Stop borrowing from your wives, she will remind and embarrass you – Kingangi

On the Thursday January 13th morning conversation, Maina asked women what they think of men who say that ‘pesa ya mwanamke haisaidii mtu’.

According to Maina, this is the conversation he had with a group of gentlemen who say you should never ask a woman for money.

A man called in saying it is true. He recounted how a friend borrowed from his wife, failed to pay back and then was denied his conjugal rights to teach him a lesson. The caller says a man who takes money from a woman is now referred to as ‘hiki’ as opposed to ‘huyu’.

Mwalimu Kingangi agreed ‘ujue ukikopesha pesa, she will keep reminding you about it’

Maina reminded him of a simple fact that ‘these are ladies who give you money to go and pay dowry, these are ladies who give you money to pay in a restaurant. She even gives you pocket money to go sit with your fellow men.’

Kingangi advised men to avoid borrowing or else she will keep reminding you of that fact and even publicly embarrass you if you don’t pay back.

‘pesa jitafutie kama mwanaume, sio yake, wacha hio ni pressure. Ebu niulizie wanaume walikopesha na wanawake wao na hawajalipa wako wapi?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think? Pesa ya mwanamke inasaidie?

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