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Stay Winning Queen! 10 year old youtuber Emanuella buys a car


Mark Angel Comedy YouTube star Emmanuella has bought a car with her earnings, months after buying her mother a home.

When she bought the house she described her decision saying

I built this for u mom. For all the prayers, all the encouragements and support. Mummy I know you said u want a portable house and this is it. But forgive me because I must complete ur mansion for you next year. Don’t worry it wont make us go to hell🤣🤣🤣🤣 my super Christmas mummy. I love you.

The new home was revealed to worldwide audiences in an interview with BBC.

The 10 year old comedian has now bought a Lexus and shared on her instagram page which we have tagged below.

After captioning the news about it being a a new month and a month of laughter, her fans wished her nothing but success in the comments below.
Emmanuelle I hope you are in school? Congratulations all the same. Divine direction and protection

good girl. may God continue to bless as u continue being a good girl.

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