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Subukia couple resurfaces to lay claim on the late George Saitoti’s son


A man who claims to be the biological father of Prof George Saitoti’s only son has resurfaced seeking a DNA test to prove the paternity of Zachary Musengi Saitoti.

Sebastian Maina Ngunju has been in and out of court over the parentage of Stephen Wachira alias Musengi. In 2013, the dispute was marked as settled after Ngunju and his wife agreed to never lay claim over Musengi.

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The consent read, “An order of prohibition is issued to permanently bar the couple or their family members from contacting Musengi or Margaret Saitoti directly or indirectly in respect of the allegations that they are the parents of Zachary.”

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DISMISSED: Sebastian Ngunju and his wife Elizabeth Maina at the Milimani law courts yesterday. Image: FILE

But in the fresh documents filed in court, Ngunju through Victor Wesonga advocates says the consent is unlawful as it was entered without his authority and knowledge. They challenged the consent and also appealed unsuccessfully against it.

Ngunju maintains he is the biological father of one Stephen Wachira who is now under the custody and care of Margaret Saitoti allegedly under a different name of Zachary Saitoti.

“I have undergone untold suffering and agony. The ripple effect has also been experienced with other members of my family,” read part of the court documents.

He says his claim to paternity is sound and made from well-founded facts based on investigations by police officers.  He claims that Margaret has three sons all of whom bear the name Zachary Musengi and all of whom have been brought up by her though not her biological children.

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“I have learnt from the police and private investigations that the defendant kidnapped and abducted one Stephen Wachira alias Musengi who is currently under the acre and custody of Margaret. She continues to lay parental claim over my son,” says Ngunju.

Ngunju avers that in order to lay the matter to rest, a DNA should be conducted. The DNA he says will aid court in reaching the final truth and in making a justiciable verdict on the paternity of Stephen wachira alias Zachary beyond any reasonable doubt.

“This case is the only remaining legal avenue available to me to access my son after the previous legal and out of court process attempts to settle the matter was thwarted by Margaret’s interference calculated at denying me and my family access to justice,” he says

Ngunju wants court to declare that he is the biological father of Musengi.  Also sought is an order that they all be subjected to a DNA test to prove biological paternity and that the results be later forwarded to court as evidence.

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