SHOCKING: Nairobi Wives Are The Worst Husband Batterers – Survey

A new study has put to doubt the common belief that women in Central Kenya (Nyeri being notorious) are the most violent towards their men. In fact, that region does not even feature among the top three in the latest Kenya Demographic and Health Survey conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics KNBS.

The research found that men in Nairobi are the most abused by their partners followed by Western, Nyanza and Eastern regions in that order. Men in these regions admitted to having experienced some form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse from their wives. Those in Northern Kenya and the Coast recorded the least abuse.

Meanwhile, the same study found that at least 2 in every 5 women in Kenya believe it’s right for a man to beat up his wife if she neglects their children. The women believe it’s also justified for a wife to be beaten if she denies her husband sex, goes out without telling him, argues with him or burns food. Those in the Rift Valley were the most accepting of wife beating followed by women in North Eastern and Western regions while most Nairobi women disagreed.

On matters sex, Kenyan men have as many as 7 sexual partners in their lifetime while women have an average of 2. Despite the multiple sexual partners, close to half the people interviewed revealed that they hadn’t used protection during intercourse.

Further, 1 in every 5 teenage girls in Kenya is either pregnant, or has given birth. A similar percentage of teenagers admitted that they’d had sex before the age of 15 with an equal number confessing to having their first sexual encounter before turning 18.


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