Weezdom and Quinter765

‘I started experiencing pain and blood spots’ Video vixen on Weezdom infecting her with an STI

Kenyan video vixen Quinter765 has defended herself over allegations that gospel artiste Weezdom infected her with an STI.

Quinter said that despite the risks that come with unprotected [email protected] she had given in because she trusted her man.

The two had been dating for four months.

‘I had raw [email protected] with him because I trusted him and we were dating.

After our escapades is when I started experiencing pain and blood spots.

I had to go for two injections per day and I was in real pain.’

Kenyan video vixen Quinter.

‘I fear death’ Weezdom on possibly exposing girl to STI

Asked on why she cannot just move on and forgive Weezdom Quinter.

‘I cannot move on I must expose him because he feels like no one can dare touch him.’

Quinter added that despite the denial Weezdom sleeps with his video vixens on numerous occasions.

‘He had bragged that he cannot sleep with a video vixen yet he does.

We had [email protected] uncountable times.’

Contacted by Mpasho Weezdom refuted the claims. But below is the audio of the ex-couple discussing the STI.

Is this a case of shetani aliingia kati or is it a case of pure lust?

Be the judge.

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