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South Africans beg Burna Boy in hilarious letter about light skin AKA


South Africans are begging Burna Boy to forget about light skin rapper AKA and visit the country.

In 2019, Burna Boy had a terrible beef with South African rapper AKA, he swore never to return to that country.

All the beef was over xenophobia in South Africa where Nigerian citizens were attacked.

In 2019, Burna Boy urged black foreigners in SA to protect themselves against the xenophobic attacks and alleged discrimination in the country at the time. He also told AKA, in a now-deleted tweet, to “beef up” his security.

Burna Boy revealed that he experienced xenophobic attacks in 2017 and decided to never visit South Africa until “the government resolves the situation and unites Africa.”

AKA called out Burna Boy and asked for an apology.

And in a hilarious letter below, South African citizens have written to Burna Boy asking he perform in the country, and not think about AKA. They wouldn’t even mention his name in the letter lest feelings are revived..

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