‘I am rich but my uterus remains my strength,’ Akothee celebrates her five children

Singer Akothee aka Madam boss is celebrating motherhood.

Akothee, has established herself to become a household name in the country’s entertainment industry.

The artiste, who is also among the richest female celebrities in Kenya, started from humble beginnings and currently lives in affluence and fame.

The songstress is popular for her love of her five children.
Taking to social media, Akothee says her children cannot be compared to her wealth as she can sell all of it.
She is celebrating how grown they all are.
“You are slowly sliding off my hands because of age, but I would like to tell you that, the whole journey with you was full of encouragement after every challenge💪, you gave me strength even when I felt like I can’t do it anymore, so I asked myself, If not me! Then who? I have moved homes, houses, countries and cities in search of your happiness and stability, I asked no one for a bit of advice,for every time I started to narrate my pain.
I felt its useless, and I should use that time to fend for your happiness, I really miss you to death, when I still had control over you, now even Oyoo can decide to tell me he is not going to church with me,& I have to respect that its the generation 🙏🏾, I don’t think I would enjoy any other moments of my life like I did with you.”
Akothee with her kids
She added;
“I thank God for the woman I became, please enjoy your family while it lasts, its the greatest wealth anyone can have! It’s fulfilling. Someone asked how wealthy am I, Yes I am very rich and healthy
See my riches above, my children are my wealth, that’s All I care for, I can buy as many houses as my pocket can allow me, and I can sleep in only one bed at a time, I can also sell them when I don’t need them anymore, but I can’t buy children and sell them when I want, my uterus remains my strength, the rest is short term lived.
Prioritize your priorities it brings joy
Happy sabbath family
She also runs her foundation that helps the less fortunate in the country.

‘I was a disgrace to my parents,’ Akothee shouts as her daughter graduates

Akothee is a proud mum after her firstborn daughter Veshashaillan completed her University degree and her second turned 22 years old.

The proud mother of five took it to social media to celebrate the blessing with her fans.

She wrote;

“I gave birth at the age of 14 I have no degree, but five birth certificates. I was a disgrace to my parents, but now none of my children is a disgrace to me, fada lod first degree done, I am a proud pretty momma of 5,” she said.

The Madam Boss has worked for what she flaunts today and she is not about to let any of her children go through what she did.

A mother at just 14 years, no education, but a growing family. This crushed her parent’s hearts but today, she is proud to see her daughters enjoy what she never had the privilege to.

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Her firstborn child and daughter, Vesha has completed her first degree at Strathmore University, as she awaits graduation.

Sharing a video dancing to her blessings, Akothee captioned:

“The feeling when your firstborn has just finished university
aii, aii I want to go hug my daughter @veshashaillan for me being her role model,” she wrote.

Hii ni snack ama? Akothee shouts of hunger during her tour in France

Akothee is known for her lavish lifestyle thanx to her hustling hard but even with all that she still thinks East or West home is the best.

The last few weeks she has been in France and just when most of us were dying to be in her shoes here she comes busting our bubble.

According to Akothe being away from home has its short coming most of them not being able to eat whatever you love.

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She wrote

“Maad respect to all my fans living in Europe , I miss home like crazy ! I am hungry , very hungry, I have enough of this food here , I walk into a restaurant & I feel angry🙄🙄 I feel like crying , unga ya Ugali ni tasteless nyamula, yellow maize ! Pizza be oroma gi chicken wings ! Spaghetti bolonyese be koro okadwar , Uuuuuuwiiii,


Going by her photos one would be forgiven for thinking she is enjoying all this,but she is not and here is her confession.

“I want UGALI SKUMA, AND NGEGE, NYOYO GI NYUKA , I am not eating healthy at allllllllllllll at allll, I miss my kienyeji life , that’s where I belong , 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 if any one deport me from AFRICA I WILL DIE 🙄🙄🙄 If Kenyans deport me Nitavuka TZ kwa @shilolekiuno_badgirlshishi , if TZ say no NIGERIA PAP @adunniade_bosslady

With the kind of effort Akothee puts in the gym to maintain her killer body it is obvious why she is concerned on not eating healthy.


But worry not Akothee ,now you know that even with all the money home is where the heart really belongs.

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While some of her fans agreed with hr some only made remarks to make her feel worse about her situation ,here are their responses

witnessmbitsiIts true huku food ni tasteless, i miss ugali sukuma mchicha mnavu mkunde yuo ppl at home mnakula poa hio siuongo

vuyekane_sueAm in the same lane with you for two years now bila kula ngege na greens plus iyo ugali I can feel you mama

lucy_bebznakufeel my friend huku nikujibonda mnavu na omena bila huruma kabla uzungu wa buffet uje wa safari hahahhahahahaha @akotheekenya


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Baraka kwao! Akothee gifts her daughters Land

Singer Akothee will always surprise her fans. She is one mother who is proud of her children and she does everything for them.

Well, recently she has proven that every child needs to inherit something from their parent despite the gender.

She has divided her land to her daughter adding that she won’t do more than that because her daughters need to learn to make a living for themselves.

She wrote;

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I think it’s high time parents consider dividing land for a girlchild just in case things don’t work out ! I Esther Akoth Kokeyo has divided land for my 3 daughter’s Each one of them has 3 acres ! As their birthday gifts as they graduate from being children, they can build their homes and develop the rest ! I will not build houses for them that’s spoon feeding which is dangerous , I am investing in their education so that they get good background of having an independent mind ,get employed or self employment , save and build their homes ! Independence is the most expensive gift one can have ! #presidentofsinglemothers
Don’t you think girls should be given land?


Her post was applauded by many saying that every child deserves to be given a reward.

Check out comments from fans;


mafiateton YES n NO. Yes absolutely for equality and if they invest in income generating property on them. But NO unless you want them living at home or having their men move into their possessions instead of the them moving into their mens’


rachelwanja @akotheekenya its the law now babe. Every child is entitled to land from their parents. I already have mine nimetulia tu mwanaume hanishtui


[email protected]  Its the Law. Even if your paros dont give you land you can go to court. Its your right. Girl child is now covered.


anny_ndegwa Yes if it’s there but better still, both girls and boys should be taught to rely on themselves. To be independent and hardworking to get land and everything else they want. Most parents these days do not even have that land to give out.



josephmwai157 Even the constitution allows women to inherit land from their parents, whether married or single


ytjacintaYea!a girl child is as important as the boy child,but as for me I will just work to own my wealth eg land but if dad give me I still won’t refuse










‘Fare Thee Well!’ Death Strikes Akothee’s family

Esther Akoth aka Akothee a famous Kenyan female artist has recently lost her grandfather.

The star is fresh from winning an international award for her music video Benefactor. She was so happy about her achievement. From a high to a low moment she wrote a very long sad message saying;


“I wanted to enjoy the litle I have with you , thats the reason I built my home next to you , my heart is directly connected to you , You are the only true husband in my life , you are the only one who understands and take all my bulshit , (wereuru gi Nyogoro ,to un ukia ni Akoth nyogoro anot janeko ka ogoro mane achake , ) I always wondered why your feet was cold , I would breakdown but never allow you to see me cry , ooh yes I have been praying to God to give me strength to accept when nature calls. I dint and never believed you are old , When I ask you of your age, you tell me endless unconnected stories , so you left me 2 assignments as most of them I cleared while you were alive , I promise you , I will do them , I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRANDPA FARE THEE WELL OSIEPNA JAMES OGENDI , ITIEKA CHUTH RATEGO. JOMATEK BE ODINO YOO”

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May you grandfather rest in peace Akothee.