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Successful Kenyan female celebrity moms who aren’t married

Sometimes pregnancy comes knocking way before the ring. Gone are the days when one had to get married to have a child.

Here is a list of a few Kenyan celebrity moms who had a child outside marriage for one reason or another but have really continued progressing… (Successful single mothers in other words.)

1. Brenda Wairimu


She tried keeping the news that she was pregnant from Kenyans for almost nine months. But since Kenyans are too sneaky, the news broke eventually. Whether the actress and her “baby daddy” will make their relationship official is something Kenyans are keen to find out.

2. Silvia Njoki 


She is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl known as Lily. The successful fashion blogger and fashionista is a single mother, and a pretty good one for that matter.

3. Grace Msalame


Grace is one proud single mother to her beautiful twins. Are they not adorable.

4. Victoria Rubadiri


It came as a shock to many when the NTV news anchor revealed to the world that she got pregnant before all the fame while she was just a teenager…the beautiful and successful lass is a mother to a seven year old.

5. Catherine Kamau


Unlike Selina, the role she plays on the TV series Mother-In-Law, Cate is not married but has been blessed with a lovely son Leon.

6. Ciku Muiruri


The former classic 105 presenter is not shy to show the whole world her daughter. The two are inseparable.

7. Sage


It was big news when Sage got pregnant with rumors that popular rapper Rabbit was the father. The Dumbala singer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but her relationship with Rabbit did not last. Rabbit then got married to another lass who also bore him a daughter.

8. Jackie Maribe


News of the Citizen TV political news reporter’s pregnancy broke out sometime last year. However no one knows who the father of Jackie’s baby really is.

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