Sour Love? A Frustrated Married Woman Reveals Why She CHEATED On Her Husband, It Has Nothing To Do With Money

Cheating has become the main issue that’s posing a threat to most relationships and sadly it’s being taken as the norm.

Gone are the days when men used to be the only ones who cheat in a relationship.

Nowadays, women seem to have mastered the game too well to the point that they beat men to it, and most of the time, they are not caught.

But what really pushes someone to cheat on his or her spouse, and yet they don’t want to walk out or leave them?

A woman took it to social media to open up on why she was unfaithful to her husband.


The anonymous lady, disclosed that her husband is neglecting her physically and emotionally, an issue that led her to look for romance outside her marriage.

My husband pushed me into the hands of another man. My marriage is boring I’m always lonely no one to share a bed no compliments no gifts no dates or even sweet words the only time I get to have lungula with him is only when he thinks he starved me for so long and mind you it’s me who always makes the 1st move.

The lady is a mother of two girls, whom she raises single-handedly since he has no time for them. The lonely woman found solace in another man, though they only talk over the phone.

We have 2 beautiful girls but I’m the only one raising them he has no time for his family. So I don’t know how i found myself in the act because I never thought I could cheat as a married woman, this new man makes me feel whole again.

She goes on to reveal that she even sought their family’s intervention but he has not changed or showed interest in her. The lady is seeking advice to rekindle her love, wondering if she should stick around or just walk away.

sad woman

Read the rest of the post below. What do you think, should she give it another try or just start over with the new man?

He’s always there to console me sweet talk me and I really enjoy his company though we’ve never met we just talk on phone and chat how do I go about this I’ve spoken to my husband I even reported him to his family but he never cared I don’t know if the marriage is over in his mind because of the way he acts.

I feel he wants me to leave on my own because he frustrates my life I hate the way he treats me I just need advice and the strength to move on because my mum has had it too.

She’s ready to welcome me home but do you guys think that’s enough to leave I’m a love person I love attention but hubby and I are 2 diff people even though he showed me love before marriage why change now please help me guys because I don’t want to b caught cheating and don’t want God to punish me either.” Have something to add to this article or suggestions?

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