Celebrity parents who are turning parenthood into business!

These parents are doing things different. They have taken parenthood to a whole new level, venturing into business as they raise their children.

1. Terry Anne Chebet

TV siren Terry Anne Chebet is doing big things: from opening her own business to becoming brand ambassador for molfix, a diaper brand.

Things have turned around career wise for Terry Anne after losing her job at Citizen TV, to being a CEO of a TV and now as an influencer. The mother of two daughters is showing us the way,


2. Size 8

Ladasha Belle sure came as a blessing in many ways. She is the cute girl seen on TV as a brand ambassador for soft care diaper brand.

This opportunity could not go unnoticed as she bagged the tag at a very young age and the mother of one showed us that motherhood could also mean opportunities.


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3. Grace Msalame

The beautiful gorgeous mother of twins is a household name.

TV personality Grace landed a huge deal with Royco together with her daughters to become the face of Royco Kenya. The endorsement would later see her create awareness on iron deficiency.

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4. Dan Sonko

Mombasa based Daniel Kinyajui known as Dan Sonko came to the lime light after he lost his wife during child birth.

Djbril Sonko, his son got an endorsement with Marini and recently he just bagged himself the same endorsement with the same company.

He is definitely serving parenting goals and doing it differently.




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5. King Kaka

Gweth Owiti King Kaka’s daughter is so beautiful, she got an endorsement with Marini as brand ambassador.

Her energy and personality will sure warm your hearts. King Kaka is sure setting standards for all other parents.




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