Size 8 with DJ Mo

‘Stand up for each other in hard times’ Fans encourage Dj Mo and Size 8

The Muraya’s have been at the Coast celebrating their seven year marriage anniversary, and they are making sure to update fans about how they are making up following the cheating scandal.

The latest video that premiered on Mashujaa day shows them taking a yatch where Size 8 promises to stay faithful, while Dj Mo promises to always cherish her. Coincidentally, fans have noticed that he didn’t promise to stay faithful. Are we reading too much into nothing?

Weeks after the cheating drama, fans of the two continue to encourage them to stay together, noting that marriages always experience bumps, but working together couples can overcome anything.

The two have faithful fans who watched the video and encouraged them to continue in their marriage inspite of the challenges they are facing.

Bessie Mutuma..
My best couple ever#the muraya’s 歹am happy for you coz u stood the strongest despite the past bt God never leave his love ones…. Continue with the same spirit of praying to Almighty God and loving each other… What God has put together no one can sperate

Lorraine Lwam..
Ati ooh dj moh, moved out after he was find cheating on his wife, 不不不不不不. Leave this two couples alone, blogger please

Nicholas Muturi.
Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone falls at some point in time. It’s how you rise up and refocus on what matters that counts. Good job man. Love that woman she is amazing.

nkai kipareu..
Just be an understanding couple!!!! Forgive each other 1000 times

Ruth Mwende..
Oh my…size 8 youve made me shed tears…. the vows are so strong…..may the Lord see you through

Lydia Nelson..
Be loyal to each other… dj mo please promise hatutaki drama tena!! #happycouple



roose Ijai..
Marriage is not a bed of roses and every couple pass thru up n down in it.wat the murayas were passing thru last wk was just part of the things that makes their family stronger.bravo to Linet.those who are trying to destroy people sai wanaonea kwa Tv.Dj mo family will grow stronger and stronger.marriage lazima challenges ndio igrow.may this family be blessed

Syombuasammy Sammysyombua..
Waooo.. Whoever is behind this couple to destroy their marriage may you receive fire on your head in Jesus mighty name… Stay away n tell God to give you a husband but Not of Linet.. God bless you guys n keep you together for better for worse

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