Such a Hunk! Janet Mbugua’s Husband Eddie Ndichu Was The Cutest Boy Back In The Day

Janet Mbugua is one of the hottest media personalities in Kenya, and though many men would do anything to have her, one lucky man has already hit the lotto.

This is none other than her hunk husband, Eddie Ndichu, a banker who likes to keep off the public radar.

Eddie has worked for a couple of years in the banking industry and his impressive work history and curriculum vitae, proves so and may partly explain why Janet Mbugua was attracted to him in the first place.

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu

Eddie Ndichu is currently working at KCB and was previously at Standard Chartered Bank, Chase Bank Kenya Ltd, and SEMA Mobile Services Limited. The dapper looking man is also very fashionable and  is always looking sharp in suits and when he goes casual, he knows how to keep it cool and simple.

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu walked down the aisle back in May 30, 2015, at Chaka Ranch, at an invites-only wedding affair that saw their family, friends and fellow celebrities attend the glamorous ceremony to support them on their big day.

The two lovebirds, later on, welcomed their long-awaited bundle of joy, baby Ethan Huru Ndichu on the morning of October 26, which was the happiest day of their union.

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu

Baby Ethan Huru, who is set to turn a year old in a few days, is now all grown up and has even started to walk, and his parents can’t get over how their little baby is becoming a young boy so fast.

Eddie Ndichu has an identical twin brother, Paul Ndichu, which makes it hard to tell them apart if you don’t know them well. They also have a younger sister, Tabby Ndichu, who recently walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding ceremony.

Eddie Ndichu

Well, Eddie Ndichu decided to share a throwback photo when he was younger and I must say, he looks nothing like how he is right now. The photo shows a young Eddie wearing a short, on top of a horse, with big round spectacles and a big smile on his face.

Janet Mbugua’s husband sure looks different and it’s really hard to tell that it’s him in the old photo. He shared the cute pic with this caption; “#TBT let me cheer up your evening.”

Check out it out below (and yes, you are allowed to laugh).

Janet Mbugua's Husband Eddie Ndichu

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