‘Take charge of your life as you turn 20,’ Akothee to daughter

Akothee is celebrating her daughter Fancy Makandia’s 20th birthday today.

To celebrate her, she has penned a very heartwarming letter to her daughter saying she is her most humble child.

“One of the most humble children from the uterus, all of you have given me an easy time in this single parenthood journey, that’s why I make it look easy.

“But for sure I have had lots of fun seeing you guys grow in my hands to beautiful educated women, the only wealth I have is my children’s success and health, the rest is show biz.

“I have done and broken my back for you, to see you live the life you have now💪.


She went on saying that although her dad left when Makadia was hardly five years, she does not regret.

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“Today you are a French student doing your things in french without going through things some of us had to go through just to be inside an aeroplane heading to Europe, including living & twisting your mind into falling in love with a man old enough to be your grandfather in search of love, security and acceptance 💪 the road has been bumpy and sweet at the same time, including calling a man who didn’t give birth to you ( DAD ) simply because He loves your mom.

“You are Papa Oyoo’s favourite child, and every time we fought, he knew I would take the children with me, but he would shout, ‘If you are going, leave my children out of your madness, including prudence, she is not your child, she is my daughter. Take Dion and Vesha with you to the village 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️!’

“You are the only one who would make Papa Oyoo take a flight from Europe to come attend your parents day. Now I want you to take charge of your life as you turning 20 today. 💪


Akothee went ahead to advise her daughter.

1. Never hesitate to share with me your challenges and fears of life. I am your mother

 2. Never be in a hurry to settle for a relationship, if it doesn’t work, it’s not meant for you.

 3. Accept a ‘No’ as an answer, but never accept defeat as your final goal💪

 4. Believe so much in yourself until people think you are abnormal, it has worked miracles for me.

 5. There is only one motivating factor, (success is sweet) so the path leading to harvesting the honey won’t matter, results do 💪

 6. Haters would not associate with you if you are not doing what they cant do, it’s what you are carrying that they want, otherwise, they don’t hate you the player, they hate the game because the player did it 💪.

‘I was a disgrace to my parents,’ Akothee shouts as her daughter graduates

Akothee is a proud mum after her firstborn daughter Veshashaillan completed her University degree and her second turned 22 years old.

The proud mother of five took it to social media to celebrate the blessing with her fans.

She wrote;

“I gave birth at the age of 14 I have no degree, but five birth certificates. I was a disgrace to my parents, but now none of my children is a disgrace to me, fada lod first degree done, I am a proud pretty momma of 5,” she said.

The Madam Boss has worked for what she flaunts today and she is not about to let any of her children go through what she did.

A mother at just 14 years, no education, but a growing family. This crushed her parent’s hearts but today, she is proud to see her daughters enjoy what she never had the privilege to.

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Her firstborn child and daughter, Vesha has completed her first degree at Strathmore University, as she awaits graduation.

Sharing a video dancing to her blessings, Akothee captioned:

“The feeling when your firstborn has just finished university
aii, aii I want to go hug my daughter @veshashaillan for me being her role model,” she wrote.

‘Here is why your wife looks older than your mother,’ Akothee reveals

In an era where filters are the in thing, Akothee has advised Kenya men to learn to appreciate their women with all their flaws.

This is because most of the things we see on Instagram are not real. Most people are living by the mantra ‘fake it till you make it’.

Akothee advises,

  1. Never compare your wife with ladies you see on social media, she is the mother of your child! treat her stretchmarks as a beautiful natural tattoo💪, this is a special sacrifice she made, for you to be called a daddy.
  2.  Your wife’s priority is not to glam up on social media, but to make sure every member of the family is secure.
  3. Your wife looks older than the ladies on social media simply because she is living reality and growing grey hair from thinking of what next with your family including the lubbish you 🤔.

‘Women should wear a weave for 1 week, mine is worth 76k’ Akothee brags

4. The money you spend on ladies you meet out there, would have been good money for a family retreat and see your children jump on a bouncing castle 🤔
5. Having excuses of not being home every weekend hurts and cuts deep into a woman’s heart. If wishes were horses, weekends should be cut off your routine🤔

‘I blundered big time’ MCA Tricky on wanting to date Akothee’s daughter

Is Akothee suffering from burn out

6. You never have money for your family, but you got money to spoil your friends 🤔 your wife looks older than your mother, simply because she is carrying pain 🤔
7. Don’t complain that she gained weight, she is broken from inside and has no time to take care of herself💔 she is busy taking care of you and the family 🤝
8. You wonder why she is unhappy 🤔 you never appreciate her or her beauty never surprised her even with a flower 🤔
Women are strong, but they incubate a lot
Take care of your wife and children
All these people you are entertaining will come to your burial on the burial date, and take photos with your coffin🤔

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10 Photos Of Akothee’s Palatial Mansion That Will Make You Wonder What You Are Doing With Your Life

Madam Boss is not just a mere street moniker.

She lives the lifestyle.

She is the baus and a baus owns a castle where everyone calls her “madam”.

Akothee is always extra when she decides to do anything.

She goes all the way.

She showed off her mansion in Rongo which she has dubbed Rongospar and says it is her retirement home.

Akothee defended her wealth saying, “I can courageously walk into my parents compound and park my big car infront of their house without any guilt, I can slay and travel business class knowing my parents are sleeping in a cool place, I might seem mad to you, but just know this idiot is too sharp and focused in life, loosers will say am proving a point, cowards will say am a ritualists, unlucky ladies will say money from sponsors, never mistake knowledge for wisdom, am too wise to live a fake life, this is me, take me or live me.”

The Baby Daddy star continued, “You are allowed to be proud of your accomplishments and admire your efforts, if you feel am bragging then just wait, I haven’t offended you yet, there is nothing to brag about here. I haven’t arrived in my comfort zone , when I will land there! Then you will know😂😂 that I have surely arrived, the rate at which I will brag😂😂😂😂 even God knows! Thats why its taking too long to reach there 😂😂😂😂, Even Amerka will know that maskini amepata 😂😂😂😂 nitawasumbua mpaka panadol ziishe kwa duka 😂😂😂😂.”

Moving on…check out Akothee’s palatial mansion in Rongo.

‘You have a special place in heaven,’ Why Nelly Oaks is special to Akothee

Many stories have been written about Akothee and Nelly Oaks but one thing is for sure, these two have found a chemistry and relationship formula that works.

A while back Akothee was hospitalised twice for fatigue.

After all you cannot be a ‘Madam Boss’ if you are not working your derrière off, can you?

Akothee said that even when she was first hospitalised, her plan to shoot her new music video with MC galaxy. Nothing was going to halt that plan especially not fatigue.


A total of Ksh 5 million was sunk into making the music video.

Check out Akothee’s video for Oyoyo featuring MC Galaxy.

Defending why she shot the music video in Kisumu, Akothee said,


Anyhow, back to Akothee being hospitalised, this was back in 2018. She realised one thing, the constant in her life through the ups and downs is none other than Nelly Oaks.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

Akothee and Nelly Oaks at the hospital

Nelly Oaks spent nights in the uncomfortable chairs of the hospital to look after Madam Boss.

How cute is that?

Akothee gushed about this level of commitment saying,


Akothee then asked, “Is there anyone who was willing to swipe their beds with you this nights? Very few stopped doing what they were supposed to do because Akoth was in bed. Life went on as usual, this is ENOUGH to tell you that your life is your own life! You do with it what you want!”

Concluding, Akothee said, “Most people think that I am rude! Not at all I am real with life it makes it easy for me to kick out fake and plastic people around me.”

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Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

The world has moved to blended family situations.

Blended families are made up of parents and children or a child from previous relationships and these celebrity families have proved to be functioning quite well.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrity blended families.

1. The Kariuki’s

Fashionable Step mum as she likes to be called is married to Maj Kariuki and have created a beautiful blended family of 4 children with two biological ones.


2. Catherine Kamau(selina) who is married to Philip Karanja

Philip Karanja is the step father to Catherines son Leon. The two walked down the aisle last year in an invite only wedding.


Pregnant women who take fish oil supplements each day are ‘less likely to have a premature baby’

3. Joan Munyi aka Yummy Mummy and her husband Zach Munyi

Joan Munyi is a YouTube content creator and is famously known as Yummy Mummy. The two have been married for over a year now. Zach Munyi is the step son to Joan’s son.


4. Paul Ndichu and Maureen Momanyi

Maureen Momanyi is the step mother to Paul Ndichu’s twins, Zawadi and Raha whose biological mother is Grace Msalame.


5. Akothee

She has three daughters and two sons from different marriages. Akothee had four daughters from her first marriage and bore three children between the ages of 14 to 16. One of her kids died because she could not afford to take her to hospital. She later gave birth to her fourth daughter in the year 2000. Her sons are from her second marriage with a white man who she claims was only interested in having children with her but not marriage. She is currently in a relationship with her manager Nelly Oaks.


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Short and Sweet: 14 female celebs who look like a SNACK in shorts – List

Shorts are a lifesaver for most women, whether rocked indoors or outdoors they come to the rescue of many.

Sadly not everyone looks good in shorts.

However, there are celebs who have mastered the art of rocking shorts and we love it.

Below is the list. Check them out below.

1.Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando is fond of rocking shorts whether at work or off work.

She puts in work in the gym and she is allowed to flaunt her gains something she does by rocking figure-hugging shorts.


2. Shix Kapienga

The radio presenter who is in her 30’s has a body some women can only dream of. She knows how to flaunt her legs in shorts and we love it.

Shix Kapienga (1)
Shix Kapienga

3. Jacky Vike

Awinja, as she is known by her fans, is a celeb who is never shy to flaunt her beautiful petite body and we must admit we love her legs.

Jacky Vike alias Awinja


4. Kush Tracey

The damsel is never shy to flaunt her flawless legs and this she has done on different occasions.

Kush Tracey

6. Julie Gichuru

The media personality has legs to die for. In the recent past, she has been keeping fit and the legs are thanking her for it as she can easily rock shorts.

julie gichuru

7. Yvonne Okwara

The Citizen TV host has legs to die for and she does not mind flaunting them whenever she is away from the screens.

Yvonne Okwara training

9. Akothee

Akothee is another celebrity who never tires to flaunt her beautiful black legs. She does so at the slightest chance she gets. For a mother of five, she sure does look good.


10. Nice Wanjeri

Be it shorts or a micro mini dress, Wanjeri knows that some days legs need some air and team mafisi need to ogle at something.

Nyce Wanjeri

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11. Wanjiku Mburu

She is known for her role in Machachari where she plays ‘Mama Bahati’. She is curvy and shorts are a sure way of flaunting them curves.

Wanjiku Mburu
Wanjiku Mburu

12. Avril

The ‘Kitu Kimoja ‘ Hit maker is a snack in her own rights, not forgetting that she is a mother of one. She leaves men drooling.

Avril-Classic 105


13. Brenda Wairimu

Brenda who is a celebrated Kenyan actress is in her ’30s but rocks shorts as if she is still in her 20’s and we must admit she looks good.

Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu

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Photos of Akothee’s daughter Rue that will make you want to hit the gym ASAP

Akothee and her daughter Rue are a true definition of the apple does not fall far from the tree going by their looks and character.

Both are very dating and go getters.

From being the Face of Nivea to strutting in the Miss Universe catwalks Rue has it all.

She has always had a desire for being a beauty queen and she is living her dreams.

I have always dreamt of being a beauty queen and just about yesterday I made it as one of the finalist for @missuniversekenya it was a tough and exciting experience with various challenges and I manage do learn alot.’

We can’t help but admirer her trim figure and hot body.

Below are photos of Rue that will make you want to hit the gym ASAP.

Rue baby 7

Rue baby 6

Rue baby 8


Rue baby 1


Rue baby 3

Rue baby 4

Rue baby 5

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Akothee’s daughter Rue emerges first runners up in Miss Universe pageant

Akothee a Kenyan artiste and self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers has thanked her daughter Rue for not being a disgrace like she was back in the day.

Rue had been participating in the Miss Universe beauty pageant where she emerged the ‘ The First Runner Up.’

Taking the chance to praise her daughter Akothee wrote,

Eiiish my friend see my uterus🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ vere vere clean, this baby of mine should just walk thrith naked, @rue.baby you do me proud .

I see you my heart pumps ❤❤❤, at your age I was a mother of 3 only a disgrace to my parents, climbing all types of fence.

Looking for boyfriend’s my friend walk with your head too if you want,I will still support you.

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Akothee's daughter Rue
Akothee’s daughter Rue

Akothee added,

Thank you for being disciplined and self motivated, with no supervision!
#missunniversekeruebaby2019 top 3 I cant sleep waiting to talk to you.

Been up 24 hours my darling @rue.baby

Akothee who is a mother of five became a mother at a tender age something that made her achieve most of her dreams at the time.

She is, however, a brand in Kenya, akikohoa watu wanaitika.

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‘My dad Jared is not a sponsor,’ Akothee’s daughter Rue warns fisilets

Firstborn daughter to Kenyan artiste Akothee, Rue Baby has opened up about her relationship with her biological dad.

Rue is born to Akothee’s first baby daddy, Jared .

A fan reached out to Rue inquiring if her dad was taken and the damsel was quick to respond that he is indeed a taken man.

‘I would like to know your father. Is he alive?’ The fan asked

Rue asked

‘Yes, he is alive. You would like to know him in what terms? If anything he is taken and is not a sponsor.’

Prominent Kenyan celebrities siblings who are the same careers

‘I wish I could bring back my mum to life, one more time,’ Cries Grace Ekirapa

Akothe got married at the age of 14 and had to go back to school at 24 to finish her studies.

She completed her secondary school education in 2004 when she was already a mother of three and scored a mean grade of a C+.

Unfortunately, she was kicked out of her first marriage on allegations of being boring, too hardheaded and unromantic.

She is now a mother of five something that she is not ashamed to flaunt to all those who care to listen.

She is the self-proclaimed President of single mothers.


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‘I do not know which baby daddy to post,’ Akothee cries on father’s day

As the world celebrates Father’s Day Kenyan artiste Akothee is confused about which of her baby daddies will she celebrate on this big day.

Akothee who is a mother of five feels it is not possible to post one baby daddy without rubbing the others the wrong way.

Unlike Akothee, some celebs were sure of how to celebrate their men and here is what gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru penned to her hubby.

A father is that rare identity that a man shares with his Creator. To be called one is to be invited into God’s apprenticeship. @agundabweni Happy father’s day love … you are an amazing #daddy #happayfathersday

Kate actress also took the chance to celebrate her husband Phil for the good job he is doing raising their son.

She wrote,

A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child ! Happy Fathers day to the most amazing dad , Leon is one of the luckiest child to have you in his life, thank you for showing him what it means to be a real man, you are loved ,adored ,and appreciated, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU LOVE @phil_director

Akothee was however confused in which baby daddy to celebrate going by her message below.


‘I blundered big time’ MCA Tricky on wanting to date Akothee’s daughter

Churchil comedian MCA Tricky has clarified that people took things out of proportion after word went round that he wanted to date Akothee’s daughter.

Tricky says his only mistake was chatting in public.

I blundered by chatting with her in the comment section and everybody saw it. What people did not know is that people were watching.

The next thing I knew I was on blogs.

After hearing the news, Akothee summoned me at her home to ask me if I was serious about wanting to date her daughter.

Exclusive: ‘I started off my career as a rapper’ – Rayvanny

Akothee's daughter Rue
Akothee’s daughter Rue

As you might know Akothee is a no nonsense woman and her character might have intimidated MCA Tricky to deny wanting to date Rue Baby.

You cannot just touch Akothee’s daughter just like that. I denied that I was in love with her daughter.

In the past Akothee’s daughter has shown interest in Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew. We can only wait and see where all these celebrity crushes lead to.

MCA Tricky is not the first person to have a crush on a fellow celebrity. Just recently Kenyan artiste Jegede expressed his undying love for Vera Sidika.

Ommy Dimpoz has also had a crush on our own Avril.

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Akothee’s dad hospitalized after sudden illness at their home

Akothee has asked her fan to pray for her dad after he suddenly got ill prompting them to rush him to the hospital. She has had to cancel her Turkana tour.

Taking to her social media, the self proclaimed President of single mothers wrote

I regret to say that I am unable to make it to Turkana this week due to Unavoidable. My Dad has been taken ill.

It was a lovely evening and we were just talking about our next show and laughing at how he catches feelings when @foky_mopao steal his charger ,😓.

 @cebbie_koks_nyasego had just came inn, and my mom prepared food for him, he din’t finish his food , there was a moment of silence and that’s how we ended up in hospital .

We are still here with my family, Get well soon TINGANA . Its gonna be a long night.We LOVE YOU @joshuaowinokokeyo


In the past, Akothee had praised his dad for being her number one fan even when the world is busy bashing her.

My daddy is my number one fan, after my mum resisted for years, she finally joined us🤣😂 I thank God for my supportive parents,.

My mum  still has issues with my dress code, but this time round she dint utter a word, maybe she is tired 🤣😂🤣😂, hataa nyinyi mtachoka tu 🤣😂 sikomi mimi 🤣

My dad is just living his life, mr don’t care as long as music is dancable,all the way from Rongo.


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‘It is easier for me!’ Akothee announces plans to switch to gospel

Musician Akothee has announced that she is seriously considering jumping in to gospel industry.

Akothee who recently released her first gospel song dubbed ‘Baraka’ featuring Linex, has given reasons why she might actually end up ditching secular music.

According to her, gospel industry is quite easy compared to secular since she believes the industry is full of back stabbers and now it’s every man for themselves.


This music industry is a mess, it is messy, noisy with casualties and victims. Said Akothee at an event in K.I.C.C on Wednesday evening.

She added;

I am saying this because you are talking to someone today and you don’t know whether they are your enemy or your supporter. We don’t have cheer leaders in this industry we have killers of talents and it is very painful.

Akothee stated that her biggest pain is that Kenyans at large, have forgotten to cheer and applause their own artists and instead wholeheartedly consuming anything that comes in.

She says that gospel artists have it easy since they don’t struggle for applause when performing in churches and for that, she is ready to join the bandwagon.

What pains me most is that we  have forgotten to applause and cheer our artists and we embrace what is coming from out there. A song which is a flop in other countries is a hit in Kenya.

I applause gospel artists because you don’t need to applause for yourself because everyone needs Jesus so Church is already full.

That is why I want to jump onto gospel because it is easy for me. Everyone needs Jesus! She added amid applause.

Recently, madam boss shocked many when she revealed that she has decided to give her life to Christ and interestingly, she actually prays naked.

I am a God-fearing woman and I actually pray naked.

From the time I came from Turkana, I got saved and that is why you have been seeing me do gospel every morning.

I am not changing my dress-code because I came out of my mother’s womb naked.My daddy is my number one fan after my mum resisted for years, she finally joined. 

I thank God for my supportive parents.

‘Women should wear a weave for 1 week, mine is worth 76k’ Akothee brags

Days after exciting Netizens with a new look on her birthday Akothee has finally revealed how much the weave she wore on that day cost.

To add salt to the injury Akothee went ahead to state that the weave she has now is not the same one she rocked on her birthday.

This she revealed during an interview with a local radio station.

A woman should have a weave on their heads for only 1 week.The one I am wearing now is worth Ksh 76,000 and it is not the same one I wore on my birthday.

The one I wore on my birthday costed me Ksh 26,000 so that  is Ksh 102,000 spent in a span of three days.


akothee new wig for birthday

Days ago  she took to social media to share photos of her transformation followed by a caption that left many in stitches.

For those who ever commented that I am ugly , repent now , before I take your man home 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 if this is what beauty is for you 

Well ladies here is where they stay stick to your lane. If you cannot afford a 76 K weave it’s OK, bora uhai.

Below is a video of her current weave

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‘I love praying naked’ Akothee talks about her new found salvation

Akothee recently admitted that she has gotten saved, adding that she has no plans of changing her outfit.

The shocker however was that she prays naked.

That shocked you right? Well she did not mean that she removes all her clothing, what she meant is that she leaves behind all her troubles, friends and worldly possessions to pray.

‘Celebrate with the Heavens Mama’ Diana Marua mourns her mum

She says

I am a God-fearing woman and I actually pray naked.

From the time I came from Turkana, I got saved and that is why you have been seeing me do gospel every morning.

I am not changing my dress-code because I came out of my mother’s womb naked.My daddy is my number one fan after my mum resisted for years, she finally joined. 

I thank God for my supportive parents.


‘I am your tigress in all ways’ Julie Gichuru to her hubby Anthony

My mum still have issues with my dress code, but this time around she didn’t utter a word, maybe she is tired.

Hataa nyinyi mtachoka tu, sikomi mimi my dad is just living his life, Mr don’t care as long as music is dance able, all the way from Rongo.

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‘I want to spend my life with you’ Kenyan man begs Akothee for love

Akothee seems to have stirred the emotions of one Kenyan man who has taken to social media to confess his undying love for the single mothers President.

The guy identified as Lunamer Kenne is a video director and professional photographer. According to Kenne he has been in love with Akothee for as long as he can remember.

lunamer kenne

‘I impregnated my son’s class teacher’ Brags a member of team mafisi

Below is the love letter we hope reaches Akothee, who knows she might mend his broken heart.

It may hurt some people but its the truth from my heart… I’ve been in love with you Akothee,

You are always on my mind and all the time I keep on thinking of you. Come to me, hold my hand and then never leave it.

I want to spend my life with you, and to walk beside you. All I want is to be with you all of my life.Loving you is knowing what true love is.

There is no logical explanation for my feelings.Love makes no sense if it is not to the right person. I feel very lucky to approach you Bos.

‘I knew my son was no more’ Mukami Mwaura recalls son’s death 2 years ago


He goes to add that all he wants is a chance to prove himself

You are always on my mind and all the time I keep on thinking of you. Come to me, hold my hand and then never leave it.

I want to spend my life with you, and to walk beside you. All I want is to be with you all of my life.

Loving you is knowing what true love is.

There is no logical explanation for my feelings.Love makes no sense if it is not to the right person. I feel very lucky to approach you Bos.

What would you advise this guy? Aendelee kuota ama?

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Exclusive: Here are qualities you must have to date Akothee’s daughters

Akothee has in an exclusive interview revealed the qualities that one should possess in  order to date or marry her daughters who are ready to start dating.

I cannot chose for my daughters who to date or who to marry.

Love is a universal thing and it depends on what my daughters want to feel.

Whether he poor rich or from a middle class family. What matters is that he loves my daughter for who she is dictating who she will marry is not my cup of tea.

Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue
Singer Akothee’s daughters Vesha and Rue


In the past Akothee had warned her daughter Rue against getting pregnant for a celebrity.

Never settle down for a man who doesn’t love you, never force yourself into toxic relationships.

Never wait for any man to pay your bills they will hold you ransom, never listen to a man who asks you to have a child without a stable income, that’s a story teller .

A responsible man who wants a family, should first look for a stable job and a roof over his head.

Photos of Fatuma Zarika’s grown up daughters Sophia and Halima


How would you get pregnant for a man living with his brother, mother auntie, you think you and the baby are welcome too?

Don’t fall for celebrities, fame comes and goes, don’t come bragging to me that you are carrying a celebs pregnancy simply because he is famous.

I will beat you up and squeeze that stomach, you know me ,🤯 fame doesn’t pay bills, don’t mess your life at an early stage !.

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