Mbogo at the scene of river side attack.

Steve Mbogo summoned by the police after being spotted fully armed at the Riverside drive attack scene

Steve Mbogo has been summoned by the police only days after being strongly criticized by Kenyans after being spotted at Riverside attack scene.

He was wearing what looked like military grade boots and he was armed to the nines, with an automatic shotgun and even wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Speaking to Edaily about his dress Mbogo says that he has knowledge of handling firearms.

“I am a licensed firearms holder. I was running my errands near the dusitD2 Hotel here in Nairobi, when I learnt that the facility was under a terror attack. Because I was in a position to help, given I have good knowledge on how to handle firearms and protect myself against such situations, I went in to help in the rescue operations. If you are asking in what capacity I was there, I would tell you: I was there as a civilian, who is mandated by law to handle firearms.”

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Steve Mbogo at the Riverside drive attack scene
Steve Mbogo at the Riverside drive attack scene

Kenyans criticise Steve Mbogo for showing up with a gun at riverside attack scene

Today, rumours appeared that the politician had been arrested by the police. The politician spoke to Edaily and told them that he was at the Nairobi Area police post. He explained:

“They asked me to come and verify the ownership of my guns. We’re currently going through that process at the station. Hopefully, we’ll be done with it soonest possible.”

dusit entrance

Nairobi area police boss Richard Kerich, however, said he was “unaware” of Steve Mbogo’s ‘arrest’. Mbogo’s guns are not the only thing that has had Kenyans talking about.

Some videos released on social media yesterday showed the politician at the Dusit complex with a number of lifeless bodies strewn on the tables.


In the video, Steve and another unidentified man are seen describing the gory aftermath that the Al Shabaab terrorists had left in their wake.

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