forgiveness is power and for always reminding her to be a strong woman.

Check out the post;

“I have known many women in my life everyone that has been my friend or continues to do this journey we call life with me has taught me something…whether good or bad it has shaped my thinking. We all have friends some who we drink with or party with and others who we pray with. Some left the country ages ago and even if we don’t speak everyday when we meet it’s like time stood still. I thank God for all my friends.

Today I thank God for my very dear friend @akotheekenya.

A solid woman. A Lady and a half…she speaks with wisdom and power enough to keep a room full of people listening for hours.

Akothee admits she’s no longer fixated on ex husband after 6 year grudge

Akothee with LIlian Muli


Lilian added;

“I respect women that speak their truth I respect women who take the bull by the horns and do life like it’s not a rehearsal. We were built for greatness not for tears and suffering.

Thank you my friend for your strength and your grace.

Thank you for teaching me that forgiveness is power. Thank you for always reminding me To Be Strong.

Your beauty is not only in your killer body and gorgeous face but in the pride with which you tell the world how life shaped you into becoming the powerful brand that you are.


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Hongera! Akothee shower praises to her first born daughter Vesha as she graduates

Akothee’s first born daughter Vesha Okello has graduated from Strathmore University.

The single mother of five took to social media to celebrate the success of her daughter who she said was very disciplined and ensured that she did her best.

In the long post on her Instagram, Akothee said her Vesha was the reason she did not settle with some men who did not want her with the kids.

She also acknowledge that she has always been a disciplinary parent who ensures that her children behave well. She added that sometimes she would show up at her hostel just to know how she is doing.

Her greatest worry has been her daughters getting pregnant adding that her only achievement is giving her children the best education possible.

Check out the post;

“…In all this Schools, I was never sermoned to come due to my child’s misbehavior. Amidst my struggle ,pain & hustle ,my children gave me the easiest time for parenting 💪
I still thank God for the wonderful / obedient children He gave me .
The journey has not been easy ,from draining my accounts to Zero just to see you succeed 💪 it’s because of you that I never settled in Europe / diaspora , most of the men who wanted me just wanted me alone and nothing to do with my kids. My principles and rules remained .
MY CHILDREN ARE A PRIORITY IN EACH AND EVERY RELATIONSHIP,If you don’t want ,KANYAGA KUBWA KUBWA 😂😂 & that’s why I settled for baba Oyoo who was much older ,but accepted me with my baggage.
I have never step foot in STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY 🤦,I don’t even know how it looks like nor it’s bank details . I transfer school free to my childrens accounts and they can choose to pay school fee or spend the money it’s none of my business. 🤷( I am a very irresponsible mother ,my parenting skills are different 😂😂) after 18 you are old enough to marry so whatever you want to do with your life is your choice 😂😂, but just know ,off cameras I am a tough disciplinary no nonsense mother.”

I thank God that I had kids with her- Diamond Platnumz’s high praise for Zari

Vesha Okello
Vesha Okello

She added;

“I had so much problems in my life that I could not afford to police whether Vesha @veshashaillan is in school or in a man’s house 🤷,but I would call ,follow up ,show up in their hostel without permission just to let them know ,the freedom is also monitored 🤣🤣 I managed to make my children my friends ,so we can talk about everything & everybody 😂😂. They knew my main worry was pregnancy,but I worked them ,when you get pregnant,you will carry that baby to term ,give birth and go live in Rongo 🤣😂😂😂. I AM A PROUD SINGLE MOTHER IF 5 @veshashaillan .

‘They have bewitched me not to get another child’ Akothee regrets sharing her dreams

Singer Akothee says she wanted to get a baby this year but people bewitched her.

The self-proclaimed president of single mother says her mouth was the reason she was bewitched.

Akothee was commenting on a post Lilian Muli put up on her Instagram page where she advised her followers to always keeep their personal life sacred.

“Protect it and guard it. Keep them guessing; your business is nobody else’s business,” Lilian wrote.

A few months ago, Akothee shared her intentions of conceiving again, but with no strings attached to the man.

The vocal singer explained that the invite was purely for the baby and she does not want to date or be committed in any way to the father.

“I will also have a baby and I don’t want commitment with anyone, I am not ready to settle down, I am still very young, but number six is a must. We the independent women, also have choices (follow me at your own risk). I am looking for baby daddy number six; we won’t date, just a baby, period. No strings attached.”

I will marry you out of gratitude but I’m in love with someone else

Akothee in red
Now she says she regrets why she told people about it.

“Like now I really wanted to have a child in 2020, then I told them, now they have witchcraft it and I can’t even see any man fitted to be a baby daddy 😭😭😭😭😭😭, @lilmuli how do you unbewitch my mouth,” she wrote.

She added that it is also important to avoid sharing details about the relationship.

“If you are alone like me, also tell no one 😂😂😂😂😂,” she said.

Lilian responded by telling Akothee to pray and keep their goals silent.

“I have lived and learnt to shut this my mouth.”

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