Sharon Otieno

‘Stay away from sponsors’ Gladys Wanga advices women after body of missing woman was found dumped in Kodera Forest

Two women representatives have asked girls to accept their humble backgrounds and focus on education rather than ‘sponsors’ .

This followed after Sharon Otieno, the girl abducted with Nation journalist Barack Oduor, was found dead in Kodera forest on Wednesday.

Sponsors was a term coined for men or women who date young people and them support them financially.

Homa Bay woman representative Gladys Wanga.

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Advising women, Homa Bay Women Rep Gladys Wanga said

“Our girls…this must be a lesson to you…it doesn’t matter where you come from but be contented with what you have and focus…leave alone the sponsors and focus.

It is a very sad morning, this act must be condemned. This is the true test for the DCI because its alleged that the high and mighty are involved.

It does not matter who you are, nobody deserves to take a life …we want the real person behind this matter arrested and charged with the murder of Sharon.”

Wanga further asked the DCI Boss George Kinoti to quickly investigate the matter. Her Migori counterpart Pamela Odhiambo appealed to the young girls to avoid shortcuts that can lead them to such trouble.

Sharon Otieno
Sharon Otieno

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Odhiambo further asked mothers to guard their daughters and take it upon themselves to know what is happening in their lives.

“I appeal and urge our young people that accept the conditions that you are in and avoid shortcuts.”It is okay that you are a student…whatever humble background you have, just accept that you are a student.

As a mother, I want to offer my condolences…mothers poleni sana…whether you went to school or not, be as close to your daughter as possible and make sure they are protected regardless of their social economic status.”

We demand for respect of our lives. I demand for righteous leadership for all the male leaders. It is not right to use money and position to lure our young daughters to their deaths.”

Noting that the murder is ‘shameful and unaccepted’, Odhiambo said the women from Migori county will not relent until the perpetrators are dealt with.

She says

“The pain is unbearable for the family. We know there is nothing that can pay for a life but justice needs to be carried out regardless of who they are.

We are struggling with the education of the girl child and its very sad. We condemn this heinous act and we call upon the investigative agencies, EACC, DCIA to take this matter with the urgency it deserves.”

Sharon Otieno

Earlier, Kenyans asked for justice for Sharon. Wanga led the call demanding that the government takes action against those who not only executed but also ordered the killing. Adding that

“The brutal murder of Sharon Otieno is deeply disturbing. Human life is sacred, cannot be taken so recklessly. Also wishing my friend journalist Barack Oduor a quick recovery.”

The second year Medical Records student at Rongo University was pregnant.

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