‘I have already packed, come get your children,’ Kate Actress tells husband

Celebrity couples Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja’s ‘swapped’ wives.
The drama started after Phil shared a photo posing with Judy Nyawira, Abel’s wife and said he was tired of his wife’s (Kate Actress) behaviour.

“Wadau hata Kama ni wewe unaweza kaa na mtu ana twerk akikunywa mizinga mbele ya Kenya yote . I Am officially #DISCONNECTED,” he wrote.

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Judy reposted the photo and captioned;
“I love you Phillip!” she wrote.

Kate commented on the photo saying she has packed and is ready to ‘leave’.

I have already packed 😩 come get your children 😭. Is it because my thighs clap when I walk 😭”


Abel also posted a pic posing with Kate Actress,
“Finally!!! I get to have MEAT! I’m definitely coming for that dinner love!!! @kate_actress.
The mother of two (Kate) posted a pic she took with Abel and captioned it,
“Happy 30mins Anniversary my love, where do I even start? Nway come home dinner is ready sweetheart.❤️❤️ @abelmutua. Yours truly Kate Mkurugenzi …

Well, we all know that they are joking and playing around with our minds;


‘Mkurugenzi! You have helped so many souls’ Kate Actress praises Abel Mutua in birthday message

Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua has turned a year old today.

Abel is turning 34 years old.

To mark his day, his wife Judy share a photo of her with Abel and wrote;
“Happy birthday Mkurugenzi Mkuu! Love ya!”

Kate Actress shared a sweet message to Abel recounting how he has helped so many creatives in the industry.

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Abel Mutua posing
Abel Mutua posing

Abel was the one who brought Njugush in the comedy industry after he first hired him to act on the Hapa Kule News and later The real households of Kawangware.

Kate has also worked with Abel through her husband Phil.
“Happy freaking birthday to a Real One , the STAR to the Stars . you have opened doors for so many people , you are so selfless , always clueless 😂😂 and above all the sweetest soul ever . May God keep you around longer boo .Happy birthday mkurugenzi ❤️❤️❤️🙌”

‘One side of my face has never been the same,’ Phil Karanja’s near death experience in college

Former Tahidi High actors Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja have proved that they were naughty while young.

Nikubadilika. Well, Abel has a YouTube channel, Young and Stupid’ where he is sharing details about his youth.

The two met in college, clicked and became best of friends.

A few weeks ago, the two shared a video detailing the events of what transpired between him, Philip and their crew from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication back in 2008.

It was a near-death incident that happened while they were in college.

I was so scared I peed on myself! Actors Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua narrate near death experience


This week, they have again shared Philip is talking about his near-death experience on the channel.

Phillip narrated how he led a fight between KIMC and Kenya Polytechnic (TUK).

“In 2007 while studying at KIMC Kenyan Institute of Mass communication, Kenya Poly They started throwing stones at our hostels and then KIMC students got angry and went to their school and it became a war.”

Phillip Karanja was the leader of the battalion before he was hit on the head with a stone.

“We went to their territory and I was David and they were Goliath. I am left-handed and before I could throw a stone, I was hit on the head”

“I just saw black. To date, one side of my face has never been the same like before.”

“I was taken to the school nurse for first aid before I got to the hospital but I can’t remember everything”

Even though the scar has stayed with him since then, Karanja says he was young and stupid.

Let’s just say that they two are lucky to be alive.

I was so scared I peed on myself! Actors Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua narrate near death experience

Abel Mutua and Phillip Karanja are two of the biggest names in the movie and film industry in Kenya. The two have shaped the industry as far as directing and script-writing go, something the country desperately needs more of.

But a story by Abel this week reveals that they might have just been a memory had an incident they had in 2008 gone the whole way.

Abel Mutua with Phil Karanja and Bobb Murithi in the past
Abel Mutua with Phil Karanja and Bobb Murithi in the past

On his Instagram page, in a show dubbed Young and Stupid, Abel Mutua shared a video detailing the events of what transpired between him, Karanja, and their crew from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) back in 2008.
“In 2008 we were in our final year in college and being our last year we decided to grace the stage for the last time. At that time celebrity status had already kicked since it was our second year in Tahidi High. We participated in the drama festivals that took place at The Railway Training Institute where I was crowned as the best male actor and as usual, Abel and OJ went out there and started throwing insults to RTI students because KIMC had won,” narrated Karanja.

Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua standing in the middle
Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua standing in the middle

Mutua added that this display angered The Railway Training Institute students and thus they decided to block the exit starting a war.  “We were surrounded by over 200 hundred students from The Railway Training Institute. That is when they started attacking we Tahidi High actors. OJ approached them and boldly asked them what they wanted. The crowd pulled us, and I was taken by one, and the other one took OJ,” narrated the duo.

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It was so bad that Karanja peed on himself and as such it was left to Mutuato come up with an escape plan. “Things got worse and girls from Kenya Institue of Mass Communication decided to hide at a corner and with no time, the RTI students were headed to the direction of our bus. Our props were wooden and one of the students from our rival school got into the bus with paraffin and lit the props bringing the bus down to ashes as we watched,” added Mutua.


Watch the rest of their story below:

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Abel Mutua and Njugush are dishing us friendship goals in Dubai!

Abel Mutua and comedian ‘Njugush’ together with their families are definitely serving us friendship goals in Dubai and we can’t help but be jealous.

The two families have been on vacation and their photos on the gram show that they are not just friends, the are more than that. They are a family.

Maria Shriver once said

When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands. 

These two are showing us that friendships can work, following this quote showing us that no matter how complicated this world is, having friends who stick more than family is all we need.

Their destination for this bonding session was in Dubai

Here are photos of these two families that we cannot stop admiring.



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njugush 1


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‘The birth of our daughter traumatised us’ Abel Mutua open up on being first time parents

Former Tahidi High actor and scriptwriter, Abel Mutua, has revealed that his biological father ditched his mother for siring his younger brother.

“He left us when I was only five years old. He went and married another woman, who had one kid, and did not sire any other kid with her,” Abel said in an interview.


Abel went on and stated he has met his father only once in his life ever since he left.

“I met him in 2013, and I am the one who told him our mum died. I felt for sure he was never in my life,” he said.

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He said when his father left them, his mother remarried again when he was 14.

“I was raised by a step-father who came in with his five children and my mother had two, and later my mother gave birth to one child. He was and is still a great person in our lives,” he said.


Abel said he never dated in college until the last semester of his final year, and the girl he dated became his wife soon after he impregnated her while she was still in college.

“The birth of our daughter traumatised us so much because we were not doing well then, and that is why we have not had a second child yet,” he said.

Abel Mutua is the man behind the hit local shows ‘The Real Househelps of Kawangware’ and ‘Sue na Jonnie’.

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This what your Favorite Kenyan Comedians were doing before they became famous

Nobody wakes up and just makes it in life. You have to work hard and smart to get what you want. These Kenyan comedians have really hustled their way to the top although some of them still don’t believe they are there yet.

Here is what some of your favourite Kenyan comedians were doing before they were famous,

1. Paul Kimani Njoroge aka Jasper Murume

Immediately after he finished high school he started selling oil and was also a boda-boda driver. He later came to Nairobi to audition to be in Churchill show but lost it twice. He then went back to practice sales and marketing.

It was later that he discovered that there were Churchill show auditions in Meru and he took the next bus to Meru to audition and his big break started when he was invited for his first show at Churchill Raw



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2. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush

He was an actor at Kenya National Theater. His big break came in 2013 when Abel Mutua saw a play he had done in 2011 and he called him because he wanted to cast him in a show he was starting called ‘Hapa Kule’. It gained popularity on YouTube before it became a shown on a local TV network.


3. Eric Omondi

While at Daystar University, he was the drama club chairman. He also declared himself the varsity’s unofficial emcee and also did standup comedy when he got the chance. In 2006, he met Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill, who at the time was doing Red Corner. Eric was emceeing an event at which Churchill was to give a motivational talk. Churchill discovered Eric’s ability to do comedy, took his number and promised to get in touch.

His big break happened after two years when Churchill called him back and invited him to perform at the Churchill live show. It was at this show that Eric’s rise to fame and success began. He left the show early 2017 to pave way for upcoming comedians.


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  4. Carolyne Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku

Wanjiku started the character of Teacher Wanjiku in a Heartstrings play called 43rd Kenyan tribe in 2007. She received critical acclaim and went ahead to take part in other set book plays and worked on more than 30 plays.

Her big break was when she started doing stand up on her first performance at the Churchill Show in 2013 getting more than 200,000 YouTube views and more offers thereafter.


5.Herman Gakobo Kago aka Proff Hamo

He was in theatre groups where he performed set books and got a chance to do stand up comedy.  He auditioned six times before he finally performed on Churchill on the Road Nakuru Edition.

His breakthrough came in when a performance of his during Churchill show was uploaded on YouTube and it went viral.


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Tahidi High actors you didn’t know are parents: Here are their children (photos)

Tahidi High is loved by many for its entertaining cast but nothing beats the group below who made the show famous back in the day.

Time has passed and most of them have gone ahead to get married and even have kids.

Here are their photos with their beautiful families:

1. MercyNjoki – Shammy

She is a mother of two. On motherhood she says

“Being a mom might man that my hands are full, but so is my head, Our time together is the greatest gift.#mysonsmygems”



2. Jackie Matubia -Jolene

In one of her posts Matubia pens the message below

“You’re precious in every way, the sunshine in my day, Me My in my soul and the love of my lite teem. hlakupencla princess Zari”


3. Antony Njuguna – Allan

Expressing his love for her daughter, he says

“The joy you give me is unexplainable. Love you my sunshine @hadassahkalyeke”

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4. Abel Mutua


5. Tony

He is a father to an adorable daughter. In one of his captions he says

“Loyalty is a gift that a lot of people don’t have,if there is something that I have learnt from this gal is unconditional love. Loving someone even when they don’t deserve, thank you fancyface,nakupenda.”

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6. Pierra Makena

She is a celebrated spin master and mother of one.

0000000000dj pierra

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‘That gesture made a whole difference in my life’Abe Mutua Celebrates DJ MO for helping him when others turned their backs on him.

Its not everyday that people take the chance to thank those who stood by them when they were raising up but Abel Mutua is doing that and we are impressed.

He took to his social media platform to thank celebrated spinmaster DJ MO for standing by him.

He says;

“Allow me to break the norm and start with the gentleman. In 2009 Churchill did a Comic Search reality show called Top Comic. The winner was to walk away with a DMax and a TV contract. We were six finalists by the end of the season. One winner was to come from us. We decided everyone gets a piece of it so we agreed that the winner would be the face of the new Tv show and the other five would be his support cast. My good friend @oyoo_geoffrey scooped the prize but because of a few understandable reasons, the contract never came through. So we had to do it by ourselves by shooting a pilot. Did we have the money? Ngumu!!!!”

dj mo cover pic

He further goes on to narrate how DJ MO came through for him at his hour of need something he will forever be grateful for.

“So we started asking for Favours left right and Centre. That’s when I met this gentleman @djmokenya FOR THE FIRST TIME. I told him that we needed sound since it was a comedy gig but we had no money at all. Mo did not even ask for transport money. He transported his equipment to location, did the set up, played for us during the entire gig, and was the last one to leave the venue after everyone had left. We never gave him a single dime. I owe you one my brother. Almost a decade down the line but that gesture made a whole difference in my life. God bless you manze. Fast forward to four years later in May of 2013. The comedy we were trying had finally bore fruit. We landed a gig on KTN called Hapa Kule News. The pilot Episode was watched by around 10 executive members at KTN. 9 of them didn’t like it at all. Only 1 pushed it to go on air. And it really sucked when it did. I remember one of my favorite rappers @labalaamakau wrote on my Twitter ‘This show is crap’. 51 times. Iza jo brathe, ilikuwa ndio tunaanza tu. 😂😂😂.”

He concludes

“So the pressure to impress on Ep 2 was real. So we needed to have a guest star who wd make an impact so that we cd drive traffic to the show. All the bigwigs we talked to turned us down. Until someone suggested @size8reborn. She was a heavyweight at the time as well,but she never pulled a diva moment on us even after making her sit on a stone. She made us shine! Shukran!!! Because of your heart, Your family is blessed mamaa. Mbali ndio mnaenda. Barikiweni sana. Oh and that Ep 2 Killed it!!! 😂😂😂😂”

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A fundi almost ruined my wedding day Abel Mutua opens up on wedding

Kenyan tailors are considered a Saviour by many but they have messed up a lot of people in different occasions.

Tailors have a tendency of asking for deposit before completing the sewing services they are being sought for.Kenyan comedian Abel Mutua is one among the many people who have been messed by tailors .

In his You tube channel Buda Boss Live he explains how he had to look for a plan b after a tailor failed to deliver his wedding suit in time and making matters worse by switching off the phone.

Abel during his wedding
Abel during his wedding

In his usual funny sense of humour Abel says”At 9:30 we were still waiting for our suits ,we looked for a plan b and finally my best man and i got a suit .My life looked at suspiciously and i could see the many questions running in her mind as she whispered to he brother but thanx God she kept her calm”

As if that was not enough the friend who was supposed to carry Abel and take him to church over slept and thus the comedian had to find a plan b before his wife to be changed her mind.

Determined to overcome the bad start of their wedding Abel still maintained his smile but was shocked when he received from an unknown number .On picking  Abel learned that the tailor who did not seem to care since they had already received 60,000 went and dumped the suits at a hotel on Kiambu road,

Regardless of the mishaps the wedding went on smoothly and the photos below prove that


For more  info on Abel’s fundi check out the video below

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