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‘Suicide isn’t a solution’ Akothee’s advise to her children

Akothee is one of the most captivating women in Kenya.

The mother of 5 always has interesting anecdotes to make. This weekend, Madam Boss as she likes to call herself spoke to her children about suicide stating that regardless of how difficult life is, suicide should not be a solution.

In a post on Instagram,

“Life is to be lived with all that it provides, you can’t win all the time, accept both sides of the battle 💪 People commit suicide not because they want to die, its because they have enough of the pain and the only way to end the pain is to stop living, but hey, this is not a solution my children, always share with people how you feel about life, some circumstances might really be tough you know,” read part of her post.

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The Akothee Safaris CEO further stated that no one should feel as if they are alone when going through a difficult time because they still have one person and that person is them.

She added that God was always there for everyone going through a difficult time and walking them to a better tomorrow.

“If there is no pain, then just know they will never change! Always wake up in the morning thinking positively, live positively with Hope’s that things will only get better, the bottom line is Accept whom you are for what you have never allowed the community to dictate how they want to view you 🚫God can never give you a burden that is too heavy for you! He has not left you alone, He is actually walking you through for a better tomorrow 🙏🏾Don’t disappoint God, He is expecting to see you shine and set a table in front of your enemies, 🙏🏾” added Akothee,

Akothee went ahead to ask what would have happened to her children if she had decided to end her life in 2006 when her marriage came to an end.

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