Steve Mbogo And His Super Hot Stunning Wife Are Expecting A Second Child (Photos)

Steve Mbogo is known to be a man who doesn’t shy away from flaunting his wealth. From throwing lavish parties, to traveling to luxurious holiday destinations, he even does not pass an opportunity to star in a hip hop music video.

His lifestyle is clearly one that many of us can only drool over. You can easily put him in the same category as American rapper Rick Ross or any other for that matter. He fits right in perfectly.


Anyhow, if he is not getting trolled for his abrupt pressers at the airport, he is a trending topic on Twitter but at the end of the day he will still be Steve.

Working tirelessly to make ends meet, Steve is by far one of the most stylish men we have in our country. You can be salty all you want but it is what it is.

His flamboyant lifestyle has spread across to his family. Oh yeah, he has a family; one extremely beautiful lady who is the sister to TV personality Jamal Gaddafi and a little girl who resembles her mother in every aspect.


Steve’s wife is also a flight attendant with Qatar Airways and my oh my doesn’t she give her colleagues a run for their money. Her beauty is so striking and I bet team mafisi would only but lust over her beauty from miles away.

Well, Steve and his gorgeous wife are not about to pour all their love and affection to their little girl only. They are expecting another bundle of joy.

His wife has always been generous with her social media fans; showering her accounts with her beautiful photos. But for a while, she didn’t post full length photos until recently where she posted two photos with a fully grown baby bump.


This is not your regular baby bump. She makes pregnancy look so beautiful and I think ladies should definitely ask her the secret behind it all.

Anyway, let me not bore you with so much talk.

Check out the photos of her growing baby bump below;



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