‘Stop settling for just any man’ Kathy Kiuna advises single women

Kathy Kiuna and her husband are envied by many as a role model not only because of their lifestyle but also because of their marriage.

The couple have been married for more than two decades and going by their constant photos it is obvious that they are in love.

Kathy took the chance to advise women on why it is important to love yourself and know your worth.

Singles, you’re going to keep crying and adjusting your crown over and over until you realize your worth and own it.

Stop settling for just any man for the sake of having one in your life.

Most times the problem is you keep listening to the society, your friends and family who keep pressing you to have a man.

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Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna
Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna

This is your life, not trial and error. You will keep going round in cycles until you decide to stop settling for just anyone.

Heal, find peace within yourself and learn to love yourself. Find God and live life abundantly, your spouse will find you. The glow on your crown will be so bright, he won’t miss it.

You would rather marry late than marry wrong!


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