‘I stayed in an abusive relationship,’ Betty Bayo speaks about fear

Gospel singer Betty Bayo says having fear cost her so much in the past.

In a long post on social media, the ex-wife to Pastor Kanyari says she persevered so much as she feared what people would say about her.

Among the things she persevered in was staying in an abusive relationship.

Betty who was married to Kanyari and together had children did not however disclose which relationship she was that was with an abusive partner.

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she wrote;

“Few years ago I used to live in fear I was afraid of almost everything… I feared being gossiped about I was naive, many people took advantage of me I would say sorry even when ni mimi nmekosewa, I didn’t know how to say no and speak for myself, Job 3.25 for the thing I feared has overtaken me,” she wrote.

The singer
The singer

She went on;

“I feared being gossiped negatively I stayed in abusive relationships because of fear, I would stomach open humilation because I was afraid of what people will say, I got into depression was losing my mind but God picked me up again. Today I am gossiped about in all corners of the world. Everyone has something to say about me, some true, some lies ..Am no longer live in fear. MY faith percertage % is higher than the fear. Sometimes I sit down read some of your comments and smile and I am like why all this anger and emotions? Do I know you?
Today many are living in fear. They rather lose their life than face reality

This comes a few days after she celebrated her ex during fathers day.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Check out some comments;

Comfort Wahito Winnie: After all fear you are the only one who suffer whether u do good or bad their is same people who cnt see anything good from you and mostly it start even with family members relatives church members name them list is very long.
Nyakio NdunguI just love you gal. Do you know many people who gossip, they see nothing good in other people’s lives are miserable!
Lydiah MainaYou are heading somewhere, powerful woman of most high God.may God bless yo
Mercy WangariTHIS is evident by what people comment n yu are not afraid this is overcoming faith thats victory. great courage this is what christians want to keep hiding to avoid negativity but they are suffering inside for fear of being judged. whether yu ve good or bad they still talk.
Nyamu Mwangi When u know the truth it is always set one free.After being set free u connect to your destiny.devotion to destiny mean being honourest by self.Then hv God ahead to break iron doors.

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