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Standing up at work could help tackle risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke

Too much time spent sitting down is known to be very unhealthy and increases risk of diseases. Now it is becoming common to hold standing meetings at the workplace to help decrease this inactive lifestyle.

Scientists warn, even though it may feel ill at ease for standing up at work to become a norm.

standing meetings

According to Daily Mail health, ‘When researchers asked people to try standing up in meetings they report feeling ‘awkward’ or ‘stupid’ or like they are breaking the rules.

Studies have linked more time standing up to a lower risk of premature death, and one expert says sedentary office work is an ‘urgent public health issue’.’

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A large part of the population is office settings and spend almost two thirds of their work seated hence sedentary office work is indeed a health issue.

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According to researchers from Liverpool University who did a study in March, after two weeks of people living the ‘couch potato’ lifestyle, people’s fat levels and waist sizes went up, and they showed signs of muscle loss and lower cardio-respiratory fitness.

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In additon,these inactive lifestyles could damage their health in the long term, potentially leading to serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

But thank God these awful beginning effects can be countered with simple tasks like taking the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators and involving oneself in different forms of manual labour; instead of taking the easy yet harmful way out of sitting behind your desk and shopping for little things online which you can take a walk and go buy at the local supermarket.

Move around more!

Items in your home and life that might be causing harm to your health.

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