Wycliffe Oparanya

Maina was wrong, Oparanya was right in showing off his two wives

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya yesterday shocked some when he attended Mashujaa celebrations in Kisii county with both his wives in tow.

We Kenyans who have the attention span of a well-fed lion jumped on the issue. Our very own Maina Kageni spoke on the issue and was unhappy with what Oparanya had done.

Wycliffe Oparanya
Wycliffe Oparanya

Maina felt that it was disrespectful to his first wife for him to do as such, saying,

To me, the lack of respect is what’s bothering me Maina began his rant as he also took aim at men with multiple wives. What is the Governor teaching the youth? I don’t want to be disrespectful, first of all, he kosead his first wife, you cannot go to a wedding with two women. I don’t care who you are, it’s disrespectful.

While Maina might have felt as such, many Kenyans were more pragmatic about it saying that as long as the man had the money to do so and the wives were willing participants, they didn’t have an issue.

Marry first before you start talking about other people’s marriages – Angry man tells Maina

And while I agree with the majority of Kenyans, I do so for two different reasons. They are;

-Polygamy is legal in Kenya-In 2014, Uhuru Kenyatta signed the law that brought civil law, where a man was only allowed one wife, into line with customary law, where some cultures allow multiple partners.

The law also stipulates that a wife is entitled to an equal share of whatever the couple acquired during their marriage. While it is difficult to determine what each wife should get at least the law will cover them in some way, something Oparanya’s wives are guaranteed under the law.

Wycliffe Oparanya
Wycliffe Oparanya

Why is this good? Many women normally get kids with men as side-chicks and aren’t entitled to some form of inheritance when the shared man dies-Off course some caveats apply.

-Secondly, having a man in the home has been shown to positively impact the development of children. A lot of issues with kids today stem from daddy issues (father abandonment, father absence) and science has shown the importance of a father in a child’s life.

That Oparanya is willing to publicly show his two wives off shows that his kids are a priority to him. He isn’t ashamed and is claiming them (wives) and their kids when he is still alive. That pride and ownership is not something that should be understated as it helps the psyche of the children involved.

-Lastly, Oparanya does what many men don’t. Publicly claim and show off his wives preventing any crazy scenario in the future where unknown clandes and kids come from the woodwork once he dies.


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