Garissa University Memorial concert

After the death of 148 people both students and security officers following the grisly attack at the Garissa University college, activists, artists, poets, friends, families, colleagues and Kenyans from all walks of life gathered at the freedom corner at Uhuru park gardens for a memorial concert.

The memorial was organised by Boniface Mwangi and friends who got overwhelming support from corporates and other well wishers.

The concerts saw perfomances by poets who recited their pieces of spoken word, singer Amos and Josh performed their song Baadaye alongside Rabbit as a tribute to the fallen.

Some of the performances brought the crowd to tears despite the fact that some of the attendees were not familiar with any of the victims but chose to stand with their families and friends.

There was a board that had 148 masks with names representing each of the victims of the attack.

memorial 2
Image – Garissa University Facebook page
Image – Garissa University Facebook page

memorial4 promemorial


Image courtesy of Vincent
Image courtesy of Vincent
Image courtesy of Vincent




#147isnotjustanumber Uhuru park vigil (photos)

A prayer meeting was held at the freedom corner at the Uhuru park for the victims of the Garissa University attack.

Here is a photo summary of what happened.

Images of some of the students who were killed
Board with pictures of the slain students
3 survivors
Students who survived the attack came to pay tribute to their departed friends
Families, friends and members of the public, put up 147 crosses to represent each of the departed
A man lights a candle to represent the life of one of the deceased students
Students from Maseno University
Graffiti art at the freedom corner
Graffiti artist drawing a tribute in honour of the deceased


Credits : Boniface Mwangi /KOT 


#147isnotjustanumber vigil at Uhuru Park

Following the death of 147 people in a gun attack at the Garissa University, the Kenyan online community has come up with the harsh tag #147isnotjustanumber  used to show solidarity with the families, friends and colleagues of the people who died.

The attack that was reminiscent of the Westgate attack has led to the condemnation of our security forces and the manner in which they conducted themselves during the attack.

Today Tuesday 7th April starting from 5pm to 9pm Kenyans from all walks of life led by activist Boniface Mwangi, family and friends of the deceased have organised a vigil at the Uhuru park Freedom corner in honour of the departed.

There will be a board that will be used to put up photos and hand written notes, cards etc to remember the lives of the students who’s dreams were cut short by the attackers.

They will also remember the lives of the policemen and security guards who died in the line of duty and will later hold a prayer for the families, friends and colleagues of the departed.

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