‘Whether he is working or not, provide for your families’, Akothee tells women

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Akothee is addressing all women today. Whether married or single.

The mother of five has asked all women to be providers of their families, regardless of whether the husband is working or not.

In a post on her social media platform Akothee wrote;

“Yes as a mother you have to provide for the family, whether your husband is working or not. Don’t tell me about marrying a rich man, that’s no shortcut to life, most housewives married to rich men, are empty and living a miserable life, even though they can afford to buy everything in this world 🤔, They are manipulated and controlled by the card holder, their lives depend entirely on the sponsor, once a man can control you financially, he will control every single move you make 😣he owns your freedom and emotions.”

Akothee eating
Akothee eating

Akothee goes ahead saying that men capture your brain and before you know it, you slowly succumb to dependency and loose your own self-esteem, focus & your own thinking capability.

“Most rich men will tell you how stupid you are for not being able to make your own money and be independent💪. If you are lucky to marry or meet a rich man, never ever give up your power of freedom and succumb to their demands.

Yes, submit as a woman, but go to work, keep your job, even if it is earning you Ksh 100,000 a month. Human beings are keepers of their own souls, its only God that can read a human’s heart🙏🏾 , all in all, dating at your age might be a challenge for the pressure of this generation. Please concentrate on your studies, work and invest in your gifts.”

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She added;

“Never touch anyone’s husband, I come from a polygamous family, but trust me, its not peaceful. I can’t imagine myself receiving insults from morning to evening, my heart skipping from day & night. I am not sure what is happening in the world, but most men nowadays hide their marital Status, until they box you, once you are falling in love, now their wives introduce themselves to you 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️, please introduce the men coming into your lives, so I parade them here, just in case they have love triangles 😣😣😣, we will find out 👊, my fans are loyal, they will tell us. I don’t know how to swallow you back into my stomach, but you are already out! Please don’t mind my JOKES OF BWANA YA MUTU ON MY TABLE! I use a lot of parables and irony in the way I pass messages 🤣🤣🤣🤣, I am old and having fun, you still have a long way to go. If you dare mess up and carry the pregnancy, that’s our child, do not run away I am here.”

Akothee in the outfit in question
Akothee in the outfit in question

Kubarikiwa nayo!!Check out the gift Akothee’s baby daddy has bought her,it’s worth your 3 year salary

Local artiste Akothee has not had an easy life,being a single mother of five born of different baby daddies but as they say bora uhai.

The mother of five has on a few occasions bashed her baby daddies for not being responsible but there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Akothee with her family
Akothee with her family

At least 42 people feared dead grisly road accident along Kisumu-Muhoroni highway

She took to her social media to thank the father of her sons for being considerate enough to buy her an apartment.

“Let’s take a moment and appreciate my ride and die papa Oyoo @oyootheprince @princeojwang ! A very selfless guy, he just surprised me with a new apartment directly opposite the school ! He says he wants the children to have enough sleep other than waking up early in the morning and driving for 45 minutes to school from our house on the sea side ! At his age , he did all the furnishings by himself ! He refunded the money I sent him to support the kids as part of my contribution!”

Akothee and family
Akothee. photo credit: Akotheekenya

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She adds that he even went out of his way to refund her cash despite the fact that the children belong to both of them.

“He says ” You are still young and you need the money more than me , I am fine with the boys , thank you for this 2 gifts they make my life complete ” ! They wake up at 7.00 am , prepare for 1 hour and the boys simply cross the road to school as he watch them through the window , it takes 2 minutes! am I not blessed! So they drive back home every Friday for the weekend if your year has been a blessing type AMEN .He deletes all the bad memories I had for baby daddys, thinking of having a baby soon 😍😍”

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‘I am the se3iest woman in Kenya’, Akothee tells Maina Kageni (audio)

Singer Akothee this morning joined Maina Kageni in studio to talk more about her life and music.
The singer, who is currently promoting her new song Lotto, shared her experience working with Diamond Platinumz as well as her journey.

“Since I worked with Diamond, I learnt that it is not talent that will keep every artiste relevant but their hard-work”

‘Nelly Oaks come take ur bae kuna mtu anaiba huku’ Fans shout after photos of Akothee cuddling with another man emerge



“Diamond could spend most of his time in studio till late night. Someone once asked me if I do music because I got the money but it is because I have the passion.”

‘I didn’t know people with fat lips also talk too much’, Akothee responds to an abusive fan


“Well, Maina Kageni asked the sexy mother of five how she is able to maintain her body even after popping out five children and Akothee responded;

“I am the se#iest woman in Kenya, who doesn’t give a damn of what you think about me because yes, it doesn’t pay my bills. I mean I have five children and keeping this body is not easy, kuna competition pia huku nje.

Akothee. photo credit: Akotheekenya

Young girls are coming up with different shapes but mimi na hao tuko pamoja, they can’t beat me in that. The only thing they can is the A** that one I can’t attain. Siwezi nyimwa kila kitu. Nipewe watoto na ninyimwe figure.

I know my life is already messed up and I accept so, what you haters need to do is to accept and make your lives better. Organise yours.”

Her advice to young girls is;

“Every woman should know that we are very powerful human beings in the world. First of all walking around with pregnant for eight months with a foreigner in your body, that is an achievement. When men fall sick, they end up becoming so weak and terrorism everyone including the wife.


You can never find a worth inside a man, but you can only find that in themselves.

For me, first I don’t know how to love so I can not date a man who want to be pampered with love, I have to look for a man who will hustle with me.

I have dated grandfathers and even young men but what most people should know is that not every successful woman got the money from me.”




Ageing like fine wine: Self proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee turns a year older

Akothee is one woman full of surprises and stunts who somehow gets caught up in dramatic situations and we all know she really doesn’t care what people think.

She was hospitalized due to fatigue and after treatment the doctor recommended a two week bed rest, but like the boss she is, she ignored his advice and went ahead to produce and released a Sh5 million video.

She was admitted again but due to God’s grace she was discharged and she’s doing better.

Akothee is turning a year older and can now celebrate her birthday today with a healthy energized body.

She took to social media to wish herself all the blessings,


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEPRESIDENTOFSINGLEMOTHERS. I just realised that Akothee is also a product of sex 😂😂 it’s only that I was born in a complete family, otherwise ,my mother would have owned all kinds of names given to single mothers. Big up Nyarkadero for putting up with my father’s shit😂 just to see us grow , I don’t know your story , but I believe you must have packed a few times 😂😂😂, as for me! if the Love is gone 😜am out with my uterus #presidentofsinglemother feeling 15 years old today#sweetfifteen 10.4.2018 15 HAPPYBIRTHDAY ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO MIN OYOO. Ask & debate on my age if yours is missing, otherwise wish me a happybirthday if you don’t want I have already been born anyway 😂😂😂😂😂😂OYOYO LINK ON MY bio.”

We can not wait to see how she will celebrate her special as we all know Akothee has to draw attention and make it a big thing.

Tough Guy! Here’s the man who protects Akothee from overzealous fans (Photos)

Her fans and followers couldn’t wait to wish her a good birthday.

Essy: Happy birthday namesy you inspire me.

Cess: Happy birthday Min Oyoo

Ross: Happy birthday Queen. All the best wishes.Teamaries rocks

Sintah: Happy birthday our President pliz don’t die soon. Nani akule hiyo raha yote

Fayodero: Happy Birthday my Love. May God grant you many more years full of Blessings

Mrsdenzz: Happiest birthday dear may God grant u the disires of ur hrt have a blessed one. mtwapa twakungoja


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Akothee goes ham on her now ex, Nelly Oaks calling him an ‘freeloader’

Akothee has done it again.

We all know her for a luxurious lifestyle and dramatic situationships on social media. This time round she has thrown shade at rich men telling them she is not their target market.

All she wants is an affectionate man who will care and love her five children.


“Please am not looking for a rich man I have seen it All! If you are rich and looking for a woman please pass me ! I am not your target market ! I don’t want any ! Am not searching but a man who respects a woman and a mother will have me in wholesale 😂😂😂 am coming as a package ! So work your arse out to be a family man! I don’t know the meaning of romance till my children are full and asleep then we can talk 🎗🎗🎗ain’t looking for fame nor wealth ! Just affectionate.”

She is one of the most richest women in Kenya and clearly she already has enough wealth to sustain her and her family since she is not interested in rich men and they should pass her and go look for other women.

In another post she declares that she is single and that her relationship with Nelly Oaks is over.

“Bae is nobodies bae, I am very single! Not searching but mingling with the society #calpolis I am a very social person, I talk to the talkebal but very selfish for advantagers 😂😂.”She said.

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Singer Akothee Recounts How She Once Found Her Fridge Empty, Kids Hungry

Akothee is not letting anyone tarnish her name. She does not intend to let anyone brand her as an irresponsible mother.

The “Give It To Me” star took to Instagram to recount a time when she had come back home from hospital after giving birth…only to find an empty fridge and her kids hungry.

Take Advice And Decide For Yourself! Akothee’s Message To People

She immediately put the new born baby somewhere safe, drove off and did quick shopping for her kids. Many of her fans called her a ‘power woman.’


One of his allegations is that his child is living with my cohabitants not known to him , please I don’t know the meaning of this word Cohabitant! This English is too big please break it for me , help a sister so I don’t go and embarrassment my ugly sef in court 🤔🤔🤔see the empty fridge behind me was empty when I came back from the maternity ward , I dropped my new born in bed took my car and drove right to nakumat to shop for food for my children , just 2 days I was in hospital he already abandoned my 3 girls on their own ! The night I was labouring he was in Tembo & even the night I came back with the new born he was in casaurina and dint come back after 3 days 😂😂😂 Oyaa see my life @rue.baby @veshashaillan roja that, nilikuwa nimeparara lakini heri watoto wangu waishi vizuri, if I died during this fiasco would the court know my name’s? Would lawyers pocket any change? What do you think would have happened to my children? Now you know I wasn’t like this , the world taught me to #calpolis

These are some of the comments they put up:

fility102 You are strong woman umetoka mbali mahali unaenda ndio karibu. Its well
joynasim Soldier on mama!!! You are a fighter… My prayers are with you!!
_iam_akessy Akothee Nyar Luo u have inspired me alot..keep hustling mama usichoke
cecileciku You’re one strong willed person nothing deters you when it comes to your kids, you’re a warrior
kellessyenyewe @akotheekenya umetoka mbali. it’s high time for women to understand that the fact that God have you children is not to punish you but those kids would be a blessing to your life.no situation is permanent.
soipey Wow
maloy_lekanayia Awesome
kevinprince047 Ang’o matimi nyathiwa
freshia_moraa You are a strong woman

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This is how Akothee spent her epic holiday [photos]

Kenyan singer Akothee is not one to rest. She is always on the move. When she is not in the studio recording new music, she is out of the country globe trotting, or running her burgeoning business empire.

This festive season, she was spotted lounging with her family in the sun while rocking bikinis. She later tried out skydiving. It is one of those things that you definitely need to try in your lifetime. As for me, it is something that I need to face with fear, since I am extremely afraid of heights.

akothee 343

“At this point the only courage I had was that the children are in good hands 😂😂😂 I wanted to go back to the plane but was too late sema nduruuuuuuu 1 minute of silence…I will do it again”

Akothee is known for living a lavish lifestyle unapologetically and her controversial public image. In fact, she doesn’t mind if her children twerk. She is a fan of doing so herself.

She also has been involved with three different men and has bore them five children…and is seemingly planning to have more.

Akothee has also been romantically linked to her manager.

Anyways, here’s one of her biggest jams this year:

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Akothee Advices Single Mothers On How To Get Over Their Baby Daddies

Akothee, mother of five, who has two sons of mixed race, is one lady we have all come to understand that she speaks her mind on right about any matter she feels needs to be addressed.

She lives her life in a different way and being honest and straight to the point is her thing, and if you don’t like it, please sit at a corner and ask yourself, who’s losing.

Well, the Sweet Love hitmaker has advised women to stop believing the notion that all the exes are worth your bodies again.

She has given hope to single mothers.


Here is what she said;

“to all single parents , we are all allowed to date and fall in love again , having children does’nt mean that your love life has to stop ,some Exe’s are happy to see you single and desparate to the grave , it gives them fulfilment and make them feel they were never wrong if the relatioship dint work , as a woman , if you still sleep with your Ex in the name of “he is my baby daddy what can I do ” oooh you will continue hurting to the grave , no man will find you attractive for you keep on moving with your Exes spirits within you ,

Akothee went ahead and reminded the single mothers that men will never say no to any available sex hence , its the women who need to learn their standards.

“a man can never say no to any available sex , you both dont know what you want and thats why you are unhappy ,If a man can’t have you in public , then , dont allow him chew you in private , co-oparenting doesnt mean revising old past papers , some past papers are toxic😂, I keep contacts with my Exes for the sake of our children , but a big NO to rekindle old flame . I pray for all single parents to meet the love of their lives before the end of this year in Jesus name . #Madamboss

Akothee Narrates Her Bad Experience With One Of Her Mzungu Baby Daddies By Caren Nyota – October 24, 2017

There’s always a notion among Africans that when one gets into an interracial relationship they have hit the jackpot. But according to Akothee, that’s not the case. The mother of five, who has two sons of mixed race, has revealed that one of her baby daddies “does not understands the world of child support”. It’s upon Akothee herself to take care of her children, he rarely supports her.

The Sweet Love hitmaker has advised women to stop believing the notion that all white men are good and blessed pocketwise.

“Just take a flight to Europe its less than 100k , in about 7 hours , then as soon as you land everyone is white , so pliz just choose one even right from the airport , marry him have children and you are automatically rich , why so many questions ? lets see if success can be sexually transmitted starting with you , who always believe Muzungu make people rich , some are even broke than some of us 😂😂😂😂.” she wrote.



“I hear them say if you date a white guy or have children with them, you are automatically rich. Well, one of my baby daddies is pure white and doesn’t understand the world of child support, he sees his son at his own convenient time, he actually pockets the monthly payments from the government meant to be for the child, we don’t scream over our challenges we smile through and turn stress into ideas, one day I asked him where his son sleeps , he said “where the mama sleeps & eat what mama eats ) so, copy-paste my life and find many wrongs at your own risk , Nenda pia wewe ukazae na mzungu mwenye hata haujui kwao uone vituko, mtoto ataparara here papa , ukirudi kwa Waafrika na mtoto wa kizungu tayari wewe wabandikwa Jina La “Malaya ” jina umebandikwa hela pia huna!, halafu utakuwaje na mtoto wa kizungu ukose hela? La hasha , wewe ni Tajiri kwa hiyo rangi tu, kwa ufupi na sema,bahati ya mwenzio usilalie mlango wazi. #mylifeyourentertainment.”



“So far , wuon Oyoo ndio mwanaume kamili nimewahi kutananaye, Wanaume wote Sawa awe mzungu ama jaafrika uchungu na mizigo wa mwana hubaki ya mwanamke, labda tujaribu China , the only difference in men is upbringing and background, Akili ni nywele kila mtu ana zake, sit and wait for child support , until the landlord locks you out , then you will realise that being a baby mama isn’t a professional profession, even the court of law don’t recognize it , look for a job and let opportunities meet you along the way, baby daddies wasijekutoa kamasi bure.”




It breaks my heart to see children in running battles with men in uniform – cries out Akothee

Kenya’s richest singer is fed up. Akothee or madam boss as she is popularly referred to has had enough of the running battles Kenyans are witnessing on the streets. What is really hurting her, is some of the scenes where school children are being targeted by men in uniform.

And it’s not just Akothee. Kenyans in general have expressed outrage that children are victims of street demos’ arising from the political crisis in Kenya.

Akothee is not known to wade into politics, but this time she is speaking out.  Madam boss is upset and has taken to social media to express the rage she feels.



She wrote on her social media platform,

“Goodmorning Government, we’ll the country is wondering why I don’t talk about politics, my worry is, I can’t talk about a story that I don’t know it’s head or tail, especially where blood is shed, it’s not a joke as a mother to watch people’s children being Butchered like animals, it’s not easy to see children running helplessly from their classrooms in the name of tear gas, I could not imagine seeing my son rolling on his stomach from lecture rooms looking for help, it has been a terrible year for parents, families entrepreneurs and the country as a whole, I stopped watching news for it makes me helpless and sad, now seeing innocent people fished out of their boda bodas, beaten, their only source of income destroyed! I mean this is uncouth, if you could know how Kenya is depicted in the outside country you could find a solution to this blood shedding, I don’t know what will happen to the tourism industry ,lets not lie to each other ,the tourism industry has been affected 100%, no one would like to visit a country with security instabilities, secondly, companies will retrench employees, there is no business so what do you keep employees for? This means another shock to the family and society at large, I believe Kenyans have democratic rights so they should be allowed to exercise it peacefully, and security provided for them not vise Vasa, it’s a pity that we only have 2 standards of living in kenya , very rich and very poor, the middle class don’t have opportunity to grow, they are the ones leading the most difficult life , eating from hand to mouth, they could be having good jobs but Kenya has become more expensive than Switzerland, we should not exercise our hunger & greed for power on our common mwananchi. My Kenya is lonely and as a Kenyan, I get goose pimples when I see those men in black heads, combats, and gumboots, I only see death and not Security when I see them ! how about children living in this affected areas ?what do you think is going on in their brains? so you already know we are raising a bitter generation, the effect will only be seen in the future generations PRAY FOR KENYA
#someonetellthegovernement .

Human Beings Are Very Selfish! Akothee Tells Her Fans

Singer Akothee is living the life she has always dreamt of as a young child growing up in the village and going through tough times to become who she has become now.

The Yuko Moyoni hitmaker is known for her flamboyant lifestyle that makes many people think she is just bragging and showing off whatever she has achieved in life.

Being a mother of five, Akothee has always protected her children and always give them the support they need as a mother and it has always been a job well done for her being a single mother.


Her love for farming and hard work is what brings food on her table in her palatial home, Mombasa County.

She has always been seen going to farm and it is an encouragement and inspiration to other musicians who think that going to farm is just a waste of time and getting oneself dirty.


She took to social media to show off her new project of making nurseries. In the photo, you can see her getting her hands dirty to show that she doesn’t leave all the work to her workers.

The Baby Daddy singer is one person who many look up to because she does not fake her lifestyle and always says things as they are.

Captioning a photo, Akothee said:


“I only make financial moves, everyday is a learning lesson, every experience is a learning process , good or bad, don’t allow people use you for their own interests , not every offer is meant for you, human beings are very selfish, let me organise my life (new nursery establishment )”

Check out some few comments:

Faith: Where did you get the trays from?

Fl0wer: Akotheee please share your food plan… Body Goals!!

Eunice: You are a teacher



Akothee Writes A Touchy Open Letter To Her Beautiful Daughters

Akothee is one female artist many should emulate. She has her way of spoiling and treating her children now and then and even frees her time to spend with her children.


Being a mother of five, the Baby Daddy hit maker loves and has always protected her children with her own life and makes sure that they get whatever they want.


Her flamboyant lifestyle would leave you with a message that her kids do not lack anything because mummy works hard to ensure they get all the best.


It is a dream of every woman to see their children prosper and once in a while advice them properly about life issues and how they should go about it.


Well, the Yuko Moyoni singer has won my heart as a young girl who always gets some time to talk to my mother about issues concerning life and encouraging me to work hard.

Akothee daughers

Akothee has decided to share the love of her daughters in the most unique way by penning down an open letter to her beautiful daughters encouraging them to work hard and asking them never to force love on someone who doesn’t love them. She further went on to tell them that she had enough for them and when they have children, they should take them to their grandmother because she has enough money to take care of them.


Here is the letter to her daughters:

“Msikwamilie waume wanangu, Mimi mama yenu nimetengeza zitakazo tutosha pamoja na vitukuu vyangu , musilazimishe ndoa wala mapenzi, nileteeni hao watoto wenu nitalea , ila tuu , naomba mtie bidii kwenye elimu. Hakuna la hekima Kama nidhamu, Hakuna litakalo kutoa kamasi Kama ugonjwa WA mapenzi Kama haiko haikooo, No one has plans for you, better have plans for yourselves transl. (speak in English so our neighbours can misunderstand)😂😂 language barrier is aweapon too _madamboss”

Check out some reactions from fans:

Liz: Wrong advice mum.Don’t encourage them to go the wrong way.Let them keep the right morals and God’s will to take its course in their lives.Kwa wale mnatazama sura,hayo ni maumbile na usije fikiri wewe u bora zaidi ya wale,huenda unavyoropokwa hata sura uliyonayo haipendezi.

Aaron: My woman crush everyday. Realist .hardworking mama with no apologies to make

Salim: Nice.. bt usiunipee mmoja aki wako cute

Kibu: Wasia wa mama kwa wanawe….

Lianna: Mmmmh! Mna sura ngumu wote half mtu unae shinfandana nae unatakiwa uwe kijakaz wake!

Barbara: GOOD STUFF!!! Wanaume si hewa ati ukikaa bila utakosa pumsi! 👏👏👏👏👏

Akothee reveals what she went through when the love of her life cheated on her

Akothee is well known for her no-nonsense kind of attitude plus she is a strict mother. She is also said to be Kenya’s richest female singer with not just cash but wealth out there.

I mean have you seen her house?


Well, she revealed another side of her we were not aware of. She got all emotional when she heard that Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz admitted to cheating on his wife Zari with his side chick Hamisa Mobetto.

She posted a long and emotional message on her Instagram page that spoke of her regret, and what lesson she learnt from her experience.

She opened up talking about how the love of her life used to blackmail her when she wanted to leave the relationship. He would tell her that he has nude pictures of her that he would leak on social media.

She said:

I didn’t know about bluetooth, I had a very beautiful pic of mine in my birth suit, he stole my phone and transferred the pic to his phone, so every time I wanted to dump him he would send the photo telling me ‘kumbuka nina siri zako nyingi’.

What hurt her the most was that he stole her jewelry and gave it to his side chic. So she decided enough is enough. She dared him to go ahead and post the nudes, and even offered to do it for him.

I got sooo tired of this s**t , I just woke up one day and asked him to post the photo or I help him do it.

I mean there comes a time when someone crosses your red line. According to her, the man had the audacity to ask her for children. Children aren’t cheap to maintain for sure and that was her school of thought, you have seen she has quite a squad already.

Love can sometimes block your brain from seeing what is ahead for you. Akothee confessed that every time she thought of dumping him, she felt there would be some form of emptiness. That was what bound her to him but she eventually dumped him, blocked him and she has officially moved on!


Power to the women!

This was just but advice to Zari after all the love triangle drama blew up on her face.

Her parting shot was:

I woke up one day and said enough is enough, I dumped his a** never to hear from him again, blocked him everywhere, now am breathing fresh air on top, he sees me only on breaking news😂WOMEN WAKE UP!

Pick Up The Pieces Zari! Akothee responds to Diamond’s revelation of cheating on his wife

Socia media is abuzz with everyone taking a dig at Zari and Diamond Platnumz after he admitted to cheating on her with socialite Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond also revealed that he sired a child with Hamisa, news that has broken Zari’s heart.

Well, her gal pal Akothee has responded to the drama and is rooting for Zari, amid the tension.

Mobetto had leaked photos of her and Diamond getting cosy in Diamond and Zari’s bed. She later leaked photos of her at Diamond’s office where she was bossing around.

According to the interview conducted at Tanzanians radio station Clouds FM, Diamond said he met Hamisa back in 2010 where they dated and later broke up over irreconcilable differences. Diamond says the devil got into him last year and once again he hooked up with the model

After Diamond opened up about the affair, fans and haters took to social media to comment about the whole situation.

Kenya’s richest singer Akothee is among those who have something to say.

She went ahead and jotted down a very touching message on her Instagram page.




“its sad how women celebrate another womans challenges , eeee am saaad yawa am saaad , I dint eat the whole of yesterday as if its my own personal issue , it reminded me of some shit I had contact with , stole my expensive gold chains sold some & , took some to his side chick & always denied not to have an affair , so one day they took a photo and forgot to take out the chain 😂😂, sema aibu , everytime I came home with my wallet money was missing , yet we were just the two of us , he would start fights from nowhere just to get to run away and come back when his well was dry , I dint know about bluetuth , I had a very beautiful pick of mine in my birth suit , he stole my phone and transfered the pick to his phone , so everytime I wanted to dump him he would send the photo telling me ” kumbuka nina siri zako nyingi ” halooo, I got sooo tired of this shit , I just woke up one day and asked him to post the photo or I help him do it idiot . he wont let my phone rest , he would scroll all whatsups and attack me with messages from people I dont even know , I never have passwords on my phones because am straight, but his , even when his phone rings , you have to put password to see who is calling , when he picks his calls , he travels mpaka chini ya mawembeeee , sometimes he would lie to me that he is composing a song ,kumbe he is on his phone with his chicks , sad enough ,it was not only one chick 😷, he would creat drama over wanting to have a baby with me 😂😂, “baby ,mbona hutaki kunizalia ” 😂😂, I would go behind the house and laugh ask myself “you cant even take care of yourself you think a baby is a teddy bear 😂😂, lets play the game am the director you be the actor okey” I was so worn out , I was very tired and unhappy , everytime I thought of dumping him , I felt so empty , I was weak to let go , papa Ojwang wanted to beat him up, he could not stand seing his baby mama sad , I had all the money in the world but was always feeling empty , I woke up one day and said enough is enough , I dumped his arse like 🖕🖕, never to hear from him again , blocked him everywhere, now am breathing fresh air ontop, he sees me only on breaking news😂WOMEN WAKE UP.


Well, here are some comments from the post;

Shiroh Kariuki Wa Muth…True #Akothee. I refuse any man to look at me like a chunk of meat. My heart and my piece of mind come first. I won’t compete for any man’s attention when there are so many competitions going around like lotto and Mcheza. Good day my mentor

Anne Candy.. Ooh I wish our Lady can see her worth,she should not allow anyone drag her into their shit…..one thing I love about strong women when they get tired they walk with their heads high and never look back ….praying that this is the time for our Zari .😥😥😥

Sharon Ambani… I think you should be talking to Zari about this at least you can encourage her n more pple. . Nice word madam boss

Smallin Kenya… Akotheeeeee i disagree, when she called Wema TASA, did she forget WEMA is a woman like her and babies are Blessings from God!
Ulimi is a very small thing and social media can blind you and forget that you are human.
She didn’t care about WEMA sorry hapa you are alone!

Take Advice And Decide For Yourself! Akothee’s Message To People

Akothee who is famously known for her hit songs; yuko moyoni and baby daddy is one lady many look up to because of her hard work and the working spirit she has within in her.


Despite being a mother of five, she is always an inspiration to many with how she struggles to make sure that her children get the best in life something that she was denied when she was young.


Her love for doing her own things and managing her own house is something to be admired by fellow top musicians who can never step into their kitchen to prepare a simple meal or even spend some time in the farm.

Akothee posted a picture on her Facebook which she used to narrate how she got motivated to start her own farm in Mombasa.




Read her post below:

“siku zote nimeshinda nikipanda nyasi humu , mbona sikufikiria mapema jamani , kwani mimi ngombe , at times I would come home and ask for food , then am told , mama kuna nyama na samaki lakini hakuna mboga ,tulisahau kuandika kwa shopping list , NKT sema hasira na appetite kupotea ! I had never seen vegetable plantation in mombasa , I believed it was too dry and that all veges came from Bara land (kisii) , my shamba boy told me , mboga haiwezi mombasa , so I said, let me try , as usual I like testing waters , see me now , if I trusted him I would still be buying veges 😂😂😂, take advice and decide for yourself , some advices are coming from lazy people 😂😂
mama mboga ameumia jamani , hanioni tena , labda aje wholesale kwa #madamboss , who is around come for some.”

Here are reactions from her followers:

Wangui:  I dream of the day I will have my own home my own kitchen garden.. I admire your resilience hats off madamboss

Muthoni:  Wewe ni Akoth lakini… hii damu ni yaukikuyu kweli! I love the hardwork and saving gene in you!
John:  Hongera madam, mboga za kununua sokoni maranyingi hua zinachunwa shambani kabla ya kuisha nguvu kwa sumu ya kuzuia wadudu.

Kizquid:  This is a serious harvest Bravo Mama. Kujia saga seeds whenever u around my town(zile za kisii)


Edith:  Like it or not Akothe is an epitome of strength of a woman I admire you.. Gooooooo gal keep it this way

Balones:  I love everything about you that i know But what i love the most is what i see you do here you say and read what you write

Grace:  You are such a great trailblazer…I love your energy!!! Being a Celeb and yet so humble. Keep on soaring high girl!!

Akothee Publicly Thirsts For This Comedian: “He Is Popular, Rich And Famous’

Akothee  is a Kenyan musician known for her songs such as Baby Daddy  and Benefactor, a song that talks about sponsors. Her music has hit the air waves of Kenyan radio stations and even East Africa.

Her flamboyant lifestyle is what leaves many wondering where all her wealth comes from. She is a lady that does not care about what people say about her which is something that many should follow in order to prosper in this life.


The Sweet Love hit maker has been making news everywhere for her advice in social media posts that she keeps on updating daily. Akothee believes in working hard and getting what you want for yourself. To demonstrate this, she has been seen going to plough her farm and doing house chores for herself. Yes, that is Madam Boss for ya!

A post on her instagram caught  my attention with words  saying that if Jalango was not coming from Homa Bay then she would have married him.

Here is a photo she posted with this caption:



“My baby is at work by 6.00 am, and he is popular, rich and famous in his late 20s always chasing the next 💰💰💰 he is working on his second pack, soon he will have six pack and to be the hottest man in our town, sasa wewe utaniambia nini, aka mpesa pale ikikwama kama vile form 34A najua ataokoa jahazi, mpesa yake iko active 24/7. Just like I love money I love you for free my little Bro @jalangoo kama haungetoka homabay ningekuoa, lakini hautanilipia ndege? Utasema ni drive it’s 20 mins 😂😂😂😂😂,”

Here are some reactions from the post:

jalangoo: Hapo Kwa rich nimekuwachia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hapo Kwa mapenzi hata Mimi penda wewe kuliko misungu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

rean_mwende: If @jalangoo is on his late 20’s then I am typing from my mother’s womb… Lol

keshi_eve_25: Haha @akotheekenya …utajitoa na nguvu hivyo ..nw posting his hardworking afta amejichuja kua shemeji ….ur dope boss lady

izelllwonder: Hapo sasa,achana na ufala imeniaribu maskio ati #Chilobae😂😂Chiloba my feet😂😂 😂unapendwa duddy @jalangoo 😂misungu Kando

frankshield1738: Hapo penye amekwita bro man hutoki friendzone😂😂😂

lluciouslucio: @akotheekenya i Agree!!! @jalangoo is a really kind hearted fella!!!! Never forget the 10K he handed me a few years ago…. Just like that? YEAH!! JUST LIKE THAT!!!!

rozzymarvelous: 😀😀😀😀 jalas in his late 20s ako na 2pac…. Wish you came from UK ukambani……..

shushywann: Uuuuuuiiiii mapenzi moto moto

frankline_teddy: Hii ni serious……mwoe tutembee hadi homabay kutoka rongo…..jalang’o i hope ni iyie gi wach mar akodhe ni


It Is Not Easy For A Man To Accept Another Man’s Responsibility! Akothee Advises Single Mothers

The always slaying Akothee who is known for her flamboyant lifestyle decided to share her thoughts with single mothers now that schools are opening for the third term and they have to pay fees for their children, buy uniforms other school needs like books, pens and even writing pads.

Akothee is known for her hit songs such as ‘baby daddy’, ‘yuko moyoni’ and ‘sweet love’ and is always a subject of online trolls thanks to her controversial posts on her social media pages but this time, single mothers opened up to her to share their sorrows and how they have also managed to take care of their children single handedly.


She is a mother of five and is known for being very protective of her children.

“the world is bitter because we raise bitter children in broken relationships , as a mother , you have no choice but to show your children love , they dint send an application for what kind of life they would like to live , they are victims of circumstances.” This were her first words in a long post narrating how its not easy for a man to accept another man’s responsibility.


Akothee would have been married by a young handsome guy from Holland in 2007 because he was such a loving and caring man but the moment he asked her to take back her children to their father so that he would settle with her, Akothee’s love vanished and everything he did was just annoying even after he apologized.

She did not trust him again and so she walked away from the relationship even though he was a perfect husband,” its not easy for another man to accept another mans responsibility.” She said.


She went further to say how after that she met Wuon Oyoo in 2009 the man he considers the ‘winner’ when Ojwang, one of her sons was just but two weeks old.

Akothee added that,” he fell in love with the oozing milk I was in the middle of lactating but was back at work as a taxi driver magy roja that , he collected my 4 children as his & always reffered them to our children , he always had their birth certificates in his email in case the school wanted something and I was away imagine his name was in none of the above 🙈, this was a lesson for me never to take quick offers as they come , I am a risk taker , my children comes first in my relationship , a child is not a teddy bear that you would move from one couch to the other , forget it and come pick it the next day , I am a proud mother of five, now enjoying the fruits of my luck, patience and Gods miracles . sometimes I felt like God was taking too long to answer me , but trust me I got so many proposals but my children were never in this guys budget , I dumped them with all their dreams of having a model to show arround in europe while my womb would be Suffering in Afrika , from day one , I will sing the love of my children in your ears so I get to know you before we make any step , your reactions will tell me if we moving on or lets just not waste time , A man will never take you serious the moment he realises he can replace your children from your heart ,sorry for the babby daddies , karma will land at your doorstep soon., for the single fathers I dont know your pain , I have never been there , may be you share with us so ladies can learn from your experience , #backtoschoolmoments , this is the time single parents drink salty water for tea GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH MY LOVE.”

Here are reactions from her Facebook fans:

Mary Christine Atieno This is touching. As a single mum,I have God and my siblings who help when things are thick. But when schools open like this and am in the supermarket with my three doing shopping for them,I can’t hide tears when I see men shopping for their kids sometimes with no mothers in tow and I ask God,why me? Nilikosea wapi?sometimes God takes too long but I hope one day he will answer me.. May thunder strike these men who abandon their children in Jesus’ name…

Mercy Otunga Hehehe I am still stuck at ” for the single fathers I don’t know your pain, I have never been there”. By the way single fathers kujeni mtuambie what you guys go through, fungueni roho


Fridahn Nkirote Product of a single father my dad sacrificed everything to see me grow.my dad put a fullstop about marryn when he was 28 just to give us good life when we use to ask him dad why don’t u marry he was like”If I bring another woman in this compound and mistreats you I will end up commintn murder,to avoid trouble let me play the two roles of a mother and a father”For a man to wake up prepare breakfast,wake u up,make sure u go to schl,take milk to daily,come back wash clothes and clean the house,go to shamba,then come back to prepare lunch and be at sch gate at 12:40 to bring food so that u won’t carry cold food to sch and provide sch fee.God please protect my dad for me from any harm
Nyargijowuoi Achiel It’s not easy being a single mom jst at 28 I’m a single mom of two and nothing pains so much when a baby asks for his/her father’s whereabouts….my hubby died while my daughter was only 5months old in my womb….now she’s 6years old and still asks about her father….this always sends me Into tears my hubby died in a grisly road accident.
Maggie Gichuki Still wondering school fees itatoka wapi n job iliisha early this month bila notice 😥😥😥 she is so beautiful that I can’t give up…. because she believes in me so much. I may not be a perfect mum but am doing the best that I can…by the way orthopaedic surgeons I need your help please…
Joan Mukunya This is the most inspiring thread I’ve been on for long long time… God bless you. This is the description of strength, resilience and heroism





10 Stunning Photos Of Akothee’s Sh80 Million “Retirement” Home Emerge, Kenyans Go Mad With Jealousy

Kenyan singer Akothee is living proof that hard work pays. The mother of five has hustled her way up from poverty and we are proud of her. She has come a long way.

From nothing to something, Akothee has become an influential female personality and a role model to many women out there. Known for her flamboyant lifestyle, the flashy singer recently shared her grass to grace story that left many inspired.




A few years later, Akothee achieved her goal of owning the home of her dream. The home worth 80 million is located in Rongo, Migori county which she usually refers to as her “retirement home”.

Well, below are breathtaking photos of Akothee’s home which prove that she is living like a queen, go through