Ajak Deng,an international model

Super Model Ajak Deng threatens to commit suicide over mistreatment

International Sudanese model Ajak Deng has shared a heartbreaking video of how hard it is to be a model despite the glitz and glamour that comes with the career.

In a video that has caught the attention of many Deng threatened to commit suicide.

You want to be a model  and a successful one but you don’t know how lonely it is at the top.

Especially when the people you work with are constantly telling you you need to be a better person because you are a horrible person on a daily basis.

I am sick and tired.If I commit suicide, know it’s because of you.

See the video on the link below


Ajak Deng on the catwalk
Ajak Deng on the catwalk

After sharing the video millions of people have reached out to her and she is thankful for the love going by her post below

‘Hi everyone I appreciate all of your lovely messages and out pour of love.I am getting better  and I just want to let everyone know that I am OK.

Thank you all for the love.

Ajak Deng's thank You message
Ajak Deng’s thank You message

Below are some of the reactions from people on her  statement.

 @margieladoll :Sending love to Ajak Deng! Even though I’ve read about the horrible treatment of models, I’m still shocked to hear just how heartless people in the industry can be. Being a model isn’t as easy as the general public perceives it to be and Ajak is just further proof of that.
@makaylavparsons:This actually killed me. She is one of the most talented models that there has ever been. Love you Ajak, you deserve so much better💚💚💚 #HereForAjak

@_modernlotus :God please give her strength to push through anything she is going through right now.

Below is the video

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