Splitsville! Jose Chameleone Forced To Address Divorce Rumors

He was set to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary to the love of his life, but this may not happen if news from the 256 is to be believed.

Several reports appear to suggest that Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella has allegedly filed for divorce from her hubby.

The 38 -year-old Tubonge hitmaker, last year sent her the sweetest message that left many fans excited to see his romantic side.

The award winning singer took to Facebook in early June to express his feelings for hitting the milestone.

“It feels like just yesterday we were standing at the alter and that’s one of the best decisions I ever made in life- Finding a perfect Friend in you. Thank you for being my Daniella, Everything and a great Mother to our children. I love you more and more every other day. Happy 8th Wedding anniversary My Darling Wife(sic),” he wrote.

Jose has previously been forced to address rumors about his marriage in 2015, about the state of their union.

And yesterday he took to social media, to clear the air 3 TIMES over divorce rumors stating with a forceful’ No Divorce’ comment. He even changed his profile picture to that of his family to emphasize his comment. Here is his statement;

What God put together, No man shall put apart!!
We are not Angels so no one is perfect.
It’s not the times a man falls that matter,
It’s his strength to stand again.

Love you so much Daniella,
Regardless of what is spreading around we stuck together so they should know.

There shall be NO DIVORCE as reported.



The couple have four children; Abba Marcus, Alfa Joseph, Alba Shyne and Amma Mayanja.

See fan reaction after he stated he was still married.

now at peace.I wish you all the best in your marriage. Stay strong. And Jo, why not composing a love song for her,sure do it

Stay away from “THEY” they don’t wanna see you with Daniella!


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