Statements that need to go to France with the World Cup Trophy ASAP

The World Cup finally came to an end with France emerging the over all winner leaving many in shock given that most people were betting on Croatia.

The games which started on 14 June and ended on July 15 attracted World wide interest keeping most people glued to their screens for the last one month.

While teams such as France left with their heads high for not only winning the trophy but for having stayed in Russia for the whole World Cup period teams such as Egypt left to lick their wounds after exiting with 0 points

Among other interesting things that kept men glued to their screens is the appearance of Croatian female president Grabar-Kitarovic who is in her 50’s. She gave her Country’s team her full support something that our local leaders should borrow from.

Croatian President Grabar-Kitarovic

Now with the World Cup gone here are some annoying statements that Kenyans should adopt because they make them look and silly

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1. Niokotwe Chini

Literally means ‘pick me from the floor’. Kenyans need to drop this, after all how low would you stoop to laugh so hard only to find yourself on the floor.

Some Kenyans laugh even at their own jokes which is not funny as a matter of fact. So the next time you feel like laughing out loud just find a couch and sit down, no one has the energy to pick you from the floor.

2. Bora uhai

Kenyans have coined this to mean “Of importance is life’. This is a lazy man’s mantra especially when they do not want to get out of their comfort zone, be it losing weight, finding a new job or compromising on their lifestyle to save up for better things.

3. Dunia isimame nishuke

This is mostly used on facebook forums which are mostly full of gossip. It literally means ‘let the world stop I get down’. It’s mostly used when the gossip sounds too dramatic to be real. or when people do things that others would term abnormal.

4. Hata sijaskia vibaya

The phrase is mostly used when a person you know or a public figure acquires something you can only dream of thus making one feel envious.

5. Wataachana tu

This is mostly used by jealous ex boyfriends/girlfriend who feel bad when they see their former lovers swiftly moving on after a heart break, or seeing someone they crush on getting hitched.

Ukitemwa kubali, stop acting like the world owes you something.

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6. Utajua hujui

This is mostly used by bitter people when they want to warn their enemies to be on the look out so that they don’t see the other side of the person they have offended.

7. Kenya sihami

Utahama uende wapi? Some people have never even left their home town yet they keep saying that hawahami Kenya, where would they even go in the first place.

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