Diamond announces name of newborn son

We finally have a name. Diamond and Tanasha have revealed the name of their son. Now we can stop using a pronoun to describe him.

Yesterday Tanasha posted a picture of her favorite men and tagged the baby’s name, Naseeb Junior.

The family especially Tanasha had made it clear that she will keep the baby away from social media but hey, being Diamond’s wife you have to be a lover of social media. That is how he works.

Now we are sure the face is about to drop. We can’t wait to see who he looks like seeing as the description from Diamond’s sisters is that he is a copy-paste of the Tanzanian singer.

The little angle, Naseeb Junior who was born on the same day as his dad already has an Instagram account. Since they share a birthday it is only right to name him after his father.

He has amassed more than 34k followers but has not broken his big sister Princess Tiffah’s record.


She scooped 40k in 24 hours and she is now at 2.5 million followers.

This time Diamond is proving that this time he will be present in his childs life. On the page, there is a video of him playing with Naseeb late at night.

When daddy decides to play with me at 1:30 am like can I sleep now? 🙄🙄

He might just be proving anyone wrong who thought he will be a dead beat. So let us give him the benefit of the doubt.

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