Sweet! Grace Msalame Reveals The Most Touching Thing Her Baby Daddy Did For Her Daughters

Grace Msalame is not your average woman, she is not only a media personality, but also a fashionista (Vivo Activewear Ambassador) and a mother to two adorable girls.

Her hard work, ambition, beauty, fashion sense and awesome personality has put Grace Msalame above the rest and she is not slowing down anytime soon. The TV personality is proud to be a mother, who never shies away from showing off her lovely twin daughters to the world, be it on social media or elsewhere.

Grace recently revealed that her father passed away, during Fathers Day celebration, in a touching post, telling her fans to appreciate having their fathers around:

She posted a pic of her late dad, Tony Msalame, with the caption: “And to all those who may not have their Fathers here with them anymore, I wish you Gods Abundant Love❤️❤️❤️ #FathersDay.”


Msalame knows the importance of a father in a child’s life, that’s why she often appreciates the father of her twins, Paul Ndichu, who even though they broke up, they have kept it civil for the sake of the kids.

This time round, Grace Msalame revealed that her baby daddy took her daughters to visit a children’s home in Kikuyu, so that they can donate a few clothes their kids have outgrown.

In the post, she thanks him and also shows her soft, caring and supportive side for abandoned kids and orphans:

“So my girls made their first Home visit with their Daddy yesterday & I must commend you Wamaitha Mwangi for the great work you’re doing at Angels Centre for abandoned Children❤️ Being the Custodian of 34Infants is a job that only those called to the role can accomplish🙏🏾May God bless the work of your hands & increase you 100Fold🙏🏾 Mommies if you’re like us & have stuff that your kids have out-grown or no longer use or need & may be looking for a home to bless… Angel Centre based in Waithaka Kikuyu, has children under 2yrs that are abandoned & the Centre provides them with basic needs & a whole lot of love until the children are either returned to their families or adopted, so your help in anyway is a Blessing Beyond❤️




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