Such An Angel: This Little, Adorable Kenyan Girl With a Skin Condition Really NEEDS Your Help (PHOTOS)

A little 9-year-old girl by the name Eunice Wanjiku, is from Baraniki Village in Kikuyu Ward needs your dire assistance.

She has been suffering from a condition called Scleroderma, a severe skin condition since 2013. The rare disease comes with the common factor being abnormal thickening (fibrosis) of the skin.

With time, the disease can affect structures beyond the skin such as blood vessels and connective tissues.

Eunice has been admitted and treated at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) six times.

The last time the girl was admitted there was December last year and was due for review but the lack of funds has consigned her to their dilapidated house in excruciating pain.


The innocent soul is also supposed to be on a special diet but the poverty-stricken family is unable to provide, after spending almost what she has on the six admissions.

The father, Godfrey Hinga is stone-cutter in a nearby quarry, while Eunice’s mother is a house wife and occasionally does manual jobs in neighboring farms to support Godfrey with the bills.

Eunice Wanjiku spends most of the time in pain and tears which makes it very hard for her parents, who are also trying to make ends meet.


The family is asking for financial assistance to help save her life from this disease she’s had for 5 years, and with the donations made, they will be able to seek medical attention.

This moving story has gone viral on social media as several Kenyans are pushing the agenda to get contributions for the cause. Meanwhile, you can send support to Eunice’s Mother Teresia Kamau on 0717443078.



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