Stressed with your big tummy? Here are some solutions

At times it is uncomfortable for ladies especially to have a big tummy but as usual, everything has a solution.

Here are some of the workouts that you can do to solve that problem.

 Sit-ups. Lie on your back with your knees bent stretching your arms out to the front. Use your core to lift yourself with a swift movement raising your head, shoulders and upper back off the floor without moving legs. Repeat this till the impact is felt in your upper abs.

Planks. The core is engaged and feet hip-width apart. Lower your left and right forearm on the floor lift your body with your back flat. By doing this your tummy will reduce with time.




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Keep your spine neutral and hold for 30 seconds and repeat till effect is felt. You can do both high and low.

Kicks. Lie flat on a mat on your back. Your palms should be facing down. Engage your core and raise both your legs in a straight line and raise them above the floor. Raise your legs up and release them down and make sure they don’t reach the ground. You can move the legs right and left and make sure your body is intact to the floor and your feet should not touch the floor at any point. Repeat this as many times as possible.

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Cross crunch. Lie down with your right hand behind your head and your left arm stretched to your body with palm facing down. Raise your left knee and crunch over to your left side until your elbow touches your left knee engaging your core. Repeat the same procedure on the other leg doing the same process. Repeat the exercise over and over again.

Donkey kicks. Kneel down on the floor, place your right and left palm facing down the floor with your back flat. Raise your left leg backwards stretched out as high as you can. Switch legs from left to right over and over again till the impact is felt.

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