Don’t raise your standards too much, you might lose the man you want – Women told

Felix Odiwour is known for his comedic talent and praised for it. But one thing that people underestimate the knowledge that the popular radio personality brings along when he speaks about popular issues.

In a recent back and forth with Chito Ndhlovu, the always-smiling comic advised women not to raise their standards so high, or they may end up losing their men.

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He was reacting to Lucy Chemutai, who went viral after her picture looking for a husband caught people’s attention.

”You see the things she has listed are the same things she was looking for from way back. So it got to a point she has looked for a good-looking man and she cannot find one, she has looked for a rich man and cannot find him, so right now, she is not looking for the man but any man,” she said.

‘I want to talk to women out here, do not raise your standards so much, you may be raising your standards here and you may have denied giving a chance to a son of Adam who is ambitious and is headed to where you may want your man to be,” he further said.

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The entertainer also mentioned that sometimes women require men to have so many things like having a job with a certain salary, living in a particular area, and reiterating that all men with all these qualities are usually already taken.

He advised women to pick even men with nothing in bank accounts and build their empire together.

Meanwhile, Lucy has come out to clarify that she was playing around when she advertised that she wanted a husband desperately and that she is well and good.

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