‘Stop Showing Off Your Cleavage,’ KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Gives Her CANDID Advice To Single Women On How To Attract a GOOD Men

KTN news anchor Yvonne Okawara recently decided to give her two cents on why some women are single and why they should stop saying that there are no longer good men to date.

The celebrated TV girl is married to Andrew Matole, after they exchanged vows at a private wedding back in December 2014.

According to Okwara, most single ladies she’s met always say that “Good Men are hard to find” something she totally disagrees with, because to her, “Good Men aren’t hard to find, they are just hard to entice and win over.”


The stunning journalist then went on to expound why she felt that good men are still there, saying that it’s just hard to entice them or get their attention because they don’t get attracted by cosmetics looks.

Yvonne Okwara went on to reveal that men don’t pursue women based on things like showing off cleavage, or winding one’s behind aka twerking;

Trust me, Good Men aren’t hard to find, it is just hard to get their attention. The thing is….Good Men are not easily enticed and don’t respond to all these cosmetic looks that women throw.Dont get me wrong here….
Such men notice such things, but they dont make decisions to pursue a woman based on such things. So…
– wearing some tight clothes
-Showing off your Cleavage
-Winding your Behind
-Posting drama on facebook
May get you the attention of an Ordinary Man, but they won’t land you a Man of Substance.


The celebrated and down to earth news presenter then went on to give ladies a list of things that will attract the attention of a good man, which has nothing to do with the physical appearance or looks;

To attract the attention of a “Good Man”, you will have to work harder than that. How about showing off…
-your Character instead of your Cleavage
-your Brains instead of your “Behind” and
-your love for God instead of your love for Clothes.

To finish off her dose of truth to single ladies, Yvonne Okwara finished her post by telling women to be more strategic than just beautiful and looking pretty; “To get the attention of a Good Man, be more STRATEGIC than BEAUTIFULL!”

There you have it, single ladies, maybe now you can go out there and try and attract a good man instead of whining the way there aren’t any nice men left to date anymore. Good luck!

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