“Stop bragging!” Socialite Huddah shames Kileleshwa and Westlands residents

A running joke has it that the upwardly mobile Nairobian, starts off in East-lands like Umoja, works his/her way to Buruburu or Langata Road and on to Kileleshwa on his/her way up. In the grander scheme of things, Kileleshwa was a posh estate, and it still is relatively well off but all this is going south.

A few years ago, Kileleshwa was one of Kenya’s most affluent neighbourhoods occupied mainly by high-ranking State officials who lived in magnificent bungalows set on one or more acres with compounds boasting well-manicured lawns, exotic trees and flowers. The roads and pavements in and out of the estate were well-maintained and tarmacked. Today, things are very different in this suburb.

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 Huddah Monroe who once lived in the affluent neighbourhood, has decided to shame those who brag about living in Kile or Westy, saying that this is where you move to after East Lando.
“Hapa ndio watu wanaanzia ku-upgrade maisha then move over to other places!”
She wrote on her Instragam story.
Huddah has come from grass to grace having come from the ghetto. The international business woman moved out of Kileleshwa, a neighbourhood that faced water shortage and power outbreaks very frequently which frustrated the high-end lass.
A woman who loves her own company and quiet space opted to move out of the highly density area to a more serene and more Lavish neighbourhood to Kitusuru where she said the house that she resides in may be worth over 60 Million Kenya shillings.

Like that isn’t enough, the business woman isn’t contented with Kitusuru. On her Instagram story she posts how she wants to move to Limuru and live on top of a mountain.

She never settles for less and always works to outshine herself and those that never believed in her. If you think you can keep up with the bosschick, think again. She moves on her own pace and on her own lane. Catch her if you dare can.

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