Kenyan Celebrities who got to watch Beyonce at the Global Citizen Festival(photos)

The Global Citizen Festival, Mandela 100 took place in Johannesburg South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela’s work to end poverty for his 100th birthday. Celebrities all over the world performed. Among the main performances was Beyonce and Jay Z.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrities who got the chance to attend the spectacular event,

1. Julie Gichuru

2. Victoria Rubadiri

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3. Amina Abdi Rabar

4. Dennis Okari



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Beyonce’s song for the day of the International girl child is a must watch

Singer Beyonce has released a new video for the song ‘Freedom’ in honor of the International Day of The Girl Child.

The day marked on October 11th, aimed to rally the world to ending child marriages, making sure girls stay in school, and ending all forms of violence.

In the video, young girls from across the world can be seen lip synching to the song, and it was shared on her social media with a heart felt plea to the world.

The star wrote;

‘“Today is #DayoftheGirl. Girls around the world are fighting for their freedom every day.” Check out the video below, and learn more about International Day of the Girl at Chime for Change and the Global Goals

‘Block Your Ears From Bullies ‘Advises Celina Of Mother-In-Law

Celebrated Actress Catherine Kamau famously known as Celina for her role in a local show is advising her fans to block all negative energy around them. Continue reading “‘Block Your Ears From Bullies ‘Advises Celina Of Mother-In-Law”

INK QUEENS! Here Are Female Celebrities With The Most BEAUTIFUL Tattoos Ever

Getting a tattoo is hard for some of us, but many female celebrities have proven that they can add that beautiful ink on their skin and still slay.

You’ve probably heard that joke that has been doing rounds saying, “Ukipata tattoo ya rose, ukizeeka itageuka kua weed!”


Forget about the dramatic Lil Wayne kind of tattoos, East African lasses have class, they choose the cutest art for their tattoo.

These Female Celebrities Might Have Gotten Married If ONLY They STACK With ONE Man

Without further a do, here are female celebrities with the most simple yet beautiful tattoos ever;

Jacqueline Wolper

She is a bongo movie actress, a business woman, and a fashionista. This girlfriend to WCB’s Harmonize has one of the most beautiful tattoos, earning her a number one to our A list today.

Feed your eyes here;


Kambua, a gospel artiste and a media personality almost got into trouble with her fans for showing off her tattoo. Forget the negatives, Kambua has a beautiful music note, tattoo on her hand.


CURVES FOR DAYS! 7 Of The Most Stunning And Beautiful Curvy Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

Adelle Onyango

Kiss Fm’s breakfast show Adelle Onyango has one of the clearest yet understandable tattoos in town. Her left hand is written, “God dwells within me, as me”

adelle onyango

Zari Hassan

Zari’s tattoos have a story and a half. Zari had previously tattooed abbreviations of her ex-boyfriend – a basketballer she dates after Ivan – on her waist and on meeting her current baby daddy, Zari changed the tattoo in a way we could not believe how beautiful it came out. Zari, a mother, business woman and ex singer is one lady who knows to keep them simple yet creative.

Huddah Monroe

She has the body we all crave and ish for. A body that blends well with the kind of tattoo she gets. Unlike other lasses who put tattoos on their boobs, Huddah was very careful and got two on her chest, just not on the boobs.

huddah monroe

RADIO GODDESSES! 9 Of The Hottest And Most Elegant Female Radio Personalities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan radio industry has grown over the past 10 years, with new radio hosts and personalities emerging and surprising us with their talent.

We must also acknowledge the impact of radio presenters who were a big deal back in the day, with their amazing, confident voices and boldness when it comes to tackling social, political issues plus relationship matters.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 6 Former TV Queens We Would Love To See Back On Our Local Screens (PHOTOS)

Some veteran and popular radio hosts from back in the day include; Sheila Mwanyigha, Caroline Mutoko, Ciku Muiruri, Munene Nyagah, Kalekye Mumo, Fareed Kimani, Angela Angwenyi and the late Grace Makosewe.

Caroline Mutoko

But there is a new breed of radio presenters who have taken over the airwaves in the last 5 years and just to appreciate them, how about we take a look at some of the most beautiful and sexiest radio personalities in Kenya at the moment.

1. Adelle Onyango
The Kiss 100 host is one of the youngest radio presenters in the media industry and is known for her social media influence and interaction with the young people. Adelle Onyango is very conversant with all the current affairs and has led several campaigns for girls.


2. Mimmy Khamis
She is the new radio presenter for Classic 105’s mid-morning show and one a black beauty who is proud of her complexion. Mimmy Khamis is very bubbly and down to earth, with a warm smile and sense of simplicity. Her face glows despite the fact that wearing makeup is not a ritual to her and only does it once in a while.


3. Amina Abdi
She is not only a radio presenter but also one of the most sought after female MCs, TV presenter and is also a talented singer with a very mellow voice. The Capital FM radio presenter is full of life and has a very admirable personality. Despite being a mother of one, Amina Abdi looks incredibly gorgeous.


4. Massawe Japanni
The Radio Jambo mid-morning show presenter has proved to be one of the best with her amazing Swahili accent that drives her male listeners crazy. Massawe Japanni is a mother of three lovely daughters but looks nothing her age. How gorgeous and beautiful is she?


5. Patricia Kihoro
The Homeboyz radio presenter is remembered for her time at Tusker Project Fame 3 where she was a finalist and whose amazing vocals has seen her release several songs. Patricia is a sight to behold and is also very hilarious. She is also an actress who has featured in several films and TV shows like Changes.


6. Mwende Macharia
She is very outspoken, never shying away from airing her opinion on trending topics. Mwende Macharia is one of the biggest female radio hosts from Radio Maisha and at some point, she was a TV host for a popular gospel show on KTN.


7. Mwalimu Rachel
Her smooth and mellow voice attracts listeners on Homeboyz radio and she has a very strong influence on young people on social media and always keeps it real. She is not only very gorgeous but also witty and confident.


8. Anita Nderu
She is one of the hottest radio personalities in the country and a renowned fashionista and TV host. She has a lovely voice that always gets the listeners and even fellow male celebrities cannot get enough of the dashing news reporter.


9. Terry Muikamba
This charming radio presenter is not only beautiful but also very reserved and humble, with a very sweet and smooth voice that will leave you curious to see the face behind it. The Hot 96 radio host is a beauty with brains and also one of the youngest radio personalities in Kenya.



Apparently Larry Asego Is A Soprano

Classic 105 presenter Larry Asego has a lovely soprano voice, Yes  i’m just as surprised as you are but that’s according to one  Adelle Onyango.

Well suprise surprise!!  the two presenters were busy having a go at each other on Twitter because Adelle apparently overheard Larry singing in studio.

Keep in mind that despite the fact that the glass separating the studio is sound proof, Larry’s voice was heard through it.

Can you believe it?

Kenya’s Top Celebrity Break-ups

Cupid’s ex is determined to prove that happy endings are just something from a dream. We thought this celebrity couples were altar bound, but different plans were already set out. They hooked up, some even for 10-years others for months, some had children and then eventually broke up. Here is our list of rising celebrity breakups

Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Kiss fm radio presenter Shaffie Weru and musician Debbie Asila were the IT celebrity couple in the early 2000s. They hooked up, broke up, hooked up again and even had a daughter, Milan, who is now 10 years old. They have since parted ways and we can only speculate about the reasons for their breakup.

Shaffie & Debbie (

Nick Mutuma and Bridgit Shighadi
Radio presenter and actor Nick Mutuma broke up with his model girlfriend in 2014. Rumors were rife that they would get back together but that seems only the belief of the hopeless romantics, although we must admit they made the cutest celebrity couple in Nairobi

Bridgette-4153-600-600-70 (1)
Nick & Bridgit (

Sage and Rabbit
Not much is known about musician Sage and Rabbit’s secretive relationship. Speculation was rife about their union with information reaching the media later that their relationship had gone sour. Rabbit moved on with a different woman who is his supposed fiancée, she gave birth two months after Sage had delivered Rabbit’s baby. This makes for the perfect love triangle.

Sage & Rabbit (

Adelle Onyango and Christopher Obwaka

Kiss fm presenter Adelle Onyango and Christopher were engaged back in 2013. The couple had been friends for over six years and only started dating in mid 2012. They had set a February 2014 date for their wedding only to break up amid rumours of infidelity.


Adelle & Chris (

Linda Muthama and Walter Mong’are
Walter Mong’are who is mostly known by his stage name Nyamabane and Linda Muthama had set the bar as the perfect couple in a working polygamous relationship. But it seems that wasn’t so and Linda will no longer be the bar for polygamous relationships. They had been together for over 10 years and in a recent revelation to Drum magazine Linda confessed to have parted ways with Nyambane over a year ago.

Linda & Nyambane (