‘I never want my parents to beg my exes for my burial place’ – Akothee

Akothee is known for her flashy lifestyle but you cannot blame her given that she works hard for her money and is entitled to use it as she pleases.

In Kenya we say ‘tumia pesa mpaka ikuzoee’ and Akothee is doing exactly that the best way she knows how.

‘Put off all the lights and rest in peace’ Last words of Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands


She took to her Instagram to reminisce on the day she was left without a bed after she broke up with her baby daddy.

“Success is that one move you made that has brought change in your life never compete or copy anyone life is a marathon not a hundred meter dash.

Take it 1 day at a time  after men ran away with my bed I finally made a permanent bed for myself, I never wanted to put my parents in a situation of begging all my exes for a burial place when I am gone😶 .

My children needed a place to call home, not a mansion, all I needed was stability.

Akothee with her family
Akothee with her family

Mystery deepens as a Kenyan woman found dead in Nertherlands is cremated against her family’s wishes

Akothee further adds that if something was to happen today and she is not able to maintain her lifestyle, below is what she would do.

“Today if I can’t maintain that garden I will take out all the grass and plant vegetables. If my liquidity goes down and I can’t maintain the pool🤐 I will drain the water and turn it into a fish pond. 

If I can’t pay electricity, nor service the generator I will give out all the fridges and only cook what I need.

I will make sure me and the children eat early when the natural light is still on and go to bed by 7.00 pm what do I need darkness for.

Akothee's parlatial home
Akothee’s parlatial home

 I will make sure I charge my phone in the center just to make sure I don’t miss out on news making my hair in the village is cheap, atleast I can afford 1000 from my banana plantation.

That’ s a guarantee life has no manual, you create your own life and live it how you want, the rest is pressure to please people who don’t even know or care about you!”

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

In conclusions she says

“If they did, they would ask if you have eaten, but the first thing they want to know is, if the car you driving is it really yours or its owned by the bank🤣😂😂🤣.

Imagine this are the people you are living your life for 🤣😂😂😂 Imagine they are stupid, but you are a fool.

Live today like there is no tomorrow, you are already successful by reading all this because even patience is a virtue.


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‘There is a scarcity of men so don’t think of jumping on some one’s husband’ Advises Akothee

Akothee knows how to captivate Kenyans, she does so excellently, using her social media pages, like Instagram and Facebook.

In them, she shares parts of her life from who she might be dating, to her business ventures. It seems that there is nothing off-limits for the singer.

She recently spoke  and revealed some interesting nuggets. She advised young women/girls who might follow/admire her saying:

“We as women are not looking for men to take care of us ,we are looking for men who can take care of themselves.”

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

AkotheeEnjoying a meal with her first born daughter

Her own comment made her giggle and then she added:


She added deprecatingly:

“Just know,wow I am as ugly as Akothee and fearfully and wonderfully made by God .You know it doesn’t have to be make up ,Make up is only meany to enhance existing beauty.”


The singer smiling

She summarised her advice to the ladies with a wonderful one-liner saying:

“As a woman you know very well that men control the world  but we women control the men. So the world belongs to women so own your ground girl!!!”

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Exclusive: Akothee finally reveals why she finds it hard to date

Akothee may appear as an iron lady to many but according to her there are things that pull her down or make her weak and that thing is love.

That may surprise many given she is considered bold and daring.

Speaking exclusively during an interview she said;

“Love is what puts me down.

Its very difficult for me to date it puts you down as a woman. Hakuna mtu strong kwa mapenzi men find it difficult to get to know me because I find it difficult to open up.

I have got so much going on in my life, five kids Akothee Safari’s.”

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married


I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

In conclusion she advices women to keep off unhealthy relationships

“Don’t stay in unhealthy relationships if you are not happy you are not happy PERIOD.”

Akothee also known as the self proclaimed President of single mothers has never been shy to publicize her kids to all who care to see.

According to her they are the reason for her existence and given a chance she could never change a thing.

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‘We over pay international acts and undermine our own!’ Akothee speaks out

Singer Akothee popularly known as madame president has an interesting suggestion when it comes to helping promote Kenyan music.

She was part of the panel on Saturday’s 10 over 10 show alongside DJ Pierra and Kagiri. The women were talking about the impact each has made in their various roles in the Kenyan music industry.

Akothee spoke about it last week in a picture where she is seen holding a stick, letting presenters know that she will make sure they play Kenyan music by fire, by force.

mi I want to go physical with this presenters, so we finish quickly you pipo are making too much noise online 🤣😂 tag them here pris

Just after the show, Akothee took to social media to share her views on artiste fees paid to international vs Kenyan artistes get when they go to other countries.

Lets just play our own music, invite our own artists to our own shows , because these fans are our own fans, nobody will give us a platform even to curtain raise in other countries , we over hype the neighbouring countries! Over pay them and they go spend the money in their countries,and underpay our artists

Akothee’s solution is simple, before or after the international acts perform, they should dedicate some of their pay to charity.

we also demand that when international act comes for a show in kenya, let some percentage go to charity , let them visit school’s ,hospitals, orphanages, not only club appearances 😋😋 a bottle of hernesy is a whole year school fee for some needy ,(now you know why I cant join politics , they will kill me after 2 weeks , coz I will expose them all 😂❤


Do you think this will work?

Stinky mouths,broke men here are things that turn off women (List)

What is that one thing that turns you off in a man ,is a question most women are asked but not many are bold enough to share for fear of criticism.
 Well Dr Ofweneke posed that question and women came out in large numbers to open up their heart including the self confessed President of single mothers,Akothee.
DR Ofweneke
DR Ofweneke
Here are some of the responses
.akotheekenya:any man who asks me for money is going 🤣😂
ivah_nthenya:Broke and very comfortable about it. And wuuwi anapangia pesa yako kama yake. Ati “Beb, Ile 10k imebaki tutanunua si nayo nguo zangu za kanisa”. Like, the f**k🤪🤪🤪😡😡😡😠😠😠
simply_njoki:Bad breath and stained teeth…… And worse a light skinned or a fat man

wanjiru_mbugua:Bad breath, no cologne, insecure, broke, ata chai Serena ni chida 😂

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics


Top media personality in mourning after losing his sister ,Read more below

sexy_gal_122:Send me u r pic that’s mean you are a boy not areal man

cathiemuthoni:Bad breath and sagging pants

xenaolalekan:A man who talks about his ex all the time. Turn off.

joey.nganga:Laziness. M wanaume uko na miaka above 25 n still can’t figure out how to earn your own food n shelter. Unakaa kwa mafriends, kukunywa drinks you haven’t bought, you don’t know how rent is earned n on social media you are busy insulting everyone with their little hard work… Cheii such a turnoff

gracembula_9:Tell me something sweet…. Niambie….. Nitumie pic…… Unaeza kam huku na av known u 4 2seconds…..

kairetuwakariuki:Kunihug,,ingia whatsapp tuchat sina credit,unakula nn,na saa hiyo hujabuy,kwani unalala saa ngapi as if ni kwako…..ata ww umeniput off kwa kuliza swali ya wana hivyo

wandwati:When a guy makes that sucking sound trying to get particles out from between his teeth. That has always put me off. Use toothpicks, fellas!

juliet.damaris:Untidy, body odour, broke and ako tuu sawa mschew🙄

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From paying room worth Sh100,000 per night to receiving range rovers as gifts here are the biggest birthday parties of 2018

As we count hours to the end of 2018 we take a look at some of the celebrity birthday parties that left us feeling like paupers deni ya China aside.

Below is the list

Nana Gecaga

Nana who is Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece was celebrating her 40th birthday ,The party went down at the Billionaire Resort in Malindi.

It was a glamorous shindig at which  Nana’s 40 guests were spoiled rotten during the two-day invite only bash graced by her brother Jomo Gecaga, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and close family members and friends.

The Billionaire Resort has 24 private and exclusive apartments that are rented out at Sh100,000 per night.


Guests had lots to eat and drink, with some taking it easy at the Lion in the Sun resort, which has   16   well-appointed en-suite rooms, each of which is individually designed, featuring elegant furnishings with an African flair.

A night at the Lion in the Sun costs at least Sh30,000.

Nana was also gifted with  Giuseppe  Zanotti shoes  worth Sh215,056

‘All I know is God sent me an angel ,YOU’ Akothee to her bae Nelly Oaks on their 4th anniversary


Keroche Breweries Heiress Anerlisa Muigai celebrated her 30th birthday  in style in an exclusive invite-only party that was attended by renowned personalities in Nairobi.


The party was held in January this year,The white and gold themed lavish party featured a six tier mega cake and exquisite décor at an undisclosed venue.

Anerlisa's 30th -Birthday- cake

Some of the celebrities who attended the party include, media personalities Betty Kyallo, Lilian Muli, Janet Mbugua and Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter, Saumu Mbuvi.


Akothee bought her first-born and second-born daughters cars on their birthdays. The parties were held at their palatial Mombasa home whereas her third-born daughter Makadia’s 17th birthday (last year)

was celebrated at Voi Safari Lodge, a place of her choice. She didn’t receive a car though. This year, she turned 18 and asked her mother not to throw a party for her but rather held use the cash to help a needy student.

“@akotheekenya I would have asked for
a) a new wardrobe
b) a car
c) a party hata ndege because I know you can get me any of these things if I ask but honestly, I don’t want any of those things… Instead of spending all that money on me I would love that you pay for a girl child, who is suffering somewhere in this country school fees… Because there is more to giving than receiving,” Makadia wrote on Instagram.

Issa shame: Man dies during a s#x competition after going for the 7th round


Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi the daughter of flamboyant Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko together with her family held the first birthday party for her daughter Sasha this year.

The invites only party was one of a kind and popular DJ Pierra Makena was among those who graced the event. Saumu Mbuvi was gifted a Range Rover and according to sources, it’s worth Sh15 million.

Saumu Mbuvi

The curvaceous DJ took to social media to show off  Saumu’s expensive present and she wrote:

“Family love. You don’t need nothing more. Saumu Mbuvi as your baby turns one. Congratulations once more .you are a great mom! The range though. You deserve it Ma.”


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‘All I know is God sent me an angel ,YOU’ Akothee to her bae Nelly Oaks on their 4th anniversary

Akothee is in love and she is not embarrassed about it,she took to social media to celebrate her anniversary with her bae Nelly Oaks.

She has managed to keep their relationship off social ,which is obviously a plus given that she loves ‘shoshomidia’ .

Penning her anniversary message below she describes what attracted her to Oaks and we are impressed

“On this day I was busy arranging my house warming party ! in the middle of Rongo village, so lonely and lost, and at about 1.30 am when all was merry God sent an Angel @nellyoaks I don’t remember how we got to click, all I know is I loved his dance moves on the floor , he made a certain wired move that moved my heart , hey babe we are still here! 😂🤣😂

Issa shame: Man dies during a s#x competition after going for the 7th round

47163667_204057787212995_798359605150977828_n@jalangoo @foky_mopao knows this story , ask them godfathers 4 years strong, it was all white party , but you disobeyed the rules , you were not in white nor gold 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 #rongospar 2015 I know have forgiven the bouncer who freezed you at the gate, I saw you freeze him too on white and gold party kisumu 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂 do me I do you, family friends forever @nellyoaks”

Nelly Oaks also penned a letter to her bae celebrating the four years they had been together

“This day marks 4 years since we met @akotheekenya . People say, that time waits for no one. But we are an exception because I feel that time has paused ever since the day we first met in Rongo spa. I haven’t seen the future but if our past is anything to go by, it is going to be fantastic and romantic, amazing and exciting. I don’t care about life’s twists and turns, ups and downs – as long as I see on your face, only smiles and never frowns. Happy anniversary.”

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‘Keep your relationships off social media’ Akothee advice’s Lilian Muli

Akothee has come out to comment on Lilian Muli’s  bitter break up and offered her  a word of advice to those with her (Muli’s) behavior.

She  advised her fellow celebrities to keep their relationships off social media,given that there is no privacy and people make your life their business.

Beauty and the beast: ‘ Not so handsome African Celebs with gorgeous baes

She wrote

“The problem with posting your love life on social media is that when you want to break up, apart from you thinking of how painful it will be you are also thinking of what fans will say and they demand clarification. I will never post a man I am dating again on social media just for safety.”

This came only days after Lilian Muli wrote a long post disassociating herself from her  baby daddy Jared Nevaton who is Chairman of Shabana FC.
The two had managed to keep their relationship under wraps and only publicized it during Lilian’s 35th birthday party  at the beginning of the year.

Below are photos of the couple during happier times despite what has transpired now.


‘They wished me death after a miscarriage that almost killed me’ Akothee

Akothee has on a few occasions been bashed for various reasons but the most hurtful moment happened when she suffered a miscarriage.

This happened when she was expectant with twins.

Opening up about the traumatizing issue, Akothee sadly narrates that some people wished her death.

She says

“That’s my dads wassap status, my dad is my number 1 fan ! I was 2 months pregnant Luo festival, few months later I lost the pregnancy that almost took away my life, people wished me death.

“I wish you die in that bed , you make me feel terrible about my own life “that was a fan telling me on inbox 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 , forget about the ones yapping hate on the page ! then when I escaped death you still wonder why I got no chills, I grew thick skin, like never before, nothing worries or shock me anymore, I give it to you with the same energy you serve me!

I was a reserved celeb until I learnt that it’s all bullshit to be nice to people who have no respect to humanity I am me, take me like I am or just quit, I will not change for your comfort.”

Muombeeni: Ommy Dimpoz admitted in a German hospital


‘I was exposed to STDs’ Senator Linturi’s wife says in divorce papers

Akothee then goes on to narrate how she handed the trolls because despite everything she is human and she gets hurt at times.

“I chose to live my life to the fullest and always imagining I am alone in this world, imagine sometimes I forget that I have people following me, and I just decide to update my album! and then someone is pissed 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 mtanikoma 🤣😂🤣

Don’t mistake my posts for any phase I am very fine, just sharing with you some TBTS, but to be sincere I hate those who try to tell me ooh ” don’t mind them, mind who?

How can you ignore someone who is wishing you death! stop it , it could be you I don’t take this people serious, people had so many versions of who fathered me, joka macho DN 🤣😂🤣😂 they know sh*t about their lives , but everything about others, see empty lives.”

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‘I don’t like cheap scandals!’ Akothee reveals why she doesn’t work with Kenyan artistes

The boss lady himself madam Akothee is not playing y’all!

She has set the record straight as she responded to some of Kenyan’s most asked questions.

She took to her Instagram to state her reasons for not doing collabo’s with Kenyan artistes, saying that she simply doesn’t like cheap scandals.

Akothee is known for collabos with international artists such as; Flavour, Diamond, McGalaxy.


She went ahead to confess that she has worked on a Kenyan collabo, but refused to name the musician as the project later failed.

Akothee narrated:


The furious Madam Boss, went ahead to state:



On the post, she bigs up other Kenyan artistes who also support her work.

The singer performing

However, she supports Kenyan musicians, and hopes for change in the industry come 2019.

‘I only support artiste’s who share my work,’ Akothee on why she doesn’t collabo with Kenyan artistes

When it comes to speaking her mind,


doesn’t mince her words, she says everything as it is.

She always says what in her mind, something that doesn’t go well with many, but do you think she cares?

You’ve noticed that Akothee has done collabos with artistes like Diamond Platnumz, Nigeria’s Flavour, Mc Galaxy among others, but she has not done a single released collabo with any Kenyan artiste.


Taking to social media, she made it clear that she doesn’t like cheap scandals and the last time she tried doing a song with a Kenyan artiste, the song ended up not even being released.

“Someone asked why I haven’t done a collabo with Kenyan artists. It’s because I don’t like cheap scandals of ooh Akothee ananitaka, na pressure za ujinga. Last time I tried a collabo The song was never released, ooh delete my vocals and my face! Secondly I only support artist’s who share my work too! my page is not an advertisement lounge!”


She went on to mention the celebrities and artistes who support her by sharing her work in the different social media accounts.

“@victoriakimani @namelesskenya @nyota_ndogo @nebulazzkenya @sosuun @musajakadalla_ @delathedelz @ericomondi @owago the rest I have never seen my work on their pages , neither do they follow me , when I learnt this, I also went for the unfollow button 🤣😂🤣😂 @jalangoo ni kichwa mbaya yeye hata huweka kwa bio yake , thanks for the massive support , wengine tunaongea tuzidi kuwa marafiki tu tusisumbuane , tunaongea juu ya kushukisha bei don’t mix the two topics, ya support itakuja baadae.”

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REVEALED: Here are Kenya’s top 10 musicians

A research by ‘8020″has revealed Kenya’s top ten musicians. Sauti Sol leads with the song Melanine while the president of single mothers, Akothee, closes the list.

Check out the list:

1. Sauti Sol- Melanin

2. Willy Paul-I Do

3.Mercy Masika- Mwema

4. Nyashinski-Malaika

5.Otile Brown-Chaguo la Moyo

6.Eunice Njeri-Nani Kama Wewe

7.Angela Chibalonza- Ebenezer

8.Sanaipei Tande- Amina

9.Florence Andenyi- Kibali

10. Akothee- Sweet Love

‘I was only a teenager,’ Akothee sadly reminisces about her horrific birth experience

Akothee may be a pain in many people’s a$$ for her dare devil attitude but being a mother has humbled her in many ways.

Having lost a set of twins during a miscarriage, she is thankful to God that her first born daughter survived after being born prematurely. In a toilet setting.

From Rose Muhando having demons to Jacque Maribe’s arrest, these are the biggest stories of 2018

Vesha OKello

Taking to her Instagram, Akothee opened up on the gory details of how a nurse used dirty gloves to pull out her baby during the birthing session.

“Love at the first sight is when my daughter landed in my hands 21 years ago as a premature baby weighing 1kg 🤣😂🤣 funny enough, I never wanted the scissors shit and nurses passing by my shit everytime they went round , I was hiding in the toilet pushing the baby alone and monitoring the head 🤣😂🤣so pushed till the water broke and I thought I gave birth to water 🙄🙄 , I can’t forget the nurse who used the same red gloves for cleaning the ward! is the same she used to pull out my baby 🙄🙄 , maybe there was not enough time to take it out and clean her hands because she found me in the toilet with the head half way out! scolded me like hell ‘ nyako inyuol e choo be wiyi ber ‘ 🤣😂🤣.”

Akothee with her daughter and a friend

‘You’re nothing but a sore loser, a wasted sperm ‘King Kaka’s wife to troll

She goes on to narrate how traumatizing it was after a mother changed the story and claimed Akothee’s baby is hers after her son passed away.

“I never admired any ones baby who was born full term with 4kgs or 3 , definitely my baby was not really looking like a human being with hair all over her body , but I loved her to death I was only but a teenager, there were only 2 immature babies in the incubator, the other one was a boy weighing 2kgs , but he dint make it , so he passed on after 1 week ,the mother changed the game and said it’s my child who is dead and not hers, and that the nurses has played her while she was a sleep !”

Officially taken: Here are photos of how Maureen Kunga’s ruracio went down

Luckily for Akothee the hospital has a way of identifying new born babies thus that saved her baby from being switched.

“Every baby has a tag with the mothers name’s and sex on both the records and on the mothers arms , this family left the hospital cursing every bit , I was so afraid that my baby won’t make it too , especially with the curses 🤣😂 4 months later I got discharged when we were weighing 1.5 kg GOD IS GOD See our miracle baby @veshashilan.”

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‘Most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth’ Akothee’s daughter on why she is not dating

Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue Brown, alias Rue Baby, has opened up on why she is not dating and why she won’t date anytime soon.

Speaking to Massawe on Radio Jambo, the 20-year-old  confessed that she fears her mothers reaction if she gets to know she is dating.

Even though she showed some interest in Kibaki’s grandson, Rue said she has never dated.

“I don’t know how she would react when she realizes I am dating. That was just crushing and I moved on.

I am not seeing anyone at the moment because I think in my state, it is not easy to find a man who is genuine because most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth.

I have never been in a serious relationship because I fear my mum, who still thinks that we are young and she does not want us to follow her path of getting children at an early age, as she did.”

Photos of Priyanka Chopra’s white wedding that will take your breath away

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

Wanampendea? List of the sexy women Diamond Platnumz has dated

Akothee is known for her dramatic life on social media, where she does not tolerate anyone who tries to troll her.

Growing up under a disciplinarian was not easy, Rue said.

“My mum was very rough and wanted us to be so disciplined. We did not start at the peak and we were hustlers from scratch, and she (Akothee) taught us to respect people,” she said.

 There was a time I even disagreed with her because I felt that she was discriminating us by favouring some of us. Like for me, I needed her attention, which she was not giving to me.”


Tahidi High actors you didn’t know are parents: Here are their children (photos)

Rue said her mother did not want her children to be in public. So how does Rue handle trolls?

“If we feel affected by trolls on social media, we tell our mother and she handles that. I have been trolled a thousand times but I talk to my mum,” she said.

The worst troll that affected me was when people said I was walking naked because I was in a short. It affected me for a whole week.”

Rue says she does not want her mother to get more children. “I feel we are so many and we all need her attention,” she said.

Rue Baby has won several awards, including the Face of Nivea modelling competition, to become Nivea’s ambassador for the year 2017-18, best model at the Diaspora Entertainment Awards, and Recognition (Dear) 2018 edition.

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Usijidharau: TBT photos of your favorite celebs will leave you laughing

Its that day of the week where we look at throw back photos of your favorite celebrities,some of them walikua wamechapa but as they say ‘bora uhai’.

While back then most musicians could not afford to live a good life most of them now can easily afford to travel around,drive expensive cars buy designer clothes and shoes while back then they could only see such in magazines

Here are some some musicians who have undergone serious transformation you would be shocked to see their old photos


Born Hubert Nakitare,nonini has seen a major transformation not only in his body size, but also in his fashion sense ,music growth,he is a true definition of ‘watu hutoka mbali’

Genge musicians Nonini and Juacali


Don’t get it twisted ,your favourite artiste diamond hasn’t always been an eye candy but with the money and the fame things seem to have greatly changed for him.

He can now afford the best of things money can buy and he can mostly be seen rocking designer attire,entertaining beautiful women and of course going for vacations something he could have only dreamt of


3.Timmy Tdat

Don’t let the biceps lie to you back then Timmy had nothing to flaunt but he can now comfortably buy himself whatever he wants thanx to his music career.

His sense of fashion was way below poor but he has greatly transformed and the meek Timmy is gone.

Before and after photos of local artiste Timmy Tdat


Wyre the love child has always been an eye candy but nevertheless less he has seen a major transformation ,as he now looks more mature and confident unlike when he ventured into this music industry.

From back then singing as necessary noize Wyre has remained a sweetheart to many women but too bad he is off the market.

Wyre the love child

5.Dj Sadic

Forget the good looks and the well kept dreadlocks back then Dj Sadic rocked short hair which made him look so naive an easy target for nairobi thieves who steal from you in broad daylight.

Sadic has seen a major transformation given the fact he is among the best dressed DJ’s in Kenya something he never thought he would achieve

Before and after photos of Dj Sadic


The self proclaimed queen of single mothers hasn’t always had it easy in life ,with time she has seen a major transformation and the photo below is a proof of that.

She now boasts of designer shoes,clothes,watches and a beautiful mansion to top it all.

Local Kenyan artiste Akothee

7.Jua cali

Juacali popularly know as ‘Baba yao’ has seen a major transformation in his physical appearance ,going by his throw back photos,the only thing the musician has maintained all these years is his beautiful hair which seems to be growing longer by the day.

left:Juacali back in the day Right:Juacali with fellow musician Wyre the love child.


The ‘Shoulder back’ artiste has changed alot from the skinny young man he was to a true ‘gentleman ‘ who leaves ladies yearning for more,through the years the only thing he has maintained is his durag for reasons only best known to him.


9.Anita Nderu





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Meet the Kenyan celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents

It is one thing to have famous parent(s) but it is also another thing to live up to their expectations. This famous parents have however started to coach their children according to the paths their children want and it has clearly bore fruits as we see their children excelling in their own industry.

Below are some of the celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents,

1. Lupita

She is a natural treasure to the country and an inspiration to young actors in the Kenyan industry. Despite the fact that she is a Hollywood star, her father is Anyang’ Nyong’o, the current Governor of Kisumu County


Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

2. Joy Ohon

We know her from Machachari as the beautiful baby sister. Other than that, her mother is the beautiful Rosy Ohon, Recording and performing gospel artist.


3. Ladasha

She is the daughter to Size 8 and DJ Mo. At a very young age, she has already started appearing on our TV screens in Advertisements like the Softcare pampers commercial.



4. Keepitreal favour Dydda and Amblessed Wisdom Dydda.

They are the children to Eko Dydda and Galia. They are upcoming gospel hip hop artists who are doing quite well at a young age.

5. Celine Dion aka Baby Rue

Akothee’s daughter, baby rue has started her modelling career at a very high note with endorsement deals with Nivea and even being part of the models at the 8th edition of the JW show.


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Kenyan celebrities who drive the most expensive and luxurious cars (photos)

Kenyan celebrities are out here proving that their hard work is truly paying off.

We see them hustle everyday entertaining us and at the end of the day, they go back home in their luxurious cars. Some of these celebrities are not shy about posting their cars on social media.

These are some of the celebrities who own luxurious cars.

1. Diana Marua


International celebrities who have visited Kenya in 2018 (Photos)

2. DJ Mo


3. Otile Brown


4. Akothee


5. Anerlisa Muigai


5. Hon. Jaguar


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Inaweza? Kenyan celebrities who should consider starting a reality show

Reality TV shows are the latest trends not only in Kenya but world wide.

Celebrities like Bahati,Janet Mbugua have already jumped onto the band wagon.

Here are more celebs who should consider starting reality shows.

1. Eric Omondi

He was recently nominated as the funniest man in Africa. He mostly shares his funny video clips on his social media pages maybe it is time he considered starting a reality show.


2. Willy Paul

He calls himself ‘Heaven Material’, he is loved and hated in equal measure, and don’t you think his reality show would be a hit?

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Akothee

The self Proclaimed president of single mothers lives by the mantra ‘My life your entertainment.’ and what better way to entertain us than to start a reality show.


4. NJugush

He keeps his fans entertained with funny videos online but as you might already know Instagram limits large videos hence the best way to maximize on his talent is to start a reality show.

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

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5. Nameless

He and his wife Wahu are considered among the darling celebrity couples in Kenya and we all know why. Unlike other celebrities, this couple is rarely caught up in drama.

Starting a reality show would be a good step given that they would help their fans by giving them advice on what keeps a marriage going.

wahu nameless

6. Diamond

He is considered among the most sought after artistes in Africa and with a huge fan base.

A reality TV would help build his brand even more given that his fans love keeping tabs on his love life.


7. Zari

She has millions of followers on Instagram, so what better way to maximize on this than to start up a reality show.

Love her or hate her, she is a force to reckon with not only in her country but in Africa as a whole.

8. Betty Kyallo

Her life is a reality show ever since her marriage to Okari broke, and details of her life emerged. She can give us a glimpse into her life through a tv show.

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Betty Kyallo

9. Vera Sidika

Her life is too dramatic in a rather entertaining way. Imagine a reality show dubbed ‘Keeping up with Vera’ si inaeza kua moto?

Vera Sidika

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