Stop asking me! Comedian Flaqo angered by fans who question his sexuality

Content creator Flaqo Raz has called out a curious fan who alleged that he is gay due to his cross-dressing nature while acting.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Flaqo made it clear that his female side is just a character and that he always leaves the character on set and behind the cameras.

He then warned his fans to refrain from questioning his sexuality, because he is ‘very straight’.

According to Flaqo, the fan asked;

“Are you gay? Because you like wearing women clothes?”

Flaqo responded;

“Never ever ever ever ask me this question again, it’s too much, my female side is a character, I leave it on set and behind cameras…mimi ni mutu ya cat family an nitakukata bure.”

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Flaqo has over five characters in his skits that is; Mama Otis, Otis, Uncle Bakari, Baba Otis and Atis.

During the conversation session, Flaqo also introduced his younger brother to his fans saying that he has been helping him in doing the editing of his videos;

Can we please see you brother?

Flaqo while in a car shared a sneak peek at his brother who was seated behind him in the vehicle. The two resemble each other, and we were blown away. They have the same locs and share the same skin tone, plus the smile is just the same.

flaqo 3(1)

While asked why he isn’t releasing as many skits as he used to, Flaqo said;

“I slowed down so I plan better I intentionally stopped doing hits back to back but ntaresume once am ready, it’s great to plan than to be all over the place”

Does this mean he is going through burn out that creatives tend to experience in their jobs?

He said that

“season ya mad hits itarudi tu Also I’m working on OTHENTIKS series plus the long overdue animated series which is maaaaad, balancing all these as a single character is a huge flex”

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