A study says a few beers a week or bottle of wine may help men start a family

Men hoping to become fathers are often advised to avoid alcohol for fear of harming their fertility.

But a study suggests a few small beers a week or bottle of wine may actually help men start a family.

Italian researchers who asked 323 men about their alcohol consumption found moderate drinkers had a better sperm count.

This worked out as up to a bottle and small glass of wine a week, or seven small bottles of beer.


The study, in Milan, suggested the antioxidants from grapes in wine, and a compound in beer hops called Xanthohumol, may slightly improve sperm by protecting cells from damage.

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 Dr Elena Ricci, who led the research, said, ‘We found that men who consumed four to seven units per week had higher semen volume and total sperm count than those who drank less or more than that. We concluded that moderate alcohol intake appears positively associated to semen quality, in this group of men.’
Finally, according to Mail Online,the results show that;
Compared to men drinking zero to three units of alcohol a week, the moderate drinkers had a higher overall sperm count.
Their sperm was less concentrated, but they produced more semen
Meaning, a higher chance of getting their partner pregnant, according to the authors.

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