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‘Stick to your ugali managu in 2019’ Captain Kale to slay queens when taken out on a date (Audio)

Maina Kageni was left flabbergasted during today’s morning conversation after a majority of men confessed that they prefer cost sharing bills.

He could not understand why men want to date a woman, yet they do not want to spoil her.

Who even goes out with a woman to Kempinsky with only sh2000 in his pocket?Maina posed.

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Here is what the listeners had to say

“When I reached an age where I was allowed to go mingle with the opposite s3x, my mother advised me to always have some cash in my pockets.

She further advised me to always order for something I can afford to pay for in case the man bails out on me, that’s the mantra I leave on up to date.

I have also advised my nieces to do the same, slay queens just want to eat what they do not know how to get.”

A couple on a date


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Captain Kale adds

“Are there women who still go for dates without carrying cash in 2019? Personally when I go out whether with a woman or with my boys we cost share.

Whatever we order the bills are written individually so that we don’t have ‘issues’ when it comes to paying.This is 2019 even if you are my wife, kucost share is a MUST.

Some ladies just want to eat things they have never seen in their life, kama umezoea ugali managu stick with that, this is 2019.”

Another adds

“If I am going out on a date I must have a backup, these men are not to be trusted anymore.”

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