Sorry ladies, this is why your man is mteja on Valentines day


If your man’s phone is off today, please know that he is off to Zanzibar for a conference.

A poster detailing activities men will have on February 14th, has gone viral, with many men saying they don’t have time for Valentines day.

This is the poster

mens conference on valentines day
Mens seminar

KOT have opinions about it. Read below:

Mbũrũ Kamau :Those one hour opening prayers, will definitely reach the heavens!!!!

Apacha Isaac: On February 14th
If she insists she must eat Pizza or Chocolate on Valentine day, politely ask her to read Numbers 9:11 aloud. The scripture is very specific on the foods to be eaten on 14th February.*
Num 9:11 ‘In the second month on the fourteenth day in the evening they shall keep it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs’_
You get it? Right! For that day, the law of Moses shall prevail.

Bonface Simiyu: I will be attending

Kalingi Mshote :Why have you excluded his Excellency C.Nyakundi C in C of the boyshaod battalion,he should speak on how to say No she she asks for money

Mils Nava: Kuhepa Valentine’s day

Edwin Khaemba: Opening prayers yawa 12 good hours

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