Sports journalist Mukami Wambora’s college degree might just surprise you


The Citizen TV anchor is fondly remembering having studied law 8 years ago.

Mukami revealed she studied law in a hearty post.

She wrote

Facebook just reminded me that this happened 8 years ago 😳.. I’m no longer practising law but I am glad I studied it. Also at least I can still fit in the skirt

if you’re looking for some degree inspiration, you could do worse than finding out what your favourite celeb studied at uni – it might just surprise you. And it just goes to show, you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Other Kenyan celebrities who studied law but are now doing something different include:

  •  Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers
  • Sanaipei Tande
  • Sarah Hassan
  • Nameless
  • Wahu
  • Frasha
  • Brian Chweya (Elani)

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