‘Was I supposed to grow young?’ Avril responds to trolls

When Avril said she knows how to shade on these IG streets, she meant her words.

The mother of one recently shared photos of herself which elicited so many comments from her fans.

Most of them appreciated her beauty but ofcourse there were others who thought she is no longer pretty.

Gaddafi Kenya wrote;

“You are becoming old.”

In which Avril responded ,

“Was I supposed to grow young?

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This is not the first time fans have been harsh on her.

Recently Avril has asked online users to stop being harsh on people who wear makeup.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of one shared a few photos of herself without makeup.

“Stop shaming girls and guys going through the ups and downs of having problematic skin who chose or want to wear makeup,” she wrote.

In a past interview, Avril said she has very sensitive skin. This comes barely a week after she posted photos of herself with well-done makeup and fans asked her to fire her makeup artist.

Avril said she no longer has the energy to respond to negativity.

“You all know I know how to shade on these IG streets, but gosh, that kathiing is just gone like the wind,” she said.

A while back, Avril trended for a whole day after she shared her photo without makeup.

The singer smiling
The singer smiling

She was her way of telling the world to mind its own business.

But the world is not very good at minding its own business, something that Avril found out after posting the picture.

“Society has its misgivings and I don’t blame them. I have learnt to accept the fact human beings will be human beings,” she said

“Just by me taking a picture of myself not having makeup and struggling with acne, I was insulted for an entire day nonstop by people I don’t know and probably will never meet, women and men alike. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and ‘perfection is the disease of a nation.’”

What were some of the reactions she received from posting the no make-up selfie?

“I was trending the whole day because I was wearing no make-up and some people thought I looked hideous while others actually thought I looked prettier. Everyone has been a doctor on my timeline this past weekend, something that I have experienced for the past decade of my life,”she said.


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