Diamond’s mother confused him – Abdul Juma says on paternity drama

Abdul Juma, the man we all thought was Diamond Platnumz’s father all along is still smarting from the revelation that he wasn’t.

The bombshell was dropped by the singer’s mom earlier in the year to the shock and consternation of many. Abdul has for the most part been hanging in there after the news, putting on a brave face.

Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz
Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz

But a recent interview with Tanzanian outlet, Global Publishers shows a man still coming to terms with what Mama Dangote disclosed about Diamond’s parentage.

Mr. Juma said that he didn’t blame Diamond for the saga and instead laid the blame squarely on the singer’s mother. He explained that it didn’t make sense that all of Diamond’s documents bear his name, yet Sanura said he is not the singer’s father.

“Diamond has not spoken because his mother confused him with these claims. I had never heard of Mzee Nyange till Sanura came out with the claims, and that is why I told Diamond to stop using my name,” he told Global Publishers.

Hata Zari! Diamond’s baby mama joins his family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

He still doesn’t know why Mama Diamond made the revelations insisting that they were on good terms at the time.

“Before the incident, we were on good terms, and her current husband Shamte even told me to go see my grandchildren. It hurts that my co-parent is living a good life courtesy of the children I helped care for,” he said.

The artist with his mother in a file photo
The artist with his mother in a file photo

However, Abdul said he holds no grudge against Sanura and wished her the best in her marriage and confessed that he had let go of the initial anger.

He explained that he had he locked himself indoors for two months after Mama Dangote’s devastating admission. “I was hurt when Diamond rejected me. I was indoors for two months. People only forgot about the saga when Magufuli died,” he let on.

The artist with his mother
The artist with his mother

Abdul further said that Diamond reached out to him after sending him money for Eid celebrations. “On Eid, I was asleep when I received some money on my phone. I received a call, and it was Diamond speaking. He identified himself as my son. I called Sheikhs and neighbours to my house, and we held prayers and had a meal together,” he said.

He said that Diamond’s half-sister Queen Darlin also sent him money on the same day.

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Diamond shouldn’t attend my burial – Mzee Abdul says after claiming his mom bewitched him

Diamond Platnumz recently spoke about the bombshell that he knew that Mzee Abdul wasn’t his biological father back in 2000.

Mzee Abdul who had already spoken about the issue had more words to say, adding that he was really shocked by Chibu’s words but he is fine and that his life will go on.

Diamond's father
Diamond’s ex-father, Abdul

Speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV, Mzee Abdul held that Diamond should thank him and respect him because he is the one who raised him.

He also said that he deserves recognition as he is the one who encouraged Diamond’s mum when she was pregnant and would have done the opposite, leading to him being aborted but did not, owing to the love he had for Mama Dangote.

Diamond Platnumz's father Salim
Diamond Platnumz’s real father Salim

The pain could be felt in his speech as Mzee Abdul then went on to even bar Diamond from attending his burial should he fall and die today.

”I respect their decision. He has been helping people, his mum and others and ignoring me even in my sickness. I want him to know I don’t need his money and I do not need his help, I will get help from my other children. He is not God.” Mzee Abdul said.

Diamonds dad matatu
Diamonds dad matatu

He wrapped up by stating that Diamond is a good kid who he fears has been bewitched by his mother.

“I know Naseeb is a good kid but am sure his mum influences some of his decision, am sure she even bewitched him. I do not need his money, and even when I die, let him not come to my burial, I have people who will do that,” Mzee Abdul finished.

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Poll results – Majority of Kenyans don’t believe Abdul isn’t Diamond’s biological dad

Diamond Platnumz’s mother shocked many last week when she revealed that her son’s real father wasn’t the man we had all come to believe he was-that man being Abdul Juma.

And Sandra confessed that the Tanzanian musician’s real father was a man going by the names of Salim Nyange.

Apparently, Mzee Juma was the man she moved on with after Diamond’s biological dad distanced himself from the pregnancy; but even with this, Mzee Juma did not spend a cent on the now successful African singer.

Mama Dangote says that she hustled her way to feed her children and pay their school fees; something Mzee Juma did not take part in.

This comes at a time when fans have been criticizing the singer for neglecting the man that we thought was his old man; but clearly, there was more to this new drama.

Pata DNA! The harsh lesson every man should get from Diamond and his ‘dad’ Abdul

Mama Dangote, posted on her Instagram page photos of a man identified as Salim Idi Ny’ange who she claimed to be the biological father of the Wasafi records owner.

Backing up those sentiments was Diamond’s blood brother Ricardo Momo who had earlier appeared on an interview and confirmed that Abdul was not Diamond’s father as the two had one dad identified as Salim Ny’ange.

This shocking information prompted me to ask a poll question to astute Classic105 listeners; Did they believe the new information that Abdul wasn’t Diamond’s real biological father?

The results confirmed a suspicion that I had-most Kenyans didn’t believe it and voted so with an overwhelming majority. The results are below:

Diamond's parentage screenshot
Diamond’s parentage screenshot

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Diamond addresses news that Abdul Juma isn’t his biological father in his own way

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong or right reasons(depending on who you ask) after his family revealed information about his true biological father.

Chibu Dangote’s mother shocked many when he confessed that Mzee Abdul is not Diamond’s biological father. As that is not enough, she went ahead to unleash photos of the late Mzee Salum Iddy Nyange, the man believed to the singer’s father.

The news was leaked on Friday last week and since then  Chibu has been mum about an issue that so many of his fans are still trying to come to terms with.

Speaking to the press, Platnumz said that he is not ready to tackle the elephant in the room yet but when the time comes he will do so.

“…Kila maneno yana mahala pakee, tukisema tiuzingume maneno ya kitandani hapa, sio sehemu yake. Kwa bahati iliyokuwa nzuri hapa ni mahali pa tumewasha na TIGO, najua nikisha sema hilo swala mambo yote yataelekea huko. Nitafanya interview yangu Wasafi FM na nitazungumza yote” said Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond and his father
Diamond and his father

But Abdul Juma who most thought was Diamond’s real father for the longest time(and the most hard done by this situation, I might add) has decided to hit back.

The man has thrown his allegiance to Diamond long-standing rival Alikiba over what he termed s betrayal(and who can really blame him?)

Diamond's father
Diamond’s ex-father, Abdul

On Tuesday, he recorded himself jamming to King Kiba’s new tune Infidele; showering the singer with lots of praises in the process.

“Alikiba ndugu yangu, mwanangu, swahiba wangu, rafiki yangu nimeipenda nyimbo yako Nina Imani fundisho itatoa imeniguza sana tena nafsi yangu. Endelea… mwenyezi mungu akupe power, akutolee nuksi balaa mziki wako uendelee kama mziki wako kaza buti achana na mswahili. Mungu ndio pekeyake anabakia mungu endelea na mziki wengine wote usiwasikize. Alikiba Mungu akubariki,” said Mzee Abdul.

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I have my doubts about the revelation that Mzee Abdul isn’t Diamond’s father

East Africa’s most popular family, that being Diamond Platnumz’s and his extended family are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The year had already started poorly for Esma as she revealed that she had aborted her estranged husband’s baby because she didn’t love him. Also, that she might not be the daughter of Mama Dangote.

Esma Platnumz with Diamond and Tanasha and Sandra
Esma Platnumz with Diamond and Tanasha and Sandra

Then add to that, WCB TV has been closed by the government for 6 months after they were deemed to have flouted decency guidelines.

But all these pale in comparison to the news this past weekend that Diamond’s biological father wasn’t Mzee Abdul Juma but a man called Salim Nyange.

Diamond Platnumz and Mzee Abdul
Diamond Platnumz and Mzee Abdul

This information was revealed by Mama Dangote herself and Chibu’s own relative Ricardo Momo who said that he and the Tanzanian star were blood brothers.


Not only that, Diamond’s grandmother on his father’s side was recently interviewed where she confirmed the information that Salim, her son, was the singer’s son.

While Mama Dangote, Ricardo Momo and Diamond’s grandma have all confirmed the news, I still have a niggling feeling about the confession.


Firstly, the Platnumz’s family has been known to lie in the past and not have any qualms about it. Did they finally “come clean” so they could remove the donkey that was Mzee Abdul and the many questions fans had about why Diamond wasn’t taking care of him? It is a rather convenient way of dealing with him.

Secondly, Diamond and his family can’t keep a secret-especially one as big as this. Then add in the fact that apparently, his baby mamas knew that Mzee Abdul wasn’t Chibu’s father and I smell a rat! Zari and Tanasha wouldn’t be able to keep such a hot secret especially after their terrible splits with him.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

Thirdly, the fact that Mzee Abdul had no inclination that his son wasn’t all this time shocks me. The reason is most father’s who have suffered paternity fraud normally have suspicions about children they don’t believe are theirs.

Also, why did Diamond make a meal of spending time with Mzee Abdul over the years (even allowing him to come to his pre-wedding with Tanasha), if he wasn’t his father?

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond, his mother and Tanasha at the birthday

The whole thing smacks of a poorly written Hollywood drama-one that has more plot holes than a collander.

But what do I know…

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Mzee Abdul speaks for the first time after learning Diamond Platnumz’s isn’t his son

The reverberations are still being felt after Diamond Platnumz’s mother revealed that the man we had all thought was Chibu’s biological father for 31 years, wasn’t his.

Mzee Abdul Juma has hit back at Mama Dangote after her public announcement, saying that he wouldn’t challenge Mama Dangote’s statement, maintaining that he is now relieved following the revelation.

”Sio Kwasababu Ya Utajiri Wake Ndio Nimgombanie Na Naamini Mtoto Agombaniwi Na Kama Mama Kaongea Basi Hakuna Haja Yakupima DNA Mimi Nimekubali Alicho Zungumza Mama Inatosha Na Mimi Nasema Sio Mtoto Wangu Kwa Roho Moja Kabisa” added Mzee Abdul.

Kumbe that’s not his father! Diamond Platnumz’ mom reveals star’s real biological dad


“Kwanza Sio Kwamba Ni Taarifa Za Msiba Kwahivyo Sio Mbaya Na Mara Nyingi Kumekuwa Na Hizo Story Lakini Mungu Mkubwa Katika Wasafi Nikasikiliza Nikasema Sawa Kwasababu Nimepata Uhakika Na Sio Mbaya Nashukuru Na Mimi Kweli Sio Baba Yake Ndio Kitu Pekee Nilichotamka Sikupata Mshituko Sana.”

He went on to say that Diamond Platnumz should refrain from identifying with the name he gave him, that’s Naseeb Abdul Juma or else he will take legal action against him.

Mzee Abdul also pointed out that the revelation came as a shock to him because all along he knew he was the biological father to the WCB President.

“Yamezungumzwa Hayo Lakini Mimi Nafahamu Kuwa DIAMOND Ni Mwanagu Mia Kwa Mia, Ni Mwanangu Kuanzia Mimba Maisha Tuliyoishi Pale, Nampeleka Hospitali Nakuja Kumpokea Tunarudi Tunaanza Maisha Mpaka Nakorofishana Na Mama Yake Anaanza Form One Mimi Niko Nae, Na Sijawahi Kusikia Kipindi Chote Kutoka Kwa Mama Yake Akimwambia Kuwa Huyu Sio Baba Yako Mpaka Leo Ilivyokuja Kutamkwa Kwa Mdomo Kabisa Ndio Naamini Mimba Sio Yangu Lakini Mimi Naamini Mimba Ni Yangu” said Mzee Abdul Juma.

He also went on to warn Diamond and his mother to be mindful with their words. He also said that the information has helped understand why Diamond and his mother are always reluctant to help whenever in need.

”Anasema Mimi Ni Baba Mlezi Af Pia Anasema Mimi Nilikataa Mimba Nilimlea Vipi? Hebu Fikiria Hayo Maneno Yanakuja Vipi? Maneno Hayo Mawili Tofauti Yanakuingia? Itakuwaje Nikatae Mimba Af Nimlee Mtoto? Mimi Kama Mimi Naimani Ndio Mzazi Na Kwanini Nasema Hivyo Kwasababu Anatumia Jina Langu Katika Vitambulisho Vyote Naamini Hata Pia Katika Mikataba Yake Yote, Na Kuna Watu Wanasema Maswala Ya DNA Lakini Siwezi Nikalazimisha Kitu Wakati Mama Ndio Anayejua Na Yeye Ndio Kila Kitu Siwezi Kuforce Kupima.”

Diamond's father
Diamond’s father, Abdul

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