Savara looking great physically

Sauti Sol’s Savara shows off one of the ways he keeps his body looking so good (video)

Sauti Sol shocked many fans a couple of years ago when they dropped the video to their song, “Nishike”. The song was notable for its liberal use of artistic nudity that got the conservatives among us frothing from the mouth.

But another thing that it did for the group was that it cemented the group as a boy band the females could pine for unashamedly.

Sauti Sol posing

The song featured the debut of group members as muscly hunks with well-honed bodies day and night from the image we had had of them at that moment. That day they became s3x symbols.

Is that why he is such a great guitarist? Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers fancy health routine

Since then the group members have become synonymous with having ripped bodies with debate raging about who between Savara Mudigi and Bien Aime Baraza had the better body?

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

This article is about one of the ways that Savara keeps his body in such great shape. The musician who produces a lot of the music the group releases loves the sport of boxing.

He recently showed off his routine in a video on his Instagram page and from it, one could see that the man isn’t a novice at the sport.

His intensity is only matched by the joy one can tell he was getting as he sparred with his trainer. Boxing is a cardio-intense sport and is certainly a help for him as he prepares for Sauti Sol’s highly anticipated album launch performance on August 9th.

The eagerly-awaited show will also be broadcast on Kiss TV.

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